Britannia rules the waves

Britannia rules the waves

Britannia rules the waves - Part 1

Or so the words of the old song tells us!

It's simply not so you know. Great Britain, as it has been
known for many years now, is finished -– all washed up. The catch-words used in
this case are Devolution in Great Britain.

So new is the word devolution that is it is not even listed
in Webster's new World Dictionary. It simply means that both Scotland and
Wales have decided to go their own ways and run their own affairs. This also
means that poor England has been left out in the cold by herself.

It is not without significance that all around that world
today, many of the ethnic groups within certain countries are striving for
independence. As the prophecies tell us, that at a certain time in history.

"Ethnos Will Fight
Against Ethnos"
(Ethnic versus ethnic)

Great Britain it appears is no longer the odd man out, or the
exception to the rule. Already, Scotland has voted for a separate form of
government as also has Wales.

Please take careful note of the following media article.

'Sunday Telegraph', 14th September 1997 -– "Scots
vote accords with Brussels master plan.

There was even more rejoicing in Brussels than in Glasgow
over Scotland's devolution vote...

Both Scotland and Wales are already ear-marked on commission
maps as Euro-regions, while England is broken up into 8 regions, Northern,
North-Eastern and North-Western, East and West Midlands, East Anglia, South East
and South West. The next step in the
master plan after Wales votes
for its assembly will be unveiled in the autumn...

The intention is that these will build up their own direct
relationship with Brussels, fuelled by lavish handouts given to each region
(indeed, the regions already have offices in Brussels for this purpose.) In due
course, these will also be given elected assemblies, and the break-up of the
United Kingdom will be almost complete. The idea is that the more Europe can be
split up in this way the more obvious will became the need to run centrally
those services which the regions are too small to run on their own -– common
defence and security forces, a common judicial (law) system, and the rest, not
forgetting that common currency.

Of course, when one puts all this in a newspaper, one risks
being accused of paranoid xenophobia, but then the vocabulary of abuse of our
Europhile friends, when one catches them out in what they are really up to, has
allays been strangely limited..."
End quote.

Author's note -– there is no doubt that this break-up of
Great Britain will also extend to squabbling over lakes, rivers and boundaries
etc, and whilst this is going on, the World Government people will further their
plans in the taking over of the independence and sovereignty of every country on

Prime Minister Tony

Blair, and Iraq 

Let me state at the very outset, I like Tony Blair. In a
world of obviously unqualified, and in many cases, unsuitable leadership, it is
a joy to see an enthusiastic, smiling face whenever he appears on the T.V.

By now it is clear that all the politicians world-wide are
only just now beginning to realise that theirs is a very precarious job.

Obey U.N charters and the dictates of such groups as the OECD
along with your national big business advisors and you remain in your position.

Try and run the country your way and you are down the road

Before that last British election, we read in the British
press -– "Blair immortalised.

Britain opposition leader, Tony Blair, is to be immortalised
as a rough, tough comic strip character who never looses his trade mark toothy
grin, according to the Daily Telegraph. The newspaper said the Labour leader
odds on with British bookies to win the next general election, is to star in a
one-off strip in the 20th anniversary issue 2000 A.D., whose biggest
star is the violent Judge Dread".
End quote 

Hello, hello, hello, Tony has been to New Zealand 

It is for this reason that it is reasonably simple for this
Kiwi author to set out the future of England without any 'could/bes' or 'might-bes'..... 

What Tony Learned From Down Under 

This article from the British press in 1997 was presented by
the President of the Adam Smith Institute. "....we are only days into a
Blair administration but a pattern is beginning to emerge."
Break quote.

Author's note -– Of course it is. Anybody who copies
the proto-type will of necessity follow a pattern.

Continue quote -– "Tony Blair and many of his key
associates... have visited Australia and New Zealand have liked the good part of
what they saw.

We are beginning to see the first fruits of those visits. New
Labour finds its inspiration not in the roots of the party's history in
Britian, but from what has happened on the other side of the world.

....New Zealand did a blitzkrieg. Australia at a more
measured pace. ....our new Prime Minister has taken due note of their success.
....I do not want to spoil the party by reminding Mr Blair, that neither of
those Labour Governments managed to stay in office. He can console himself with
the thought that their reforms have been accepted by their opponents and will
not be reversed..."
End quote

Author's note -– why is this? IMF conditions of course.
There is no longer any choice in the matter. 

Tony's Reforms 

He has a massive job on his hands and it has to be done in
such a manner that the electorate is not quite sure what you are doing until you've
done it.

  1. Take farm subsidies away
  2. Divide British Post into three divisions: 1. Banking, 2.
    Postal, 3. Telecom.
  3. Completely destroy collective bargaining and Unionism.
    Industrial reform.
  4. Bring in the concept of workers all signing personal
  5. Cut back viciously on welfare.
  6. Tax reform. Bring in more money.
  7. Stop funding education and health. Hospitals must go
    private. Schools make their own money and hire and fire teachers.
  8. Sell out Great Britain little by little to overseas
  9. Introduce secret agendas such as MAI.
  10. Split up and sell up British Rail (BR).
  11. Privatise and sell up the London Underground 

His Promises 

It was very interesting to be in Great Britain when Mr Blair
made his initial speech. He had just been made Prime Minister and was glowing
with enthusiasm, he projected tremendous excitement.

'Daily Telegraph', 1st October 1997 -– "Mr
Blair said the election of Labour had changed the Nations whole mood. He
recalled driving from his home to Buckingham Palace...." The drive was so
different.... People watching our journey on TV came pouring out of the
doorways, waving and clapping and shouting.

They were liberated" Break quote.

Author's note -– Oh dear -– I smell terrible
discouragement ahead.

Continue Quote -– "He pledged "The money will be
there. I promise you that. This year, every year. I will never countenance an
NHS (National Health Service) that departs from its fundamental principle of
health care based on need, not wealth."
Break quote. 


Author's note -– I sit at my desk smiling quietly to
myself. A story was told some years ago, of a brand-–new politician in Africa,
making his initial speech.

Polit -– " I pledge to you that I will increase everybody's
The crowd roared -– "Oomdala."
Polit -– "Housewives will receive the benefit."
Crowd -– "Oomdala."
Polit -– "Free education for all children."
Crowd -– "Oomdala."
Polit -– "Shorter working hours."
Crowd -– "Oomdala."

Just as the political meeting was concluding a passing
rubbish truck went over a bump in the road and spilt some of its load. A smelly,
green nauseating pile of rubbish.

An old African man passing by at that moment with his teenage
son was heard to shout a warning, "Be careful son. Don't step in the

Continue quote -– "He implored everyone to join his
quest for a new society.

...But the Prime Minister was not asking everyone to change
without changing itself. He hoped that within five years, a quarter of
dealings with Government could be done by a member of public,
through television, telephone or computer..." End quote.

Authors note -– this is the first veiled hint that National
Government power is to be gradually passed out. This will make way for
international Government or New World order.

Taken from "The Devil's Jigsaw" written in 1998 by
Barry Smith