Kissinger in the kaktus

Kissinger in the kaktus

Kissinger in the kaktus

Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger

We read in the book of Revelation 13:18 - "Here is wisdom.
Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the
number of a man; and his number is Six hundred three-score and six."

In this verse, we are told that if we have understanding we
are allowed to calculate the number of the beast because it is the number of a

Now we know that in the Word of God that the number six is
the number of man
as man was created on the sixth day and the Anti-Christ
number is 666 etc. etc.

Seeing we are living in the times of the Gentiles we can work
out very easily a code along these lines. A=6, B=12, C=18, and D=24. Please
continue on to the letter Z and then begin to write down names and words in
acrostic style. We find for example that the word Kissinger comes to "666",
the word witchcraft comes to "666", the word computer comes to
"666", the words New York come to "666" and the prolific author
Leonard Horowitz who wrote the book, Aids, Ebola, and Emerging Viruses,
tells us that not only is the name Kissinger equal to "666", but that
because Kissinger is the protege of Nelson Rockefeller, it is important to
notice that he is also the leading advisor to the Merck pharmaceutical company -
the worlds largest vaccine maker. Incredibly, using this system, the word "vaccination"
also deciphers to "666". Dr. Horowitz says, "Thus, the probability that
Kissinger and vaccination share the "number of the beast" by chance, given
their common link to Merck, is inordinately remote.

As described by Newsweek's Managing Editor, Walter
Isaacson, Kissinger is 'the world's most famous...banking elite...consultant.'
He is the man chiefly responsible for implementing the agenda cited by two
previous CIA directors, Richard Helms and William Colby, as overseeing
biological weapons developments during the 1970s when immune system destroying
depopulation alternatives, like the AIDS and Ebola viruses, suddenly "emerged".
George W. Merck, president of Merck, was America's biological weapons industry
director during World War II and the Cold War, according to the U.S. Army.

'Beast directors', Dr. Horowitz reiterates, 'described
as deceptive prostitutes for the world's wealthiest merchants and political
leaders, according to Revelation 18:3, also practiced 'sorcery' (18:23)
derived from the root word 'pharmacopea'. These are Babylon's drug
kingpins who stole the blood of the prophets, saints, and God's people
according to Revelation 18:24. This perfectly describes Kissinger, his
Rockefeller associates that direct the blood banking industry, and their
affiliated drug overlords.'

The New Zealand Herald, 27-28 April 2002, has a headline
which reads -– "Dark Legacy blights Kissinger -– Henry Kissinger was once
arguably the world's most powerful man. Rupert Cornwell wonders if time is
running out for the former eminence grise of foreign policy.

At 78, in the fullness of his wisdom and his years, life
should be set fair for the most famous Secretary of State in the United States
history. Henry Kissinger may no longer run American foreign policy, but in these
troubled international times, sages are in particular demand...

His well-paid services as a speaker are in world demand...

The crinkly hair has turned white, and the face is a little
wizened. He seems slightly shrivelled and stooped after a heart attack some 18
months ago, which obliged him to lose 11kg on doctor's orders. But there are
precious few other acknowledgments of human frailty. Kissinger still speaks with
that German accent. The tones are slow, guttural and as apparently immune to
self-doubt as ever.

He wears the same square, dark-rimmed glasses shielding eyes
that seem not to move, but miss nothing. The instinctive theatrical sense and
ponderously perfect timing that can hold an audience enthralled are
undiminished. But, just possibly the most discerning Kissinger-watchers in the
hall may notice something different -– a slight uneasiness, a sense that
accumulated glory might be no protection from what could

This week Britain turned down requests from French and
Spanish judicial investigators to question Kissinger during a visit to London
about Operation Condor, a cross-border conspiracy of secret-service murder,
torture and kidnappings orchestrated by Latin American dictators in the 1970s...

Pinochet was the prime mover behind Operation Condor -–
which, in addition to Chile, also covered Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia
and Uruguay. Declassified documents released by the State Department and the CIA
since Pinochet's detention have strengthened suspicions that Kissinger, as
Nixon's national security advisor and in effective full control of US foreign
policy, was well aware of what was happening.

If Kissinger is running into trouble, it is entirely of his
own making.
No Secretary of State has matched his combination of bravado and
conspiracy. None has mixed so brazenly the secret agent and the showman.
Kissinger had a flair for the dramatic, and understood the value of the dramatic
in diplomacy. Yet has was addicted in intrigue.

As no Secretary of State before him, he combined the
intellectualism of the Old World with the boldness and free thinking of the new
one that adopted him...

He had a prodigious vanity, and a habit of bearing epic

But the decisive driving force was his extraordinary
relationship with Richard Nixon, who named Kissinger his national security

Both were insecure, driven by ambition yet desperately in
need of reassurance. Each saw advantages in the other: for Nixon, Kissinger's
credentials at Harvard and in the service of Nelson Rockefeller, the governor of
New York, implied establishment acceptance. For Kissinger, Nixon meant power...

Nixon granted him absolute sway in foreign policy...
Kissinger's singular achievement thus far has been to preserve his reputation
as Nixon's has crumbled.

In the US the 37th President still languishes in
posthumous limbo. Not Henry the K. Network anchors continue to interview him as
if his views were carved on stone tablets brought down from Mt. Sinai. Kissinger
was, and remains, a statesman for the ages -– the man who initiated détente
with the Soviet Union, co-plotted Nixon's opening to China, and whose
diplomatic shuttles after the 1973 Middle East war paved the way to Israel's
subsequent peace treaty with Egypt...

'The main advantage of being famous is that when you bore
people at dinner parties, they think it is their fault,' is one much-recycled

No other Secretary of State could have featured in an
advertisement to lure tourists back to New York City after September 11. And it
wasn't bad -– Kissinger (or rather a double) diving headfirst to score a run
at Yankee Stadium, then rising to dust off his uniform and exhort the world in
his Teutonic baritone to come and sample the sundry thrills of the Big Apple...

There is another, darker vision of the man, summoned by Judge
Garzon and his French equivalent, Sophie-Helene Chateau, which increasingly
threatens to wreck his carefully nurtured historical reputation.

The case against him is not new. Back in 1979, the British
journalist and author William Shawcross, in his acclaimed book Sideshow,
told the story of Kissinger and Nixon's secret bombings, which destroyed
Cambodia and paved the way for the terrible regime of Pol Pot.

Last year, another British journalist, Christopher Hitchens,
published The Trial of Henry Kissinger, arguing that he was no less a war
criminal than Pinochet or Milosevic...

Hitchens argues persuasively, Kissinger gave the green light
to brutal regimes that were allies of the US to embark on savage adventures
killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

But it is the charges relating to Latin America that are
hardest for Kissinger to shrug off...

For all his writings and public appearances, Kissinger has
rarely confronted the Chilean charges head-on. Questions, he says, should be
addressed to the State Department, which conducts American foreign policy. If
pressed by some awkward customer after one of his lectures, he takes refuge in
fading memory or the pressure of other events at the time...

Kissinger's other tactic is to blame everything on what he
sees as a lingering, obsessive hatred of the Nixon Administration and all its
works. 'It's so over the top', he has said of Hitchens' book. 'I have
not answered it, and I won't answer it.' But answer it he may soon be forced
to do.

Meanwhile, Kissinger's world is slowly shrinking. It is
unlikely, for example, that he will soon return to Paris, having hastily left
the city last year to avoid a (non-binding) summons issued by Chateau. Spain is
surely not part of his travel plans either - nor Chile, where the Pinochet case
is anything but closed..."

Is it possible the reason America will not join this world
international criminal court is not only because of Kissinger, but because some
others may have problems along that line also?

The Waikato Times 4 May 2002 is headlined -– "Why
Kissinger is just another war criminal".

Another article asks the question, "Is Henry Kissinger a
war criminal or old fashioned murderer?... Kissinger's continuing influence
over what the US government does, and what is reported about what the government
does, can clearly be seen is a relatively recent media event: Kissinger's
significant behind-the-scene role in effecting CNN's retraction of the "Tailwind"

It should be noted that Smith and Oliver repeatedly asked to
interview Kissinger for the story. Kissinger repeatedly refused. Clearly,
Kissinger would rather work his magic behind the scenes and not be forced to
answer questions about his role in the affair. Amazingly, many in the main
stream media viewed Kissinger's outrage at the Tailwind story as evidence that
the Tailwind story was not true...

CNN quickly caved when the Pentagon and Kissinger, whose role
in the indiscriminate mass killings in South East Asia is a well-known but never
mentioned (by the mainstream media) fact, both objected to the story. "Tailwind"
alleged further US atrocities in South East Asia during Kissinger's reign,
specifically the use of poison gas during an illegal US black operation in Laos.
(Imagine the US media retracting a story about an atrocity committed by Saddam
Hussein because Saddam claimed that it never happened)....

CNN's quick retraction and summary firing of producers
Oliver and Smith sent an unmistakable message to anyone who might want to follow
up on this story: approaching this issue, even if in good faith, will cost you
your job and your good name. When the rest of the mainstream media gleefully
jumped on the bandwagon to condemn CNN and Oliver and Smith, it became clear
that nobody in the mainstream media was going to follow up on this story
despite the convincing preliminary case made in the Tailwind report, and despite
the many promising leads that have yet to pursued.

CNN has ensured that that story will probably never be

Readers of our newspaper will possibly be familiar with the
fact that whenever Sharon goes to America the first man he goes to see is Henry

Condoleeza Rice, the national security advisor, also uses
Kissinger as her instructor, as does Colin Powell, the Secretary of State.

Many years ago I plucked an article from The Financial
7 March 1988 -– "Kissinger advises 'brutal' solution for
Palestine revolt -– Israel should put down the Palestinian revolt "quickly,
brutally, and rapidly", a former US Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger,
is said to have told US Jewish leaders.

He also urged that Israel bar television cameras and
reporters from the occupied territories as part of its effort to put down
violent protests...

Dr. Kissinger gave his views at an off-the-record breakfast
last month in which he also urged prominent American Jews to refrain from
criticising Israel for its handling of the crisis...

The remarks by Dr. Kissinger, who was Secretary of State
under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, were outlined in a confidential memorandum
by Julius Berman, a former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major
American Jewish Organisations and one of about eight people at the breakfast in
early February. A copy of the memo was obtained by The New York Times.

Asked about the memo, Dr. Kissinger and Mr. Berman expressed
outrage that the remarks and the memo had been made public. Dr. Kissinger did
not disavow the remarks...

Paraphrasing Dr. Kissinger, the memo said; "The
insurrection must be quelled immediately, and the first step should be to throw
out television, a la South Africa. To be sure, there will be
international criticism of the step, but it will dissipate in short order."

Another article to hand tells us that Henry Kissinger has
advised Israel not to focus on Arafat.

Kissinger said, "To focus so much on Arafat's personality
and get the whole world's attention focused on Arafat is a tactical mistake."...

"I think Arafat is maneuvering between the different
factions that he has. He has some terrorists, he has some negotiators. He's
never been a great leader," said Kissinger

Later he said, "Let this thing run its course now, and then
we should appear. And when we appear we should do so quite decisively."

Later in the Courier Mail, Brisbane, 9 May 2002,
Kissinger said, "At this stage of the crisis, the challenge is to establish a
framework for co-existence for the two sides. Only then is it possible to
address long-term issues realistically..."

You the reader may now be asking the question, "How can
Kissinger get himself out of this terrible
position that he is in
with regard to his past?"

Answer: Bring about a seven year peace treaty in the Middle
between the Jews and the Arabs and the so called mass murderer will
then become a world hero and the scriptures will be fulfilled.

Let's wait and see shall we? Or will someone else come on
the scene to do the job?