Desert Storm 2

Desert Storm 2

Desert Storm 2

"So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the
face of the earth, and they left off to build the city. Therefore, the name of
it is called Babel." Genesis 11:8-9.

The first attempt failed and the Lord destroyed it, but this
second attempt will succeed but for a very short season i.e. three and a half
years in particular.

In a quote from the Melbourne Sun, Australia 16th May 1992,
we read a remarkable statement. It is clear that Margaret Thatcher understands
that this New World Order will be linked to the European Community which comes
to power on the 31st December 1992. She also understands the Phoenix principle.

Quote-'Margaret Thatcher yesterday launched a scathing attack
on the European Community saying it would not be strong enough to contain

... A reunited Germany can't and won't subordinate national
interests in economic or in foreign policy of the community indefinitely, she

... Mrs Thatcher drew a picture of a 30 state E. C. led from
Brussels, and with each state having the same work conditions, monetary and
interests rates, policies and foreign policy . . ."

(The next paragraph boggled even this authors mind.)

"Such an body is an even more utopian enterprise than the
. (Emphasis added).

... She called centralised bureaucracy the wrong future for
Europe . . ." End quote.

The Order to which George Bush belongs is a German secret
society which follows the philosophies of 2 great philosophers i.e. Kant and

Antony C. Sutton, in one of his books entitled 'The Order",
explains: "From this system of Hegelian philosophy comes the historical
dialectic i.e. that all historical events emerge from a conflict between
opposing forces". End quote.

The Gulf war was apparently an arranged war where both the
U.S.A. through their ambassador, April C. Glaspie, and the Soviet Union through
their ambassador, General Makashov, appeared to give conflicting advice to
Saddam Hussein. (Whilst we were on one of our U.S. lecture tours, we viewed on
t.v. the Congress questioning Ms Glaspie on the advice she gave to Iraq prior to
the Gulf war.) Taking this advice that there would probably be no outside
interference if he invaded Kuwait, meant that Saddam became a pawn in the hands
of the New World Order people, and became the unwitting catalyst that launched
the New World Order.

George Bush made this very clear in subsequent speeches where
he explained that a combined world force was the first public display of unity
under this New World Order. This was the CONFLICT that initiated the plan. This
will now help you, the reader, to understand why the U.S. did not proceed to
wipe out Saddam along with Iraq.

They brushed away the cobwebs but left the spider -Why?

Now, with this next phrase, I apologise to all patriotic

Those who fought in any way in the Gulf war, thought they
were fighting to keep the world a free place, but in actuality, they fought the
first battle under the title 'New World Order' and in doing so, have helped in

  1. collapse of the sovereignty of the U.S.A
  2. plan to create massive unemployment
  3. plan to take away individual rights as guaranteed under
    the Constitution of the United States of America.

What Saddam Hussein really did was assist the New World Order
leaders to serve a message to the whole world including Gadaffi of Libya, that
any nation who in the future might be tempted to defy the international armies
of the New World Order, would receive exactly the same ruthless treatment that
was afforded to Saddam, Hussein.

I repeat, "Why didn't they kill him?" Because they may
need Operation Desert Storm Part 2 or even an attack on Gadaffi and Libya to
boost the President's popularity just prior to the elections in November 1992.
(The media later scratched this attempt.)

Reprinted from PS (Postscript) by Barry Smith