The greatest story never told

The greatest story never told

The greatest story never told

I'm in the news business, a professional journalist for
thirty-eight years. Yet as I watch the TV news I realise that the truth behind
the greatest story of our times is not being told.

Planes embed themselves into skyscrapers, germ terrorism is
unleashed, and retaliatory missiles streak into the skies, while virtually all
the Western media claims Islam is a "peaceful" religion. As thousands of
victims of terror are buried, fanatical mobs march in a dozen Islamic capitals,
burning effigies of President Bush and the British prime minister, Tony Blair.
Yet both leaders suffer the delusion that if only "moderate Muslims" can be
asked to assert themselves, the threats to the West will dissolve.

In the immediate aftermath of the New York and Washington
terrorist attacks, churches had an attendance upsurge. But what was preached
from the pulpits at what were often "interfaith" services? How many
Americans - let alone Britons or other Europeans - were told that nations are
often judged with enemy attack after God has removed His protection from them?
How many preachers told their flocks to turn from their wicked ways, repent of
their sins, and beg God for forgiveness?

Everything that happens in the world has a spiritual root.
Perhaps the reason America was attacked in September 2001, was that it had
turned away from God, murdered forty-three million babies in abortion clinics,
and endorsed homosexuality, among other perversions of God's perfect way. As
mosques were built all over the United States and false gods were worshiped
everywhere, with horoscopes read more often than the Bible, could we honestly
expect God to continue blessing us? The United States is the nation that has had
more blessing than any since creation. Much is expected of those who have been
abundantly blessed, and in too many churches false "feel-good" gospels and
tales of acquiring riches through following "biblical" formulas have
replaced the true Word of God.

So with our spiritual defences down, the way was open for our
enemies to attack. Why do they hate America and Britain? Because America in
particular supports Israel - the apple of God's eye. There are also more Jews
in New York City than in any area outside Israel. And because Islam is
inherently warlike and desires the destruction of all "infidels" (all those
who do not subscribe to Islam) and "infidel nations." Osama Bin Laden and
those who will follow him rightly divine that the West may have military
strength, but its spiritual defences are weak, making it the perfect time to
strike. If America can be given enough pain it may abandon Israel, the Muslims
reason. Then they can move in to fulfill their number one aim: "to make the
Mediterranean run red with the blood of the Jews." God, of course, has other
plans. For as the earth is shaken and it becomes ever more obvious that we are
moving into the biblical "end times," it is those who try to destroy God's
chosen people who will themselves be destroyed, unlikely as this seems when you
look at the map and see tiny Israel surrounded by a billion Muslims in more than
fifty states.

With the new millennium just a few years old, many people
think they have seen its darkest day. However, these terrible events were not a
fulfillment of prophecy or the "fall of Babylon." The terrorism of 2001 was
just a preview of wars and rumors of wars, death and destruction on a scale that
will see up to three-quarters of the earth's population wiped out in battles
and natural disasters, plagues and earthquakes, meteorite storms and tidal
waves. The word "Titanic" conjures visions of a vast liner being sucked to
the sea-bottom. The World Trade Center tragedy was like a fleet of Titanics
going down. Imagine that multiplied by many millions and you will have some idea
of what is in store in the near future.

Fortunately, God has told us exactly what is going to happen.
Christians - and all who read this book - will have no doubt about how history
will turn out. Finally, when all seems blackest and the final "Titanic" has
settled beneath the waves, the world's armies will be gathered against
Jerusalem. At that point, the Son of Man - the Lord Jesus Christ Himself - will
emerge from heaven at the head of a mighty army, to retake and remake the world
as it should have been from the creation.

Since September 11, 2001, people have been saying we live "in
a changed world." In fact the same old fallen world chugs on as before,
although the pace of change has gone up a gear. In particular, New World Order
advocates like British prime minister Tony Blair have seized the chance to
stress "globalised responses," to push harder for a world court, and to
stress the importance of the United Nations - the putative one-world government
in waiting.

As I write, TV news networks are talking of "panic," but
I don't detect this, just a general, gloomy awareness of hidden threats. I see
people who have been sedated by sport and alcohol, soap operas and comedies,
having to come face to face with cataclysm. They are not laughing any longer.
And the script won't change even if you switch channels.

The scene is fast being set for the coming Antichrist, the
one-world dictator who will lead the world government. Cash will soon be
abolished, a prime excuse being that this step is the only way we can stop money
from flowing to terrorist groups. It will be replaced by a computer chip
implanted in our foreheads or right hands - if we are not Christians. For this
is the mark the Bible calls "the mark of the beast," and any Christians
living at that terrible time will have to refuse it and be martyred, for it is
Satan's own stamp of ownership. At this time 144,000 Jewish evangelists will
be spreading the Christian gospel round the world.

In this book I will reveal the steps being taken to monitor
and control every citizen of earth, with computer tracking of every transaction,
interception of all e-mails and phone calls, and giant computer banks which
could be programmed to weed out dissidents - those who won't acknowledge the
"New World Order." Already, far-reaching electronic surveillance is taking
place and it is boasted that satellite spy cameras can read headlines from one
hundred miles high. Even as I wrote this, the firewall on my computer flashed up
several warnings that it had intercepted attempts at penetrating our system.

I will show how major branches of Christianity and even all
world religions are rapidly coming together to form the one-world spiritual body
which will try to control all worship. The argument is that this will quell
aggression based on religious differences. Attempts will soon be made to license
all preachers and those who don't conform to the one-world church will be out
of business or forced to meet secretly, as already happens in much of the world,
where hundreds of Christian martyrs are being created every day, unreported by
the world's press, which would rather champion the rights of perverts.

I will argue that Bible-based values have almost disappeared
in the West, where traditional values and decency are deliberately scorned in
taxpayer subsidised perverted art, where schools often do not teach history in
any depth and where a world which hasn't learned from past mistakes is doomed
to repeat them. Complacent Christians, obsessed with their homes and gardens,
cars, holidays, and stockholdings, are in for many more rude shocks.

I will point to Jerusalem as the world's top news location
of all time, ever more so now that multiple prophecies about its future are
coming true before our eyes. Jerusalem, mentioned over eight hundred times in
the Bible and not once in the Koran, is the only city which God regards as
especially His, the place where He has put His name forever (2 Chronicals 6:6;
2 Chronicals 33:7).

Revelation 3:12 and Revelation 21:2 show there will be a new Jerusalem,
something which is not said about any of the other major cities of the world.
There will be a heavenly Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22), but no heavenly New York,
London, or Paris. Control of Jerusalem is the one problem which man will never
resolve--because the protagonists who claim it are not looking at what God
wants for His city.

We are told by the Lord to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
but this is a serious business, as peace will not come to that city until
two-thirds of the Jews have been wiped out. All this is predicted in the Bible,
but how often is it preached? Who now knows that one verse in every thirteen in
the Bible refers in one way or another to the second coming of Jesus, according
to evangelist Dwight L. Moody. The second advent is a central truth of

The biggest problem of all is that the church no longer
teaches prophecy, despite the fact that the Bible is almost one-third concerned
with prophetic events. Prophecy is "divisive," I have been told. It is "too
difficult to understand" so we are better off ignoring it. And it wasn't
meant to be taken literally, was it? Never mind that all the prophecies of the
Lord's first coming were precisely, literally fulfilled. Let's all relax and
concentrate on that nice God of love and wealth creation. Let's praise the
Lord and pray for a new car, as He wants to bless His people if we are faithful
with our tithes.

(To be continued next month - used by permission)