Global police force

Global police force

Global police force

In New Mexico in 1999, Barry Smith and I met a gentleman from
Alamagordo, NM who told us about a massive increase in military training
activity at the air force base near his home. The most interesting aspect of his
account was that the 'thousands of soldiers' were not in US military
colours, because they were not Americans. These soldiers were from other
countries and were undergoing training for service within an international or
global military force.

It is no surprise therefore to read in the Sunday
on 23 June 2002 'Euro-police will patrol UK within five years'

"European Union leaders yesterday moved to establish an EU
border police force to patrol shores, ports and crossing points against illegal

The heads of government said that the moves were a stepping
stone to the creation of a fully fledged European-wide force which would act in
tandem with each nation's police....

...the move towards a common border force, to be called
the European Union Corps of Border Guards, was given an enthusiastic

...the new force... would have its own uniform and badge and
be drawn from all 15 member states....

Gerhard Shröder, the German Chancellor, confirmed that
enhanced co-operation was a mere stepping stone to the corps. "The creation of
a common police force to guard our border remains the long-term goal," he told

"It... could evolve quickly..."...

The proposal is the latest attempt to harmonise Europe's
legal systems. It follows moves to create a common body of criminal law...

Italy and Spain are among several southern states which are
desperate for the EU to pool its resources ..." (emphases added)

In Barry Smith's book Warning, on page 18, he makes
reference (written way back in 1978) to the EC creating their own "500,000 man
'World Police Force'... In West Germany, Paramilitary Federal Border Police
are now being trained as 'Soul-less Killers.'"