Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Andrew,

In opening up the question of which Bible version is the
best, I give you full marks for being a brave man.

Any person who is familiar with our ministry knows full well
that I am a King James man, yet I do not belong to the rabid group which no
doubt in their enthusiasm for the "truth" tend to create for
themselves a battlefield. 

Having attended one of your secular training seminars, I was
delighted to pick up on your spirit, which spoke volumes more than the words
that came from your lips.  Mum and I enjoyed the part where you wrote 100%
on the white board, telling the participants that, that 100% represented the
combined knowledge of the world.

You then asked the class a very powerful question, "How
much of that knowledge do you possess?"   One lady tremblingly
put up her hand and suggested 3% , at which point everybody chuckled.

You then asked question number two.  "Is it
possible that you could still learn something?  Result - A humble silence.

As a young man I would travel to Rangipo prison with an older
man, Mr. Fred Mercer, and preach the gospel to the inmates, one night in each

Both to and from Taupo township where we lived this dear man
of God would teach me Biblical principles.

I well remember him saying, "Barry, as you know, I was
placed third in the World Bible Quiz, but my doctrines have changed over the
years, and the only thing that I am really certain of now, is that I am
saved." - Of course, he spoke figuratively, and I received his message.

The Jewish method of discussion is so foreign to many
Christians that unconsciously, we become victims of dogma, by somebody else. -
Hark, I can feel a scripture coming on.

"He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is
folly and shame unto him."  Proverbs 18:13.

Because I am a public speaker, it has been a habit of mine to
listen to others and not say too much when out of the pulpit.

Remember - If you do all the talking in a conversation,
you'll never learn anything because it's all stuff you've heard before.

I therefore, humbly ask all who write to our paper:

1) Watch your spirit and never be rude. Putting down others
does not elevate one's self.  Persuading others that something is wrong,
does not make right appear.

2) When discussing the KJV in contrast to other versions,
which in most cases have been through Vatican scholarship or occult commentators
such as Westcott and Hort, let us recognise that only in the original Hebrew
(O.T.) and Greek (N.T.) can we without any doubt say, "This is the
unchangeable Word of the Living God."  Believe me, the KJV has some
imperfections which occur in some cases because the 1611 English language
varies with the language we speak today.

I personally believe that the KJV offers a far more precise
translation from the original Hebrew and Greek yet, from time to time, I find
myself going elsewhere for clarification.

e.g. 1 Peter 2:7b - "...the stone which the builders
disallowed the same is made the head of the corner." (unclear, to my

"...the capstone." (N.I.V. - clear to my mind) -
referring to Anti-Christ.

Daniel 11:37 - "Neither shall he regard the God of his
fathers nor the desire of women." (unclear to my mind)

"...nor him to whom women desire to give birth."
(Amplified Bible - clear to my mind)

By all means do not whitewash the issue, continue to point
out discrepancies, omissions etc. but please watch in doing so, that a spirit
from the Pharisees of old doesn't take you over.

They knew the O.T. scriptures better than any of us, but
Jesus warned, "Except your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and
Pharisees, ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of God."

One letter to the Editor suggested that only Barry Smith's
material was worth reading.  That is similar to playing a one-stringed
violin.  I myself eagerly read all the articles as I do not possess (at
this stage) all wisdom.  Anything I don't accept, I lay aside, as possibly
later on I may find it to be true.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Remember,
"When treading on the human spirit, wear carpet slippers".

Blessings, Dad.
Address: Great Britain for one month

Dear Barry (do you mind me calling you Barry?)

Thanks for you letter - I enjoyed it! 

I am writing from Waikeria Prison (I'm here for the week - in
a working capacity of course) and your letter arrived from the UK. 

I must be a chip off the old block... wrote some similar
thoughts in this months Pendulum article.  As you know, I have no problem
with people who hold a viewpoint which differs from my own... God in
His wisdom chose 'not' to clone us.  It really is a matter of knowing
what we are trying to achieve whilst here on earth. I believe
that as Christians our aim is: 1. To live lives pleasing to God 2. To shine as
lights in the darkness 3. To make it through the gates of Heaven - taking
others with us.  Debate is brilliant when seeking to determine truth! 
Being nasty is something one should keep to oneself...  We live and learn!

I appreciate you taking the time to write.

Your son, Andrew

Dear "People Who Have Written Letters To The

This morning I made a big mistake on my computer. Whilst
trying to email numerous pages of 'letters to the editor - along with my
reply's', back to our ministry office for inclusion into this months
edition of Omega Times, I pushed the wrong button and saved a document over the
letters to the editor...   I laboured over these letters and was
sore disappointed with myself!  I am away from home at
present, and did not bring the original letters with me...so could
not redo anything before we print.  So - I will attempt to
write again for next month...hopefully I'm maturing in the process.