Pound too powerful to join

Pound too powerful to join

Pound too powerful to join

The following headline was in the Daily Telegraph on
the 6 June 2002, "Pound too high to join Euro, say bankers".

It has been fascinating to note that Prime Minister Tony
Blair initially spoke against the yielding up of the pound sterling in favour of
the Euro.

A two tier community has been mooted for the E.U. with the
inner tier being made up of 10 nations who agree with full political and
monetary union.

Of course, unknown to the average voter in Great Britain, the
chain of command starts with the Mont Pelerin Society based in London, who
follow the philosophies of one Adam Smith, the Scottish economist and

Tony Blair clearly knows the rules: "Obey or ship out"

When confronted with issues such as this one, the media are
called on to play a prominent part. If their cunning suggestions do not sway the
electorate, the world government planners can always revert to fiddling with
the referendum.

The article mentioned above reads in part: "The pound will
have to devalue by at least 20pc if the UK is to join the Euro at a sensible
level, the European Banking Federation said yesterday.

'At the current rate, entry is not possible or advisable'...

'The economic data coming out of the US still looks very
good but with the US deficit, September 11 and the uncertain geopolitical
situation, it still looks like the risks to the dollar are weighed very much on
the downside'..."

With the World Trade Centre gone, the world financial capital
must now move to Europe under the direction of Antichrist.