George Dubya’s Dilemma

George Dubya's Dilemma

George Dubya's Dilemma

George W Bush
George W Bush

Readers of our newspaper will be aware that George W. Bush,
his father, and grandfather before him were members of a satanically inspired
group at Yale University called The Order or The Skull and Bones. This group is
a modern version of an ancient satanic society called the Illuminati founded by
one Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt said everybody who belonged to his society
needed a secret name, he called himself Spartacus. George Bush Senior's secret
name was Poppy, and a recent trip to the United States of America helped me to
discover that George W. Bush's secret name was 'Temporary'. Now this is
very important as the man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world is
in a very dangerous position at this time of writing.

Although the President of the United States of America is a
member of the satanic Skull and Bones club, which is dedicated to selling out
the sovereignty of every country on earth, in the formation of a one world
government called by his father New World Order, he also claims to have had a
born again experience through receiving the Lord Jesus Christ into his life.

His assent to power as the President was an absolute fiasco
as any observer of the Florida presidential ballet will remember. For those who
followed these elections I would point out that it was the massive amount of
funds that were poured into his coffers that enabled him to win.

It is not our task here at this newspaper to belittle any
particular individual but it is clear that if ever there was a man unsuited for
such a job, George W would be that man. We read of his early days where he would
wander around town in Chinese slippers drinking Jim Beam Whiskey and shedding
his clothing - until he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

His knowledge of world events was very slender, as was his
ability to make a speech without notes. For example, an article taken from the
Guardian Newspaper reported in the Dominion Newspaper, New Zealand, 27 April
2002, is headlined, "Airbrushed History."

"SOMETIMES - go on , admit it - you can feel sorry for
George Bush. When you read, for instance: "And so, in my State of the - my
State of the Union - or state - my speech to the nation, whatever you want to
call it, speech to the nation - I asked Americans to give 4,000 years - 4,000
hours over the next - the rest of your life - of service to America. That's
what I ask - 4,000 hours."

And then in the year 2001 whilst passing through Tel Aviv
Airport, I was able to purchase a book entitled, The Bush Dyslexicon - The
Sayings of President Dubya. When comparing him to such men as ex-general Colin
Powell, he looks strangely out of place as Colin presents a strong leadership

On page 17 of the book we read, "George W. Bush is so
illiterate as to turn completely incoherent when he speaks without a script, or
unless he thinks his every statement through so carefully beforehand that the
effort empties out his face. His eyes go blank, as he consults the teleprompter
in his head, and he chews uneasily at the corner of his mouth, as if to keep his
lips in motion for the coming job, much as a batter swings before the pitch."

On page 25 of the same book we read, "Bush fared no better
in the world of children. 'I can't remember any specific books', he
confessed up in South Carolina, to a schoolchild who asked him what he'd liked
to read when he was small. (When he was small, the only thing he read was
baseball cards.)" His slips of the tongue are famous. For example on page 27,
"And as he put it, famously, in New Hampshire: 'I know how hard it is for
you to put food on your family.'"

On page 59 of the book we read, "It finally took five
members of the nations highest court, and the journalists' blind eye to what
went down in Florida, to place him in the nations highest office." The author
Mark Crispin Miller gives a very interesting insight on George Bush on page 62
of his book. "It won't change the fact that George W. Bush is our president,
despite his obvious lack of interest in, or preparation for the job (and despite
the further fact that the American people didn't vote him into office) - a
momentous sign that he is by no means the cheery imbecile that many people would
prefer to think he is."

We are pleased to read on page 149 of the book, that on the
13th of December 1999 the presidential contenders were each asked by
NBC's John Bachman, to name 'the political philosopher or most
identify with, and why?' BUSH: "CHRIST, because he changed my heart!"

Now, anyone who has observed George W making a speech will
notice that he clutches his notes very carefully. We tremble when at the end he
throws the session open for questions, as he is going to answer them in an
impromptu manner which is asking for trouble.

An article was sent to us dated the 30 April 2002, entitled
"Class isn't over yet, stupid!" by Dr. Adel Sadeq, Chairman of Arab
Psychiatrists Association. Referring to George Bush, the President of the United
States, he says, "Although you invest a lot of effort improving yourself, you
are not successful in doing so because you are stupid and understand nothing
about what is happening in the world...

Your gaze is mindless and unfocused. Your eyes are
misleading. Your facial expressions are incompatible with the matter (being
discussed) and your tone of voice is completely disconnected from the content of
your words -– a salient characteristic of the mentally retarded."

The International Christian Zionist Center printed an article
entitled, "The fall of George W. Bush?" written by director Jan Willem van
der Hoeven which we pass on for your consideration. The concern is that George
has now become involved in trying to stop the Israelis fighting for their own

"You began so well, praying in the Washington DC Cathedral
with all your people, seeking the favour of God -– the God of Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob -– in your nation's fight against the terrifying scourge of terror.
You set out with courage and great determination to root out this terror,
announcing that the war would be long and hard and not necessarily confined to

And now you, who gave the world such a shining example of
moral determination, are telling your most faithful and trusted ally in the
whole world -– the tiny nation of Israel that has suffered more from the
scourge of terror than any other nation on earth -– that they should not take
"as much time as it takes" to deal with this violence that has ravaged this
country and people for decades.

How can you not see the preposterousness of this hypocrisy?
How can your spokesmen and government ministers have anything but deep
understanding for Israel's painstaking military campaign against terror so
close to their cities, a campaign that up to this point has caused far less
civilian casualties than your air force's ruthless months-long bombing in
Afghanistan? I am not criticizing you for having dealt with terror forcefully
when you and your people suffered the consequences of it; what I am appalled at
is your double standard in relation to your ally Israel, a double standard many
of your courageous senators and congressmen have also recently spoken out
against in deep concern.

Now I want to come to you with a warning in the name of the
same God of Israel, the Lord who in His mercy and favour as He promised in His
word, has brought His people back to His land that He promised them "as an
everlasting possession":

Mr. President, if you continue on this hypocritical way,
forcing Israel to stop her fight, then from this day onwards, unless you turn
from this ungodly way, your presidency will bear the mark of Cain in relation to
God's people that have been so battered and bloodied by the same terror you
promised before God to fight with all your might.

May God forgive you for thus sinning against His people, the
apple of His eye, against your presidency, and against your own nation's
security, for if you continue on this disastrous road it will surely bring God's
retributive response.

May this not have to happen, I pray.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director, International Christian
Zionist Center"

Whilst we at the Omega Times do not necessarily agree with
the criticisms presented in this article, (we would appreciate not receiving
insulting letters), the quoted passages represent a world view of interest and
possible significance.

It would appear that George Bush is in a very dangerous
position and could be assassinated at any point. Therefore, we would encourage
all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ to pray for him. According to 1 Timothy 2:1-4:
"I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers,
intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all
that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all
godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our
Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of
the truth."