The illusion of global warming

The illusion of global warming

The illusion of global warming

Can you believe it? New Zealand is going to sign the KYOTO
Treaty and tie ourselves up completely.

You know that it is quite frightening really that people in
power go ahead with these ridiculous plans without really knowing what they are

An article from The Press, Christchurch, 4 May 2002
reads thus -– "A match for Think Big follies -– In religious times they
served as missionaries in hot hell-holes. They sang hymns, and all was OK

In the 1960s they fretted that our trucks, cars, and
factories threatened Gaia, Mother Earth. They puffed away, and all was OK.

But how can we settle down Pete Hodgson and present-day
zealots obsessed with carbon dioxide?

We can't tell them to put their heads in paper bags and
breathe -– carbon dioxide. That's tradable stuff.

In centuries to come people will laugh at our anxiety about
methane from sheep and cattle.

Charitably, the Kyoto Protocol and global warming are
misguided anticipation of a disputed problem...

Even supposing for a minute that global warming advocates
were right, why damage our economy by rushing ahead of other nations?...

The hair-shirt approach entails higher living costs for
Kiwi-battler families, nationalisation of the carbon dioxide within tree trunks,
and handicapping our exporters against virtually everyone.

A rational voice, Professor Denis Dutton, of Christchurch,
known among other things for his work as a sceptic and for the Arts &
Letters website, says Kyoto accomplishes precisely nothing to halt global
warming (if there is such a phenomenon)...

"In the end, New Zealand has once again undertaken a purely
symbolic act. It may help our egos, but that's all," Dr. Dutton told Right
On. "We've become therapists for the world."...

The zealots would have us pay or otherwise compensate for the
methane our sheep and cattle produce, while China and India pay nothing for the
pollution from billions of people, and millions of sacred cows...

James Griffith, chief executive of the Forest Industries
Council,... expects New Zealand's Kyoto stance will divert international
forestry investors from New Zealand to countries such as Australia and Chile.

Farmers are expected to fund research on ways of reducing
methane emission under threat of a stock levy of 25c a head..."

An article from CNS NEWS on 14 May 2002 reads in part
thus -– "Hartwig Volz, a geophysicist with the RWE Research Lab in Germany
noted that the IPCC does not even call the climate models, "predictions" and
instead refers to them as "projections" or "story lines". Volz said the
projections might be more aptly termed "fairy tales"...

Climate Science does not support the Kyoto Protocol...

Dr. Ulrich Berner, a geologist with the Federal Institute for
Geosciences in Germany, said global temperatures have varied greatly in the
earth's history and are unrelated to human activity...

Singer agreed, stating, "The balance of evidence suggests
that there has been no appreciable warming since 1940. This would indicate that
the human effects on climate must be quite small."

Singer pointed to the sun as a major culprit in climate
change. "The sun is responsible for most, and perhaps all of the short-term
climate changes we observe," he said..."

Then, of course, way back on 11 September 1994, The Sunday
had the headline -– "Met Office says global warming is just a myth",
and in The Dominion newspaper 1 December 1992, the headline -– "A
retired chemical engineer says the ozone layer hole threat is just a scare story".
Also headlined in the same paper -– "Holes poked in the ozone scare"

All this, of course, is to create problems which are not
there, to make the populace of the world long for an answer in the form of a
global government where we can tackle these so called problems with a united

No wonder Satan is called "The Father of Lies", but we
thank God that our Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and
people who come to Him begin to understand what is truth and what is error.

Question: Do you know Him?