Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Friends
I receive the 'Present Day Events' leaflets
regularly from the Christadelphians although I am not one. Most of their
information is pretty good -– but I was a bit perturbed about the comment on
the last page.

"...little hope for Christians deluded by the present
widespread false teaching about an antichrist..."

I always follow Barry Smith's writings and I thought it was
pretty clear in Revelation -– about Man of Sin, Son of Perdition, etc.

What do you think?

God bless
Kerry-Ann, Wanganui

Dear Kerry-Ann
The Christidelphians do not believe that Jesus is the son of
God - nor do they believe in Satan. One must stay close to Scripture when
dealing with these types of sects. 1 John 4:1-3: talks about testing the spirits
to see if they are of God. Any spirit that denies Jesus has come in the flesh
-– is not of God. John 1 tells us that the Word (Jesus) was made flesh and
dwelt among us. Furthermore, Jesus is the 'mono genes' or only begotten
son of the Father (the 'only one who has proceeded forth from the Father in
character and purpose). John 5:19, Isaiah 9:6 and John 18:1-8 identify this
relationship further. The whole concept of 'antichrist' becomes irrelevant
if there is no belief in the person of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

When a group or sect gain an emphasis in a certain belief, it
will often easily move into excess. (at the expense of other equally important
Scripture). Once error is accepted as doctrine, one has every right to
question/discern or judge the source of the cult or sect by Scripture.


Dear Ed
Re: True Colours - All for one... and One for all!
I greatly appreciate the boldness needed to write such an
article.  Your magazine was recommended to me by one of my deacons and has
already been an encouragement.  Lack of boldness in standing for what is
right seems to be one of the greatest maladies in the Body of Christ today. Oh,
how we must pray for the Spirit's power to fill us with courage that will enable
us to fight the enemy instead of each other in the trenches! Lord, send us
revival at any cost for we desperately need it!  A preacher from America by
the name of Bob Jones, Sr. used to comment all the time, "Do right even if
the stars fall, do right!"  Thank you again for your courage. Pastor
Mark Escalera Ipswich, England

Dear Mark
Thanks for your letter (email).
We all see through a glass darkly (1 Cor 13:12) and therefore
should be thrilled to have the Word of God and Spirit of God to work with.
Still, it's all an enigma (riddle) and we must get the foundations right to
ensure the correct establishment of the building above. One day we will know the
bigger picture -– not here. The Word of God does stop us sinning against God,
Psalm 119:11- but we must be prepared to lay down our pet topics and take the
whole book, some of which is difficult to cope with, but is truth none the less.
May we all continue to have the courage to speak out what is right -– and may
we speak Gods Word in truth and humility.

Dear Andrew (Ed)
Re/. Omega Times Dec 2002 issue, on the topic of "Family
Troubles in the EU"...1. The statement "Hungary, the Czech Republic and
Poland who have been waiting for inclusion in the EU for more than a decade"
this is not correct! Czech Republic applied for membership of EU Feb 1996!!
However, Hungary applied earlier and that could be over 10 yrs as you said. 2.
Between no 27 Bulgaria and no 28 Turkey is a white patch. Did you know that this
is also Turkey, where Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey is situated? (on the
map, page one). With Christian love, Brian Richards CHCH

Dear Brian
Thanks for your correction re/. Czech Republic. Some of the
documents I have differ on this date. Re/. The white patch on the map -– yes, I
was aware of Istanbul being in that vicinity, not quite sure why that area is
separated from Turkey on the map. Good to hear from someone who takes note of
detail (which is important) Ed