EU – Final world empire – pt 4

EU - Final world empire - pt 4

EU - Final world empire - pt 4

The return of the Jews to their ancient home is one of the
most amazing events of history, achieved immediately after Hitler had attempted
to exterminate them and in the face of the hostility of the entire Arab and
Islamic world and in spite of the difficulties posed by Great Britain, then
administering Palestine under a UN mandate. There could be no greater proof of
the authority of God and the truth of His Word. No other ancient nation has
survived with its religion, practices, language, and ancient literature intact.
No other nation has been so persecuted, attacked, vilified, and dispersed round
the globe, only to be miraculously regathered, then to - again with divine
intervention - survive an immediate attack from the combined armies of six Arab
nations. No other people attract such hostility, something which I saw firsthand
on a visit to Tangier, Morocco, which is a long way from the Holy Land. A young
Arab boy was our guide round the ancient city. He was a pleasant, cheerful lad,
until he came upon the home of some Jews. He then rushed up to their door and
spat forcefully on it, pulling a face, and shouting out "Jews."

Even now most of the world wants Israel abolished. Boutros
Boutros-Ghali, UN secretary-general, has stated: "The Jews must give up
their status as a nation and Israel as a state, and assimilate as a community in
the Arab world." Were they foolish enough to try this, they would get a
dusty welcome. This is what the Palestine Liberation Organisation has to say
about Israel: "The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a struggle about
Israel's borders, but about Israel's existence."

The PLO is an Islamic terror Organisation which has trained
terrorists worldwide, from the Italian Red Brigades to Germany's Baader-Meinhof
gang, from Iran's Revolutionary Guards to Latin American terrorists. The PLO has
a history as one of the world's worst terror-organisations, at one time having
hijacked four aircraft simultaneously and on another occasion holding three
hundred hostage. They have attacked embassies, ships, diplomatic missions, and
schoolchildren. The Palestinian prize for culture was awarded for a book
celebrating the murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
Having been driven out of Jordan by the loyal Bedouins of the late King Hussein,
the PLO established a reign of terror in Lebanon where they are estimated to
have murdered three hundred thousand Lebanese civilians. Yet somehow the world
classes the Israelis, who seek to protect themselves against these thugs, as the

It was the Arabs who invited Pope John Paul to Bethlehem to
celebrate "our Jesus Christ.' Arafat claims Jesus as an early Palestinian
freedom fighter against Israel, in a weird perversion of true history. The man
who has been involved with terrorism much of his life has now been given the
Nobel Peace Prize and is received warmly by the pope on his visits to the
Vatican. He has remodelled himself as a "moderate" and loves to be
pictured with presidents at Camp David. But remember, at the time of the Gulf
War his PLO gave its full backing to Saddam Hussein, mainly because of his plan
to destroy Israel.

This was a miscalculation which led to the withdrawal of
financial support from oil-rich states which previously employed hundreds of
thousands of Palestinians as servants and low-level workers. After the war many
of these Palestinians were thrown out of countries like Kuwait because their
loyalty was suspect, increasing the pressure on the PLO to claim ever bigger
chunks of Israel for their burgeoning population. Another miscalculation came
when Palestinians were pictured celebrating in the streets after the 2001 attack
on America - a glimpse of their true feelings before Arafat's spin doctors
stepped in and said it was all a big mistake ...

A London-based Islamic newspaper called al-Khilafeh
said this about Jerusalem: "It is where the Creator informs us there is to
be blessing - not to be polluted with the filth of the Jews in the city of
at-Quds [Jerusalem]. It is to that city and to that land we look for the soon to
come Islamic army to liberate." This would be the first stage of the world
conquest by Islam in a jihad against Jews and Christians. An Islamic
student questioned by the Jerusalem Post on August 3, 1996, said: 'Our
vision for the Middle East is that it is a centre for Islam, from where it will
spread to the whole world sooner or later." Politicians' so-called peace
plans, conducted from man's point of view, not God's, will never bring peace to
the Middle East. In fact, the Bible says that it will not be peaceful until the
Lord returns to conquer His enemies. Until then it will increasingly be the
scene of conflict. No wonder our Lord wept over Jerusalem!

God is in charge of history, not politicians. He makes sure
His prophecies are fulfilled. God has also promised to bless those who bless
Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Britain made things very hard for
Jewish refugees fleeing to Palestine, at one time infamously shelling a refugee
ship after surrounding it with six destroyers. Almost immediately, the British
Empire, which until then had controlled a quarter of the earth's peoples, fell
apart with astonishing rapidity. The empire on which it was said the sun never
set, as it was so extensive, was rapidly reduced to a handful of offshore
islands. Coincidence? Perhaps, but God is not mocked.

I remember seeing a film from Russia in which God was
depicted as a foolish old man, running round pathetically in impotent fury. A
lot of good this did the Communist states! Now Communism is a bad joke and
Christian revivals are taking place in areas like remote parts of the Ukraine.
God is not mocked for long. ... It is interesting that Islam, which fiercely
states that God has no son, doesn't seem to feature in the end-times scenario
and I think it likely that it will be destroyed before then, in the very near
future. An attack on Israel by many Islamic states would certainly seal their
fate. Israel has nuclear weapons.

Jesus said there would be signs just before His second
coming. "And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree [Israel], and
all the trees; When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves
that summer is now nigh at hand. So likewise ye, when ye see these things come
to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you,
This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled" (Luke 21:29-32).

This generation dates, I believe, from 1948 when the state of
Israel was established, which is why I believe this is the last generation
before the second coming of Christ. This is why Satan is so active in the world
today - because he knows his time is short. This is why his man on earth - the
Antichrist - will soon be revealed and will shortly take control. At that time
books such as this will be banned. Buy extra copies. Spread them around to your
friends and churches; make this part of your ministry. This book, together with
my video End Times News: EU-Final World Empire (two hours packed with
facts about these times of prophecy being fulfilled) will, with other works like
them, be one of the ways in which unsaved people, left lost and bewildered after
the true Christians vanish, can discover the truth. At that time no Christian
ministry will be on the air, no Christian books will be published, and the
Bible, as it was for many years under the sway of the Roman Catholic Church, may
again become a banned book, open only to official "priests" to
interpret according to their own agenda.