US Business confidence is slipping

US Business confidence is slipping

US Business confidence is slipping

With Enron's collapse in the U.S., a domino effect seems to
be under way.

This is part of the world government's plan, of course. The
media is gradually leaking the news that the attack on the World Trade Centre
could have been stopped, had the C.I.A. and F.B.I. shared their information.

Now, 350,000 documents have been turned over by the C.I.A.
for hearings on the attack. Also many including this writer believe that the
collapse of the twin towers was an inside demolition implosion. Witnesses just
clearing the buildings heard the explosions near the ground floors.

This was the "crisis" that David
Rockefeller and his one world government friends needed to restrict the freedoms
of the world's population.

A blood sacrifice of 3,000 people to Lucifer and his
illuminated "1,000 points of light", a la George Bush Senior (1990 speech)
was a small price to pay for the fear and paranoia generated throughout the

54 nations represented in the WTC had their "confidence"
shattered and since September 11th 2001, this lack of confidence is
multiplying world-wide.

The Daily Telegraph dated 7 June 2002 had this
headline: "America's Amtrak railway hits the buffers -– "An astonishing
warning that Amtrak -– America's inter-city rail system -– will shut down in
the next three weeks unless it gets an emergency 137 million pound loan, has
been given by David Gunn, the new head of the network.

Although the accident-prone and heavily indebted system
received a boost from passengers afraid to fly after September 11, Amtrak faces
the financial annihilation -– a remarkable prospect for a country built on the
back of its railways.

'If we can't borrow $200million, we can't make it
through this fiscal year,' Mr. Gunn said, deriding as 'happy words' Amtrak's
long-standing promise to wean itself off federal subsidies as early as next

Amtrak, which lost 800 million pounds last year, makes the
lion's share of its revenue from the busy East Coast corridor between
Washington, New York and Boston, where short distances make taking the train as
quick as flying. The rest of the network is too often a sad spectacle of
run-down, even seedy, trains.

The company has mortgaged almost everything, it owns,
including historic city centre stations, just to keep its system running.

But, Mr. Gunn, who joined Amtrak three weeks ago, said the
crisis was far worse than he had thought...

In the meantime, horror stories fill the newspapers of broken
trains, delayed trains and demoralised staff...

Amtrak uses 22,000 miles of track but owns only about 700
miles of it..."

If ever there was a day when we needed a spiritual base, this
is it. -– It is time for you and me to seek the Lord.

Psalms 20:7 -– "Some trust in chariots, and some in
horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God."