9/11 – The sad secret truth

9/11 - The sad secret truth

9/11 - The sad secret truth

World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre - September 11, 2002

For many years now we have held public meetings worldwide on
the subjects of World Government and Bible prophecy, and now in the year 2002 we
see the whole thing coming together very clearly indeed.

Firstly we learnt that the two seals on the reverse side of
the American one dollar bill were both of a witchcraft nature and made it very
clear that Satan or Lucifer represented by the eye in the triangle was brazenly
saying, "I am announcing the conception of a New World Government, New World
Religion, New World Money System and New World Law System." We learnt that
these two seals were designed in Bavaria in 1776 and brought across to America
by a hooded messenger and handed to a man called Thomas Jefferson in his drawing
room in Virginia in the year 1782.

(For a full explanation of all these matters a careful
reading of our book, Better than Nostradamus, is recommended)

And then in the year 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt a 32nd
degree Mason had both these seals printed on the reverse side of the US dollar
bill, just as America was climbing out of the stock market crash of 1929.

Thus the spirit of World Government has gone into all the
world on the reverse side of the American one dollar bill.

We have learnt also that, at the same time the Pilgrim
Fathers arrived in America, the Freemasons and other occultists set up that
country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated
few, and that was to put Lucifer on the throne of a one World Government.

Among the forces of Freemasonry was the 33rd
degree Freemason, Albert Pike. He along with another high Mason from Italy
called Mazzini agreed that over the years three World Wars would be initiated.

According to Pike, the First World War was designed to
destroy the Czar of Russia and convert that country into a stronghold of
atheistic communism.

The Second World War was to be fomented through manipulation
of the differences which existed between the German Nationalists and political
Zionists. During the Second World War communism was to be enlarged and
strengthened to the point that it equalled united Christendom. Then it would be
held in check.

In reference to World War Three, Albert Pike planned that
they would stir up the differences between Jewish Nationalists and the leaders
of the Moslem world. The purpose of this war was to destroy Jewish Nationalism.
The remaining nations would fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion
physically, mentally, spiritually and economically and destroy each others
governments and religious institutions ultimately getting each person on earth
to worship Lucifer, the eye in the triangle in the seal on the reverse side of
each American one dollar bill.

In our book, Better than Nostradamus, we point out that
President Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald but was shot from the
front and not the back. This information was revealed by the doctor who first
examined his body, ie. Dr. Charles Crenshaw, who broke a 29 year silence about
the assassination wishing the truth to get out before he passed away. It was for
this reason that Jackie Kennedy, his wife, tried to escape by jumping out of the
rear of the car instead of the side.

We then picked up a video of the attack on the Branch
Davidian Cult at Waco, Texas where David Koresh and his people were murdered by
troops connected in some way with the Global Conspiracy. These troups fired
flame throwers at the compound, having first sprayed it with CS gas, causing a
terrible fire which destroyed the lives of many American citizens. Argument at
this point would be hopeless as we have the video in our cabinet. The purpose of
this was to provide a clear warning to any person or group, who wished to live
their own lives outside the structure which was being set for them, that this
would be impossible as from that time forward.

The next dreadful event, which was also a cover-up, was the
bombing of the Alfred Murrah Building in Oklahoma. Timothy McVeigh was accused
of the bombing and later executed. Yet, there were hundreds of pages of
information and video tapes showing a man of Middle Eastern appearance with him
at the time and this man although he was well known to the police was let go to
continue on with his nefarious plans, as obviously these sort of people would be
needed again in future attacks.

A man called Brigadier General Parton, ex US Airforce and
expert in demolition, requested that the American Government halt the
demolishing of the building until he had inspected it. He made it very clear
that other charges had been laid alongside the main pillars inside the building
and thus it was brought down by people also involved in the World Government
plan. This could be proven as members of the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco, and
Firearms, on the ninth floor were all absent on the day of the bombing as were
their children who would normally be in the kindergarten in the lower part of
the building. The sad thing is that the authorities knew exactly who bombed the
Oklahoma building and had them in custody with blue jogging suits and bomb
making components. They were then ordered to release them.

Now just assume that these people who were involved in the
Oklahoma bombing had been investigated and put in prison after that bombing,
there may never have been an attack on the trade towers. Bin Laden and his gang
would have been stopped by now. Can you believe that those bureaucrats in
Washington would turn their back on the obvious for their own purposes and as a
result the World Trade Center Complex is now absolutely destroyed and three
thousand people are dead.

By this time some readers will be wishing to put the paper
down saying this man is off his head and yet much of the information that we
have recently received comes from the Chicago Attorney David Schippers, head of
the Clinton impeachment team, being interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show, 10
October 2001.

Now in order to take over the lives of every individual on
earth, a situation needs to be created where the people will willingly submit to
this form of government.

An article taken from a book called The Globalization of
World Politics
has the headline, "Create a Crisis -– Our world system
cannot continue to reproduce itself. A crisis within a particular world system
heralds its end and replacement by another system."

And then a statement by David Rockefeller a very powerful
globalist who works along with Dr. Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying - "We
are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis
and the nations will accept the New World Order."

Can you the reader now see what we are getting at. The
destruction of the World Trade Centre towers in New York was not an accident but
as the media has already reported, the President and his people knew well before
that these things were about to take place and yet did nothing about it.

For example, on Sunday night 17 September 2001, CBS 60
minutes revealed that President Bush's close associates had suddenly and
inexplicably sold all their airlines stock just days before the terrorist
attacks. The story was completely overlooked by mainstream newspapers

Next FEMA sent the urban search and rescue team to New York
city the night before the attacks occurred. One FEMA official, Mr. Tom
Kennedy, told Dan Rather on 11 September, "We are currently one of the first
teams that was deployed to support the city of New York in this disaster. We
arrived on late Monday night (that is, on 10 September, the night before) and
went right into action on Tuesday morning."

Aaron Swirski, one of the architects of the World Trade
Center, said they designed the towers to withstand airplane collisions. "I
designed it for a 707 hit, he said." The collapse of the buildings came as a
complete "shock" to him and his colleagues.

Van Romero, a demolition expert, former director of the
Energetic Materials Research and Testing Centre, and current vice president for
research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology said that the manner
in which the twin towers collapsed, resembled those of controlled implosions
used in planned demolition. "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that
after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center
there were some explosive
devices inside the building that caused the towers to collapse,"

ABC News interviewed people who had escaped "ground zero"
on September 11, 2001. One unidentified man said: "We were stuck on the stairs
for a while. I came down from the 85th floor. When we were just about
to leave the building, there was a blast." A woman's testimony followed: "I
got stuck on the stairs. When we got to the lobby there was a blast," she

This ongoing practice of create the problem, get a reaction
and then provide the solution is perfectly shown to be working in the collapse
of the twin towers in New York on September the 11th.

The crisis has now been created!

The Australian newspaper on 20 May 2002 printed another
article on Bin Laden saying that he has been filmed planning a new Jihad and
that 6 months after the attack on New York and Washington DC not one al-Qaeda
terrorist has been arrested. Next there is no sign of Osama bin Laden in spite
of the fact that President Bush made the bold claim that he wanted the top evil
doer dead or alive and promised, "We will find those who did it, we will smoke
them out of their holes, we will get them running, and we will bring them to

Later we learn from the investment guru, Warren Buffett, who
says that another terrorist attack on American soil is "virtually a certainty."

"Washington and New York would be the top two targets
because terrorists want to traumatize the country and kill as many people as
possible," Buffett said.

Chemical or biological attacks are similarly high risks,
Buffett said.

Buffett is the second-richest man in the world with holdings
in Coca-Cola Co., American Express and The Washington Post, but his main
business is insurance.

Another article from the media dated 5 March 2002 reads -–
"Secret New York hunt for rogue nuclear bomb", which adds further fear to
the people of that area.

Question: Who really was behind the bombing of the World
Trade Centre?

Answer: Moslem terrorists, who were used by world government
advocates, who were warned beforehand that this was going to happen and sat back
and let it happen, thus creating the crisis to bring about a New World Order.

Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt had advance knowledge of the
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the American Government, it is clear,
also knew about this created crisis and used it to instill a fear factor to
bring about the American Gestapo police state and global government.

It remains to see what George W. Bush's advisors will tell
him to do now. Will they bring in a national ID card, electronic implants and an
all out assault on remaining American freedoms?

The answer is a decided YES!

A prophetic book in the Old Testament, Daniel, makes a very
interesting comment in Daniel 12:9-10 -– And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for
the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be
purified, and made white, and tried: but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none
of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. Again but
the wise shall understand
and again but the wise shall understand!

We conclude this article with some observations taken from
the Listener on 17 November 2001 -– "If the world changed forever on
September 11, the new order we now inhabit is starting to become very clear. Strictly
for our own protection
-– of course -– legislation is being rushed through
in the West that strengthens the powers of the state to hold suspects without
charge, to designate people as terrorists without court action, to racially
profile those of Arab appearance, to intercept and eavesdrop on communications,
to freeze financial assets, and to adopt other measures that threaten civil
liberties of ordinary citizens.

Should we be worried??? ...

The entire presidency of George W. Bush has been saved by the
September 11th attacks -– and in the name of the "war against
terrorism" his administration has been granted permanent and sweeping powers
under the recently passed Patriot Act.

Americans have good reason to fear the Patriot Act. Some 1147
people have been detained in the US since September the 11 -– none have been
charged, and only 10 (Washington Post, November 4) have any discernible
link to the hijacks..."

We note that even in little old New Zealand, our luggage is
being examined at all major airports through the use of xray and other machinery
involved in surveillance.

This author is no way paranoid but, I trust, thinking very
clearly and putting together a very strong case to say that we are very close to
the setting up of a global government and a loss of all our freedoms.

However, those of us who belong to our Lord Jesus Christ do
not fear these things as we know that we belong to another country whose builder
and maker is God and our freedoms physically speaking may be taken from us for a
short time but we have tremendous freedom in Christ. Whom the Son shall set
free, shall be free indeed. QUESTION: Do you know Him?

Foot Note: Some readers may question this information and
therefore should be made aware of the fact that George W. Bush although claiming
to be a born again believer in Christ is still a member of the Satanic
Luciferian Skull and Bones Club who set all of his policies and write all of his
speeches for him. He is simply the front man for the World Government advocates.
-– Please pray for him as he is in a dreadful position choosing whether to
serve Lucifer or our Lord Jesus Christ.