China – the sleeping giant

China - the sleeping giant

China - the sleeping giant

China is joining the World Trade Organisation. This is
radical news - as the giant begins to stir and wake - economically speaking.

"...Known in the early 20th century as the "whore
of the Orient", before fading to grey under communist conformity, Shanghai has
charged into the 21st century as the economic powerhouse of the
People's Republic of China...

China's ascension to the World Trade Organisation has been
seen as a positive catalyst in terms of easier entry for Kiwis to the China
market and in some cases that is true...

New Zealand's traditional export mainstay -– dairy
products -– was also tipped to make increasing inroads into the lucrative
Shanghai East China market...The traditional Chinese diet doesn't include much
dairy produce but that is changing and with Shanghai launching a milk-in-schools
programme we are expecting a new generation of dairy consumers..." The
Dominion Post, 10 October 2002.

So, the grip of communism appears to be loosening -– and can
you imagine what would happen to NZ dairy exports if just 5% of the population
of China was educated to drink a glass of milk a day?