Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed,

I am concerned about the misunderstanding expressed in the
letter to the editor in this edition of the Omega Times regarding the "Jezebel
spirit" and its association with women.  It should be made clear that
evil spirits can manifest in either gender and a "Jezebel spirit" is not
confined to operating through women.

It also needs to be said that the Bible does not say that all
women are in subjection to all men (whether they wear a veil or not). Men are
not superior to women and are not to dominate them or try and "control" them
or anyone else.  This in fact is one of the manifestations of a Jezebel
spirit and has operated through many men for centuries.  Taking one piece
of scripture and using it out of context with the rest is not balanced. Please
be warned about the error of doing this as it leads to deception.  The
Bible does say that a woman should reverence her own husband (Ephesians 5:22-33,
Colossians 3:18-19. 1 Peter 3:1-2), and that a husband should love his wife as Christ
does the Church.

All believers in the Lord Jesus are in subjection to Him and
authority that He places over us in the form of law enforcers, pastors and the
like (1 Peter 2:13-18, 1 Peter 5:5-7, James 4:7).

If readers obtain a good Study Bible such as The Nelson Study
Bible in the New King James Version for example, they will get a good
understanding of teachers/teaching as presented in the commentary on 1 Timothy 2:8-15
for example as well as the Corinthians passage.

In all these types of discussions I believe it is important
to remember that our call in Christ is to love one another and show this love to
unbelievers.  The Lord will use whoever He wants to accomplish His purposes
provided that person has a willing heart, regardless of their gender, e.g.
Deborah, Miriam, Ruth, Rahab to name a few.

This whole business of men trying to subdue women has got to
end.  We are all called as the Body of Christ to love one another. 
LOVE IS THE GOAL together with OBEDIENCE to Christ Jesus to the individual calls
He has given each of His brothers and sisters.  The enemy has used these
kinds of arguments to keep the Body of Christ going round the mountain for
years.  Let's "press onward towards the goal" and get on with what we
are called to do "submitting to one another in the fear of God" Ephesians 5:21,
Love in Jesus Natalie.


Dear Natalie

I very much agree with most of what you say. I know men who I
am sure got married so that they could dominate at least one other person. This
scenario often represents a major insecurity in the role of leadership -– and
includes attitudes like 'I must control at any cost -– otherwise I may be
seen as weak'. Yes -– I feel sorry for a good number of women who are married
to these tyrants.

Re/. Jezebel spirit: Over the years I have heard so many
interpretations about this Jezebel spirit -– it can get so spiritually tangled
that it becomes confusing and I end up wondering what the point of the
discussion was in the first place. Midrashically, (types and allegories which
help us interpret future events), Jezebel was a 'bad girl'. In
reality (1&2 Kings) she was the wife of King Ahab -– and brought in to
Israel all sorts of practises which were foreign to Israel's faith in 'the
one true God' - she was into idolatry. So a Jezebel spirit relates to
idolatry. In the real story she has a strong influence over her husband -–
there is an inference of control, as he allowed her to do whatever she pleased
(even things against God); so a jezebel spirit has to do with
control/manipulation. She also stood in opposition to the man of God -– Elijah,
and it is clear that the real Jezebel had problems with 'authority'. In
Revelation 2:20, the bad girl appears in reference to the Church at Thyatira -–
again, in the context of a 'woman -– Jezebel', still up to her old tricks,
seducing and causing people to fall into fornication and idolatry. The Church is
called the bride of Christ, - and prostitutes are the antithesis of a pure
bride. Therefore in this respect, Jezebel refers to a church continuing in sin
and idolatry. The Jezebel image is far from what the bride of Christ should look
like - and represents a church which goes a whoring after 'other gods', and
encouraging others to do so also. We see plenty of examples of this spirit alive
and well today, just as the Scriptures said we would in the last days.


Dear Ed
Re: God's representatives - not particularly Godly.

When one considers who appoints the Archbishop of Canterbury
it should come as no surprise that Dr Williams landed the top job. The one
person responsible for his elevation is none other than that fine, upstanding
and devout Christian man Mr Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. (Tony to his friends)

Tony Briers


Dear Tony

Very interesting -– it's not what you know (or what you think
you know), but who you know.

The world church system is a 'prostitute' system. Having
mixed many 'god's and the doctrines of men together, in the Name of the one
true God'.

The waters begin to get very murky when one tries to 'reform'
from within such a corrupted system -– rather than make a clean cut break,
declaring oneself a follower of Christ as opposed to an adherent to a
denomination. I have been thrilled to see some good fruit from the Alpha
programmes -– but know that somewhere along the line all people need to
acknowledge "There is one God, and one mediator between God and men -– the
man Christ Jesus 1 Timothy 2:5. Such an acknowledgement will carry with it the
mandate to make a very clear stand on allegiance to God -– and not the
traditions of men.


Dear Ed

Re/. China-The Sleeping Giant (October edition OT)

I believe that China's interest in the South Pacific goes
deeper than economics as we see from the following article. "China, Tonga Vow
to Further Military Ties.

Chinese Defence Minister Chi Haotian said here Tuesday that
China wishes to work with Tonga to further promote bilateral military relations.
In a meeting with Tau'aika Uta'atu, commander of the National Army of Tonga, Chi
said that the bilateral ties, including the military relationship, have been
developing smoothly, adding that China is satisfied with the development status.

Chi, who is also vice chairman of the Central Military
Commission and a state councillor, said that the two countries have maintained
frequent high-level visits and the mutually-beneficial cooperation has been
further expanded in recent years. Chi expressed his appreciation to the Tongan
government for its adherence to the one-China position on the Taiwan issue. He
also briefed the guest on China's foreign and defence policies and its economic
developments. Uta'atu said that the relations between the two countries and
their militaries have continued to develop since the establishment of diplomatic
relations in 1998. He said that the high-level visits between the two sides have
further enhanced their friendly cooperation. Uta'atu stressed that his country
is willing to join efforts with China to keep the peace and stability in the
Pacific region."

Dear friend

We'll keep watching this one. It's not as if China needs
the Kingdom of Tonga for military training purposes -– and if strategic defence
is the purpose for cooperation from the Asian perspective, one wonders what
plans they have for the Pacific in the future.