Moving God’s boundaries

Moving God's boundaries

Moving God's boundaries

We read in the Daily Telegraph 4 June 2002 the following
article -– "A headmaster faced calls for his suspension yesterday after
telling pupils at morning assembly that homosexuals, divorcees and unmarried
mothers were 'flouting God's laws'.

Bill Beales, of Cwmcarn High School, near Caerphilly, South
Wales, said that in the current climate of political correctness people who
broke the rules for "right living" escaped criticism.

Through the thin veneer of political correctness, the
fundamental precepts, beliefs and value system of the Christian faith are being
eroded by spin doctors and politicians,' he said, 'They are keener on
gaining votes than standing firm on the principles of right and wrong.

'When Christians voice concerns about divorce, unmarried
mothers and homosexuality, genetic cloning and many other products of human
weakness and desires, it is not those flouting God's laws for right living
that are placed on trial, but those who apply the word of God to their lives.'

Lindsay Whittle, leader of Caerphilly Borough Council,
criticised the speech given at the 820-pupil school as "entirely
inappropriate". He said that Mr Beales should be suspended pending a full

'How many pupils left the assembly, feeling worthless
because their parents are divorced, because they live with a single parent or
may be homosexual?' he said. 'When children from certain backgrounds are
singled out in this way there is a danger bullying could be encouraged.'..."

We say, "Praise God for people like Bill Beales".

Today's generation of children need clear standards to be
taught them, as this gives them a fighting chance to not only become good
citizens, but ultimately, end up in heaven instead of hell.

A journey from Amman Jordan to Petra led us to observe much
barren, stony countryside. From time to time, our tour party would observe
little piles of stones marking out people's boundaries. I remember the
reaction I received when I asked the guide, "What would happen if somebody
moved those stones?"

He was horrified "Mr. Smith", he said, "Those stones
have been there for centuries. Nobody would think of doing such a thing."

Well, the education authorities are doing it, and it is our
job as Christian believers to put a stop to this invasion of our rights as

Be strong Mum and Dad.

Proverbs 22:28 -– "Remove not the ancient landmark, which
they fathers have set."

Proverbs 23:10 -– "Remove not the old landmark; and enter
not into the fields of the fatherless:"