From the editor

From the editor

From the editor

Dear Friends

In NZ my favourite season is getting under way. We love our
garden, and we now get to see what we've been sowing. When one plants carrots,
one would expect to grow carrots and so forth... I am learning not to appear so
surprised, when after I have planted certain seeds in the ground of my heart
they spring to life and grow. Good plants -– bad plants and time wasting
plants. I watch people who have not been friendly with others, wondering why
they have no friends. I watch judgemental people questioning when others hold them
in judgement. It really shouldn't be a mystery.

The words from the red-letter edition, the Words of Jesus,
are incredibly powerful: they are spirit and life. An interesting Scripture from
Revelation 19:10b explains, "...For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of
prophecy". When Jesus spoke in His day, because He carried the mantle of a
prophet His Words revealed much more than just local, temporary information or
knowledge. More and more, the Words of Jesus reveal missing segments of the
prophetic picture, and somehow, the bits you and I need for life. More and more
His Words make their way deep into our hearts - softening the stone content that

It has been a fairly radical month, with so much happening
and what appears to be a shortage of moments for it all to take place. Ephesians
5:15-16 "See that ye walk circumspectly (prudently/protectively), not as fools
but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil." Buy up all of
the time you can -– and use it wisely.

In this edition we have a mixed bag. I pray you are
encouraged as you read.

One final thing: we are finally releasing the last book my
father penned, in December. He completed writing it well over a year ago but due
to various circumstances the printing of "Unlocking the ultimate secret"
was delayed again and again until now. Dad believed it was his most important
message -– 'The mystery of the Gospel', and was eager to get it out. Becky
Capell, (my sister) and a friend Toni Apa (designer, artist) have worked very
hard to proof the manuscript, and layout the material beautifully, bringing this
work to completion. Whilst Dad is not here to rejoice in the moment, we feel a
sense of excitement (and relief) as we release this book at the appointed