America you are doomed and you’re so young too!

America you are doomed and you're so young too!

America you are doomed and you're so young too!

All intelligent people believe in God.

They work on the old principle that nothing begets

Therefore, if there is no God, we are not here! Don't
you agree?

Years ago, when we were youngsters, we were involved in a
Christian Open Air service. A man strolled up to our platform and made his
arresting statement - "There is no God!"

My friend, David McBride, the speaker at the time, answered
him in this manner. "Did it ever occur to you sir, that because you do not
have the ability to be everywhere at once, God may be somewhere where you are
not. Therefore, in claiming as you do, that there is no God, you yourself are
claiming to be God, as you would need to be everywhere at once yourself to make
such an authoritative statement."

Any person, therefore, who does not believe that there is a
God, cannot possibly be really reading this book as you are not really here.
Please lay it down immediately and stop fooling yourself.

Q. Will Almighty God allow the United States of America,
with the occult, witchcraft signs on their dollar bill, continue on in their
evil ways?
A. Certainly not! Remember, America was founded by the Masons for a peculiar
and particular purpose. Following the computer problem at midnight, 31
December 1999, the Plan will begin to unfold.

The Gulf War Syndrome

How is it that so many of the Gulf War Veterans are suffering
from this weird illness? Who gave it to them?

The answer is, their own government did! Is there no
end to the evil these people are capable of?

Christchurch 'Press', 24th December 1997 - "U.S.
Soldiers given an Unlicensed Vaccine.

The Pentagon has admitted that a vaccine with unknown health
effects was given to 8000 United States' soldiers in the Gulf War, but said
the injections were optional in at least some cases
Break quote.

Author's note - In my opinion, it would have made better
reading if this last portion had not been included. It is clear that the
Pentagon is guilty of malpractice and that possibly two or three soldiers were
told they didn't need to submit to this vaccination. If there was not a good
scare story told at the time
, about possible chemical attacks, just ask
yourself, would you accept a vaccination if it didn't seem necessary?

Continue quote - "The comments came in response to a
story in a Cleveland newspaper about injections of botulinum toxoid vaccine
which was meant to protect against chemical and biological warfare.

The vaccine is now being studied as a possible source of the
health problem associated with "Gulf War Syndrome".
Break quote.

Author's note - Some time ago, we viewed a video clip where
one U.S. Army female doctor was threatened with imprisonment if she did not
administer this dangerous vaccine. She said "It is not ethical for me to give
this to our boys, without knowing its long-term effects."

Continue quote - "While the military had permission from
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to give the vaccine without consent of the
soldiers, the U.S. Central Command decided to make the programme optional,
Defence Department spokesman .... said.

However, Mr... said he was not sure which soldiers had been
told about the injection.

He said it was possible not all the troops were given a
choice to reject it.
Break quote.

Author's note - The Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
generally will only pass a drug or a substance as being suitable for human
application after conducting copious tests. However, in this case, they passed
an untested substance as being suitable for human application. We must now ask
the question 'why?'

Not only that, the Defence Department spokesman passes a few
pitifully inadequate remarks to try and get his people off the hook. They are
all highly embarrassed because somebody found them out. But that's not all -
read on!

Please notice the words "without consent". What a
murderous plan!

Continue quote - "A transcript of an army ethics
committee's meeting in Maryland on October 4th, 1990, showed
that army physicians were not confident the unlicensed vaccine would
protect troops from illness..."
End quote.

Author's note - As soon as I read the name Maryland,
I smelt the proverbial rat! Turning quickly to Page 115 of our third book, 'Final
Notice', I saw that it was the chapter on AIDS and its possible origins.

A Dr Theodore Strecker talks about the NCI Laboratories at Fort
Detrick, Maryland
, being involved in the creation of strange viruses. He
says the AIDS virus was engineered in these laboratories by virologists. It
couldn't engineer itself

Q. To whom are these people responsible? 8000 soldiers used
as guinea-pigs with the blessing of the FDA. Absolutely shocking!

For further information, please write to American Gulf War
Veterans' Association, 3506 Highway South 117, Sugarland, Texas, 77478-4401,
U.S.A. Ph. toll-free - 1-800-23-7631. This video will provoke extreme anger as
you learn of the lies and deceit surrounding this cover up.

A Clear Prophecy

On page 146-147 of our fifth book, 'Better Than Nostradamus',
we record 25 reasons why the city of New York is in for a very difficult time
very shortly. (Date of prediction was the 10th February 1998.) New
York is the centre of world banking, the home of the Illuminati, and the United

Here is the prophecy given in 96 A.D. which will find its
fulfilment in the near future.

The prophecy comes in two parts.

  1. Sudden death and mourning, then
  2. The cleaning up process involving fire


  1. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and
    mourning and famine
  2. And she shall be utterly burned with fire
  3. For strong is the Lord God who judgeth her

'Sunday Telegraph', U.K., 15th September 1997
- "Fears Grow of Germ Warfare in U.S.

Saddam Hussein has a stock of anthrax, botulin, and other
agents of germ warfare
that could be released with deadly effect in any
major city in Britain or the United States.

... You could spray biological agents from crop-dusters, you
could even drive around Washington with the stuff coming out of the exhaust of a
car and it would kill tens of thousands of people said Dr ... a former lecturer
at the U.S. Naval War College, and now a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research
Institute of Philadelphia.

... Iraq has .... defied the United Nations' Special
Commission by refusing to hand over any of its biological weapons.

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, ......, has warned
that Saddam Hussein has enough "anthrax" to kill every man, woman and
child in the world.

... the loudest cries of alarm have been coming from outside
the government. A small but growing group of experts in Washington has begun to
suspect that Iraq could be the real force behind the wave of terrorist
that has traumatised America in the 1990s.

... there is even some suspicion that Iraq could have had a
hand in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th,

The defence team of the leading suspect, Timothy McVeigh, has
been travelling extensively in the Middle East and the Philippines.

... last month, the FBI announced that it was transferring
500 agents to beef up its counter-terrorism capability. The move came just
weeks after the crash of TWA flight 800 off New York on July 17th
End quote.

Author's note - Another cover-up! Masses of witnesses
observed a missile streaking up towards the aircraft. Is there no end to the
U.S. authorities' lies and deception?

Continue quote - "...Increasingly, the question being
asked in Washington every time a bomb goes off is which of the pariah states is
guilty - Iran or Iraq? And when will it strike next?
" End quote.

Author's note - Someone reads this material and judges too
quickly. Just a moment - you have heard of the 'Time' magazine, haven't
you? They agree with the author of this book.

'Time' magazine, 1st December 1997 - "America
the Vulnerable.

Saddam Hussein's unmatched arsenal of poisons and germs can
redouble the threat to America, and the terrorists are already among us.

... In other words, yes they are in danger. Americans no
longer believe that their country is immune to terrorism as they did for decades
and they are spending big money to fight the threat - more than $400 million in
federal counterterror programs alone.

... experts insist the U.S. is essentially insecure. The
borders are porous
, the government cannot keep track of routine visa
violators, and the population is forever on the move. The U.S. is a sea into
which evildoers can dive and remain submerged.

Terrorists, like anyone else, have little difficulty
obtaining guns or the simple makings for oil-barrel truck bombs.

Now the new terror could be an even more lethal
. Germ weapons are small, cheap, easy to hide, simple to
dispense and horribly effective. They may be the treat of the near future.

Officials in Washington are deeply worried about what some of
them call "strategic crime".

It wouldn't take much. A gram of anthrax culture
contains a trillion spores
, theoretically enough for 100 million fatal
doses. The stuff can be spread into the air with backpack sprayers or even
perfume atomisers. The U.N.'s specialists say that 45 kg of anthrax bacteria
sprayed around a city of l million could kill 36,000 people within a week. And
Saddam has produced anthrax in large amounts, along with botulinum, a poison
that kills by paralysing the victim and aflatoxin, a carcinogen.

... Saddam would hardly produce such weapons if he never
intended to use them
. And when might he unleash them? He would want to
take as many enemies with him as he could,
the agency predicted.

... New York City was getting with the program last week,
trying to face up to the danger
. The city has spent millions for training
and equipment since the World Trade Center bombing, much of it provided by the
Defence Department .. Even so, some experts are unimpressed. "The New York
region", says ..... former head of security for El A1, the Israeli airline,
"is no better prepared for a terrorist attack today than it was before the
World Trade Centre bombing" ........."
End quote.

In the same month, the 'Time' magazine quoted Louis
Farrakhan, U.S. leader of the Nation of Islam speaking in Tehran. "You
can quote me God will destroy America at the hands of the Muslims
End quote.

What a nice man. And to think the Americans still allow this
gentleman to live on their soil.

'Weekly Telegraph', 6th May 1997 - "President
Clinton has scored a major foreign policy victory with the U.S. Senate's
ratification of a treaty outlawing the manufacture, storage and use of a long
list of chemical weapons.

The Chemical Weapons Convention, passed by 74 votes to 26,
also calls for existing stocks to be destroyed by 2007.

Under the convention, the U.S. is obliged to disclose in
detail its defences, equipment and techniques for countering a chemical attack
to fellow signatories

Iran arguably the U.S.'s deadliest enemy has ratified the
treaty, Iraq and even North Korea could soon sign."

Author's note - I'll bet Saddam loves this treaty.

By now, you may clearly see the reason for America not coming
to the assistance of Israel at this moment of crisis. There is an imminent
threat for Israel as they await the long predicted threat of invasion by Russia,
Iran, Libya, Turkey, Germany and others. Prophesied approximately 593 B.C.

Reprinted from 'The Devil's Jigsaw' by Barry Smith