Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed

... Though hopelessness comes first after the death of every
mighty man and woman of God, that that is the end of everything but I strongly
believe that the Omega Times ministry will flourish more highly than ever before
by God's enablement. Luke 24:13-21, John 14:12-13, Acts 17:5-6, Joshua 1:1-11,
Joshua 3:7, 2 Kings 2:9-15...
Mwesige Deo

Dear Mwesige

Thanks for your encouragement. I must say how much I have
appreciated 'the God of all comfort' over the past months. Never have I felt
without hope, from the moment we received the news of Dads passing on to Heaven
through until today -– a sense of the Fathers concern and comfort has been with
us. But, as any bereaved person will know, our connection and fellowship were of
such a depth that on occasion I have felt distraught...I just want to talk with
him, hear his thoughts, receive his wisdom. There are all sorts of issues to
deal with at the moment -– and Barry used to handle issues in his powerful
stride, now I am needing to 'grow' in order to meet the challenges. Praise
God for his Word and Holy Spirit, both of which make the difference.

The Scripture readings you sent through are both pertinent
and encouraging. With thanks

Dear Andrew

I read the last issue of the Omega Times with interest and
wish to compliment Patrick Ikiua on his thoughtful article.

There is one matter however which does disturb me and that is
that your organization gives blind and unquestioning support to the Zionist
state of Israel and completely ignores the crimes which have been committed
against the Palestinians. It is my understanding that the justification or
excuse for such is a particular understanding of Bible prophecy and I would ask
you to re-examine your belief system.

Surely God is a God of justice after all and may hold us
accountable as an accessory.

I am not attacking you personally as you are probably much
more devout and religious than I am...

Dear Anonymous

I sense your heart and appreciate what you are saying. I must
say first and foremost that I am 'pro' God's Word. I have Arab friends and
Jewish friends. Your understanding that our organisation gives 'blind and
unquestioning support to the Zionist State of Israel' is incorrect, although I
can understand that you could easily form this perspective from what you know of

I have been to Israel and surrounding Arab nations on
numerous occasions, and have discussed with people on 'both sides of the fence',
some involved in the military and some civilians, the issues surrounding the
conflict. As one can imagine, in any conflict of this magnitude, crimes will
have been committed -– by both sides... I am horrified by some of the things
which have occurred! But what is most puzzling is the projected view seen from
outside of Israel, and the lack of Biblical perspective in the western world.

One newspaper article I read this week suggested that Israel
is using the Holocaust as a type of 'cover' or mental blackmail over the
rest of the world, shouting 'anti-semitism' to would-be challenges from
human rights groups as she continues to perpetrate atrocities and crimes against
the Palestinian people. This is gross ignorance at its worst.

The majority of charges laid against Israel of crimes against
humanity come to nothing, simply because they are not true and lack solid proof
to substantiate them. The Western world watches the media and believes.

The double standard displayed by Western countries with
regard to the supposed war against terror is so obvious it's ridiculous. We
will stand against terrorism anywhere and everywhere except for Israel
-– which is ludicrous. And because someone points out that this is not the
first time this scenario has occurred in Israel's history, its labelled 'anti-Semitic

In short, what the world is trying to pressure Israel to do
is -– "bargain with terrorists, find a compromise with these killers
and make peace with them". Does that sound rational?

To the question "Why doesn't Israel just give the land
back?" specialist in Islamic Studies Victor Mordocai (www.vicmord.com)
states that in the last 50 years Israel has been attacked 6 times by her Arab
neighbours. Each time, she has not only overcome her enemies, but has taken
territory as well. World pressure, utilising UN resolutions 242 and 338 forced
Israel to 'trade/give land for peace'. Israel has responded and today, 97%
of the land won through conflict (mainly the 1967 war) has been given back. In
2000, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered a generous 98.5% of the land back to the
Palestinians to which PLO Chairman Arafat said "NO!" before unleashing the
'intifadah' -– a terrorist uprising which the Western world accepts as an
acceptable method of war????

To understand the context in which this war is being waged,
one must first understand the mentality and philosophy of those involved.
Terrorist activity is not only permissible under Islamic teaching, it is
reward-able -– especially if it rids the world of Jews or Christians!

Please read November 2002 front cover article, "Martyrdom
-– or child sacrifice", I have viewed the live footage of the programmes
referred to in the article, encouraging Palestinian children to view shahid
(holy assassination - martyrdom) as a worthy and purposeful duty.

Meanwhile, reports of Islam being a peaceful religion, one
which does not condone violence is contradicted by passages from the Koran, and
the activity of those adherents who are obedient to it...and Yasser Arafat, the
terrorist is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in the West. In Saudi Arabia, the death
penalty is yours if you dare convert from the Muslim faith, and the world still
says Islam is a peace loving religion.

We at the Omega Times do not hate the Arabs -– rather the
contrary, we pray for them that they might have the blindness of Islam taken
from their eyes, so that the hate and insecurity generated by that religion can
be put aside -– and they can get to know the only true God -– who is love.

We pray for the Jews, that they will have the blindness taken
from their eyes, so that they can return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We pray, Thy will be done Father -– and we read the
Scriptures which indicate specific events which will come to pass. Israel must
keep the Land God has promised her -– and it is inevitable that more bloodshed
must occur.

Dear Andrew

RE. the article "Foul Priests" by Barry (Omega Times,
May 2002)

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic, but as a very young
child, when I heard about the inquisition I knew that something was seriously
wrong with the 'church' -– a good tree does not produce bad fruit...

Rome scares its adherents by claiming that salvation is found
in the church of Rome alone, but the Word of God says: "There is but one name
given by which one may be saved"...

Rome claims that it was the only Christian church, therefore
it must be the one true church. This is very confusing to many people who do not
realise that the 'church' that Jesus started was his own body...

Scripture is often misquoted to sound as if Rome is the rock
upon which Christ built his church, "Who is a rock save our God?" is in

They need to be encouraged to go on Scripture alone, and not
to add the traditions of man...

Yours faithfully
Susan Smith

Dear Susan

Thanks for your insights. Yes it's true that many peoples
loyalty to their faith or belief structure is based in fear. Fear and insecurity
is not of God -– so therefore 'by the fruit -– we know the tree is not
rooted in Gods love'. Ephesians 3:14-21 gives us the fruit of a legitimate
work of God.

We are sometimes labelled 'Catholic-bashers' -– which is
simply not the case. Catholic or Protestant, traditional or modern charismatic,
when an institution takes the place of Christ in a persons
life/commitment, an anti-christ situation is evident, and leaders of all
organisations need to understand this. The Word of God will live and abide
forever -– everything else will pass away, representations of God and
institutions included.

For now, churches are a medium for fellowship and worship,
and thankfully in some churches congregations are privileged to receive solid
bible teaching as well (characterised by being pointed back to the Word as
individuals -– back to Christ and not itself).

It's not just a matter of who is right and who is wrong -–
it's always, 'Let God be true, and every man a liar' by comparison.
Forgetting this important principle gives power to dogma -– which in the hands
of men, is dangerous.

Revelation 21:22 is beautiful: "And I saw no temple
therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it"

Dear Andrew

...Re your article in the Omega Times (August)
regarding E.C. -– 'Fishing for Control'. As my father and brothers were
involved in commercial fishing, I have watched with interest when I first read
what Barry said about the New Zealand fishing industry, and as he warned us,
Australia would be the next.

I'm enclosing the photocopy of what has happened here, and
is continuing up and down the East Coast of N.S.W...

"Anglers reeling in salty buyout -–

As Lake Macquarie's commercial fisherman reel from being
locked out of Australia's largest saltwater lake, fourth-generation fisherman
Kelvin Wynn cannot help but marvel at his father's wisdom. After three
generations of his family shaped the face of commercial fishing in the lake, Mr
Wynn's father, Clarence, gave his son some good advice when he was a teenager
some 35 years ago.

'My father said: "Go and do something else, don't be
just a fisherman. You can never know how the politics of the day will unfold",'
Mr Wynn, now 50, recalled this week.

On Wednesday, the State Government banned commercial fishing
in Lake Macquarie and 28 other estuaries in the biggest shake-up of the

Mr Wynn believes he and his colleagues have been 'sold out'
to enable the State Government to justify the introduction of a recreational
fishing licence.

The State Government is using an anticipated $20million
raised from the sale of recreational fishing licences to buy out commercial
fisherman, claiming it will give anglers unprecedented access to better fishing
in the 29 waterways..."
Edgar and Val Kent

Dear Edgar and Val

Thanks for the newspaper articles which I read with interest.
Your story reveals a most fascinating history, and it is very sad to see a
generational family business put out of action for the sake of 'progress'.

Yes, our securities are being shaken and I am reminded
of Hebrews 12:26-27 which points out that God promises to shake both the heavens
and the earth "...that those things which cannot be shaken may remain". May
your faith be strengthened as you consider these things.

All over the world, fishing rights and quota's are being
'reeled in' as control of food, controls individuals'.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord

...I myself, my wife and several of my friends were saved
because of Mr Smith's video ministry.

I just want to say that without Barry's outspoken way of
speaking I do not think that I personally would have been saved. I will never
forget him speaking on one of his videos and saying that there was no salvation
or way to God except through the Lord Jesus Christ!

Although I can laugh at it now I was deeply offended by this
statement! But that was just what I needed to hear although I thought him
arrogant at that time.

I will never forget Barry Smith standing there on that stage
and declaring, "there is no salvation in Mohammed, there is no salvation in
Buddha or Krishna or anyone else." Then he quoted Acts 4:12, "Neither is
there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given
among men, whereby we must be saved." And John 14:6 "I am the way, the
truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

Meanwhile I was throwing cushions at the TV and swearing! (I
had been going down the New Age route)

It was his first book 'Warning' that did it for me. The
list of 30 OT (Old Testament) prophecies fulfilled by Jesus convinced me that
what this man was saying was indeed the truth...

He was the only person I would have listened to because he
was the only one who was not afraid to offend me or any other man!...

Please carry on with this ministry! There are many others who
need to know and if necessary be offended just the same as I was. Thank God for
the offence of the cross! And thank God for those brave enough to preach it...
Ian Hunt

Dear Ian

I laughed when I received your letter. My father
inadvertently caused a number of people to use inappropriate words and gestures
as he challenged their spiritual state. He didn't set out to be contentious or
intend to be rude. He just truly believed the message of the good news and found
it almost intolerable that people would not jump at the opportunity to respond
to it, asking Christ Jesus into their hearts.

I will never forget when I was a little boy, a man prophesied
over my father and said "The Lord has given you a message which is hard,
because he has prepared in you a heart which is soft...". This was
absolutely true -– and God used the man with the soft heart to offend many,
with the offence and challenge of the cross.

The video's are still at work as a non-threatening medium
of evangelism. Many thousands of people have come to know Jesus through these
video's which have made their way into all the world...

Hi guys

...Andrew's article "When a virtue goes wrong" is so
true/wise and reminds me of some of Nicky Cruz's heartfelt message in his book
"Brothers and Sisters, we have a problem" Incredibly timely too, as I
was just having a discussion with christian friends re marriage and divorce and
re-marriage. One topic which generates vehement division and unloving,
condemnatory behaviour amongst born-again believers -– creating confusion,
heartbreak and distraction from going about God's business. Has anyone tackled
this subject in your paper?!

I so enjoy George and Eileen Anderson's articles -– so
refreshing and real...
Marion Sutherland

Dear Marion

Yes, I know what you are saying re. the topic of divorce and
remarriage. It is a most interesting study -– and of course, what a person
believes really determines how they live their lives... We will tackle it in due
course! Glad you enjoy George & Eileen's articles -– they are always
refreshing, and what wonderful writers...they certainly encourage me.

Dear Editor

You may recall an article published in the Omega Times and
written by Barry Smith just before his translation to glory, entitled '911 The
Sad Secret Truth?'

The bottom line in the article being, as I had first
suspected when the catastrophic events of September the 11th 2001
first took place, the planes hitting the World Trade Centre had done very little
damage and had in fact not brought the towers down, as had first been made to
appear was the case.

...Rather, as had been the case in Oklahoma City, where
Timothy McVeigh had been executed for his alleged planting of a bomb in the
federal building, supposedly, causing it's destruction and the deaths of 163
innocent citizens. The reality however, being an entirely different matter -–
His bomb had done very little damage to the building and had not been
responsible for the carnage of the loss of innocent lives, nor the wrecking of
the building. Additional bombs had been planted and detonated at the time of the
first explosion bringing the building to ruination, and not his explosive

There has been a lot written, both by the media and Christian
authors in general, with regards to the attacks on the World Trade Centre in
general, including the above mentioned correct scenario of the truth behind 911.
However, what I have never seen in print, or elsewhere, are Biblical quotations
to verify the facts of the matter...

I now believe I have positive proof from the Bible, that the
possible scenario mentioned above is more than a conspiracy theory.

"And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon
every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter,
when the towers fall." Isaiah 30:25

The Collins Australian Pocket Dictionary defines 'slaughter'
as being; "the indiscriminate killing of large numbers of people."...

...Recommended reading is chapters 30-33 of Isaiah...

The Bible is right. It is the indisputable word of God...
Robert Muir

Dear Robert

Thank you for your letters. We live in a most incredible
world with many organisations and individuals motivated by 'various drivers'.
The spirit of the world is in opposition to the spirit of God. The spirit of God
is characterised by truth, and the spirit of the world by lies and deceit. Many
things 'done in darkness' form elements of these so-called conspiracy
theories. If truth is being pushed nowadays, all one needs to do is yell 'Conspiracy
theory' and generally people nod and settle back to part 25,000 of Coronation

The September 11 issue is mind boggling. There is all sorts
of information in circulation which could indicate the concept of an 'inside
job'. I am not averse to this concept -– but not being of an engineering
mindset, would like to discuss this topic further with those who may be able to
shed some light on the relative strengths of multi-story buildings -– and the
impact of huge aircraft on them.

Knowing a little bit about the power of Globalist
organisations, who will go to great lengths to bring about their ends...anything
is possible.

Thanks for your insights Robert