Real science points to God!

Real science points to God!

Real science points to God!

Last time we looked at one of the reasons why evolution is
IMPOSSIBLE and we recall that - ONE "impossible" means it never happened!

We found one: there is no mechanism for increasing the
information on DNA; we looked at the enzyme telomerase that reduces the
information on DNA and concluded that as there is more information on human DNA
than anything that evolutionists insist on calling "our ancestors"... Humans
couldn't have evolved from them because there is no way to increase information
on DNA.

Are there any other "impossibles"?

How about time?

Evolutionists will tell you that "millions and millions"
of years ago such and such happened. What if there weren't enough

Remember what George Wald said, "Given enough time, the 'impossible'
becomes possible, the possible probable and the probable virtually certain. One
only has to wait; time itself performs miracles" (emphasis added)

Does time perform miracles? Not if it obeys the laws of

When you were in school did your teachers tell you about
probability theory? One thing, which stands out of a very boring session, was so
funny that I laughed out loud and was asked to stand in the corridor!

As best I remember it went like this, "If you take an
infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of typewriters and an infinite
amount of time; one of them will write the works of Shakespeare."

Come on! Give me a break! You don't need to be a rocket
scientist to know that what you'd get is a whole load of frustrated monkeys,
broken typewriters and piles of meaningless paper (sounds a bit like the
beaurocracy in the European Union!)

Remember the Law of Entropy?

Jesse Greenstein in Scientific American, vol. 2000,
pages 46-53 said: "An irreverent physicist once rephrased the laws of physics
to read: 1. You can't win, 2. You can't break even and 3. Things are going to
get worse before they get better"

The Law of entropy tells us Chaos increases; Order decreases.

Frank Greco wrote in an article called 'On The Second Law
of Thermodynamics' in the journal American Laboratory, Oct 82 pages
80-88 - "Has the Second Law of Thermodynamics been circumvented? Not yet"

Monkeys get cross, typewriters get their keys all snarled up,
ribbons wear out, papers get put in the roller all wonky and when an infinite
number of monkeys want to go for a wee, no-one can find his own way back to one
of an infinite number of typewriters!

I must admit it sounded good (just like most ideas
evolutionists put forward...) but, sorry folks: it won't work!

Remember: evolution demands that we believe that dead
chemicals "came to life" (all on their own; with no reason and no help) and
that these then turned into the complex chemicals of life and "somehow"
turned into you and me.

Let's look at that idea scientifically for a minute or

You will have noticed that wherever I can; I prefer to use
quotes from evolutionists because it's difficult to accuse them of being
on our side!

Louis Lafont, in his review of Chance and Certainty,
Evolution in the light of Modern Biology
by Georges Salet, says the
following on p.7

"In other words for a given event, there is a probability
limit below which one may be certain that this event will never occur
within a fixed time limit."

I hope that I'm not being naive when I say that this sentence
is a definition of "impossible" (the more you study evolutionists and their
writings; the more you will observe their capacity to use a hundred words when
one will do!)

So, what we have here is a definition of "impossible"
that is acceptable to an evolutionist... Let's pursue this further!

What else does he say about evolution and the
millions-of-years scenario?

"...the geological ages in question would have to be
milliards [that's thousands of millions] of times longer than even the
most generous estimates make them...for the mutation-selection mechanism to have
produced even a single new organ" (emphasis added)

So, what we have here is a statement by a fully qualified
evolutionist that puts the kybosh on evolution.

We have our second "impossible" - And one "impossible"
means that it never happened!

This engenders another question... Are there any other "impossibles"
out there? Oh yes; there are!

Sir Fred Hoyle was Astronomer Royal and loudly proclaimed
that he didn't like the idea of supernatural Creation, but he was also an honest

He was writing about the information content on the genes of
the higher forms of life; he had calculated that this is represented by the
number 10 to the power of 40,000 (that's 10 with 40,000 noughts after it!) and
was commenting on the chance that evolution might have produced such information
by chance.

He said the following in an article in the journal Nature,
vol. 294, page 105: "The chance that higher forms of life might have
emerged this way is comparable with the chance that a tornado sweeping through a
junkyard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.

He also said in New Scientist vol. 91 pages 412-415:
"Precious little in the way of biological evolution could have happened on the
Earth. It is easy to show that the two thousand or so enzymes that span the
whole of life could not have evolved on the Earth. If one counts the number of
trial assemblies of amino acids that are needed to give rise to the enzymes, the
probability of their discovery by random shufflings turns out to be less than
one in ten to the power of 40,000"

And added to that comment in his book Evolution from Space:
" is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution."

It is; evolution never happened!

One of the saddest things of life today is that people aren't
encouraged to think. If they were, they'd know that one "impossible"
means something never happened.

Impossible has nothing to do with "majority opinion". "Impossible"
is absolute - it never happened!

Fortunately for us Creationists; evolution didn't
happen (because we've proved it's impossible) evolution is "horse-feathers
with a huge dose of hogwash" so all the scientific evidence is on our

"In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the

That God; who created the Earth for you and I to live in;
gave His only Son to die so that you could be free from sin.

He wants to know you personally... it's up to you if
you want to know Him, but if you want to know more, click here

God bless you!