My church

My church

My church

The following article was sent to us recently. We are
including it in the Omega Times for you to ponder.

"The very first church that I went to was in Nottingham
England. It was an old church with beautiful stained glass windows, and the
smell of incense prevailing through the air.

After one service there was a man that was sitting all on his
own looking very sad and lonely. I was praying for that man, as I felt so sorry
for him. After a little while I heard footsteps coming down the aisle, I turned
to see who it was and it was a young boy about 12 years old who had also seen
the sad and lonely man and went to sit next to him.

I could not help but overhear the conversation in the
quietness of the church, which went something like this: "Excuse me sir, are
you feeling alright?" As he said this he put his small hand on the man's
shoulder. As the man's face turned towards the child, I saw tears starting to
come down his cheeks as he spoke to the boy. "Oh thanks for inquiring, but to
be honest, I am feeling very lonely, and I was praying that God would send me
some friends". "Well sir, the boy said, my mum and I was wondering if you
would like to come back with us for lunch, if that would be alright with you
sir? And I would be happy to be your friend; and I am very sure that my mum
would be too".

I saw the man leave the church with the boy and his mother,
and he was smiling, and that was a joy to see. Frequently, on Sundays, the boy
and his mother sat with him in church, and the man was often invited back home
for fellowship and a meal; and to my knowledge, the man in that church was never
lonely again.

That boy had the love of God inside him. The boy saw Jesus in
a lonely, sad and hurting man, and he reached out to Jesus through him. This boy
was truly blessed at such a young age, as he could see Jesus through the eyes of
other people, and always showed compassion for the lonely and sad people around

Perhaps one day there might be children like this again to
bless your church? If so, I pray to God that day will come very soon."

Peace Delangelo