Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters too the Editor

Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Something big is in the offing (Omega Times
February 2003). Fly the flag high Jack red white & blue.  Where on
earth are you coming from?  Either you have your head buried in the sand or
too blind to accept the truth.  America is colonising whether you like it
or not under the guise of dealing with terrorism.  America was not the only
one fighting that war against Nazis or Japan - don't kid yourself or

I am SHOCKED at the lack of truth in your article! Bush and
his men have no desire for peace or care for human life very much in the same
vein as Saddam Hussein. America has been sowing the seed of destruction
throughout the world under the pretence of aiding other countries. 

We see the results now.  Yet the leaders don't want to
learn from history.  Europe stands today not because of the US but also all
the other British and European lives  that were given for freedom. There is
no freedom in the US under the Patriot Act this is now become a regime ruled by
a shrewd dictatorship.  A far cry from the freedom the founding fathers

Don't knock the actors and other voices who have the guts to
stand up to Bush and say 'You are so wrong' .  No one else in this country
has stood up and been counted! You talk about profiteering by other countries
and yet are not willing to accept or see the depth of perversion the USA has
gone to over these last 50 years in 'supporting' corrupt regimes and in cases
overthrowing regimes that did not support the US line. It's a known fact that a
country that does not support the US will suffer - the US dictates to many

Yet here in the US there are numerous piles of WMD which will
never come under any scrutiny.  What right has the US for the WMD
considering there is a equal madman at the helm. So let's use God's Word
appropriately and not take out of context to support villianous acts of
agression. Red


Dear Red

Thanks for your comments. I think Jack raises some very valid
points -– obviously from one side of the issue. The USA is the pre-eminant
super power at this time...the US$ speaks and everyone listens...

The good guys -– bad guys scenario does not quite sit right
against a backdrop of evil acts and abuses of power in both camps.

I watched a documentary this week which provided a
fascinating overview of the Iraq/Iran war of the 80's. The American Govt
actually encouraged Iraq to attack and destabilise the vehementally
anti-American Iranian leader the Ayatollah Khamenei -– unofficially sanctioning
a savage war which cost over 1 million lives. At the same time, secret arms
deals from the US supplied munitions and weaponary to Iran. At a critical
point, when Iran had the upper hand and appeared to be advancing to possible
victory, America (and the rest of the West) sat back and watched as Iraq
mobilsed and utilised weapons of mass destruction (pictures of the horrors of
chemical warfare were absolutely shocking) against innocent civilians as well as
the Iranian forces.

Ironically, today (17.03.03) is the 15th aniversary of the
Halabja chemical massacre of over 5000 Kurds -– with 10,000 injured, and untold
stories of congenital birth defects occurring ever since... America and the
world sat watching -– almost indifferent, to what has become known as the 'plight
of the Kurds'. To stand up now and say 'We must disarm Saddam before he
hurts someone' is rather hypocritical.

Munitions and weapons are the biggest of all American
industries -– the American Govt has made an awful lot of blood money.

In the bigger picture -– I believe prophecy is being
fulfilled, and America must be 'brought down'. The New World Order power
groups are calling the shots and President Bush obeys. Ed. 

Dear Ed

Re 'Pilgrims' vs 'Kings and Priests' in OT February
2003 (Palestinians, Islam & Israel)

Thanks for yet another informative, entertaining and
uplifting edition of Omega Times. We usually resist your rather naughty attempts
at drawing readers into polemics (not because we lack the courage of our
convictions, but because we know that somebody else out there thinks like us
anyway and will express our point of view), but this time you've really
triggered a nerve!

The kingdom-dominion heresy that has led and will,
unfortunately, continue to lead so many of the elect astray is, of course, akin
to the Gnostic teaching that Jesus never came in the flesh -– a
doctrine that is so sternly rebuked in the scriptures (eg 1 John 4:1-6). Now the
same antichrist spirit is saying that Jesus will not return
in the flesh, but will rule vicariously through his Church that will be headed
by a select bunch who call themselves "the Apostles and Prophets".

Not all the 'Kings and Priests' people realise that this
is the fallacy that undergirds their theory (and that is what is so cleverly
pernicious and sneaky about it), because many of them protest that they do
believe Jesus is returning in the flesh, but if they care to research where the
teaching originated from, the many sincere, genuine ones among them will clearly
see that it is the basis and logical conclusion of their belief. It is the
backdoor into ecumenism, one-world government and ultimately perdition for
misled Christians. A good place to start looking for further information is the
website of the Cross & Word (www.banner.org.uk -– click on the front door,
then on the bookshelf to the right (Articles), then on Dominion Teachings and
finally on Ten Reasons to Reject Kingdom-Dominion Teachings by Tricia Tillin).

Also on this site and very illuminating with regard to
current heresy in the Church (some big names mentioned!!!) is Tricia Tillin's
Doctrine of Demons Parts 1 to 11 plus the appendices (check here to see if your
church or organisation is a signatory to the Lausanne Convention -– a key
ecumenical, apostate, whore-of-Babylon, document). To get to the crux of the
matter, go to Articles, as indicated above, then click on Globalism and then
scroll down to and click on The Global Network (Parts One and Two). You'll be
amazed, I can guarantee. Most of what we traditionally view as safe,
Bible-believing Christendom is in fact firmly and inextricably in the antichrist's
spider web.

If Jesus took the trouble to say that even the elect would be
deceived, I believe he wants us to sit up and think carefully. The deception at
issue here is not easy to spot, since even the elect get sucked in! So we mustn't
be offended if our favourite 'faith heroes' are into it. We just need to do
a U-turn and get out while the going is good (while we still have the love of
the Truth in us, because when that goes, everything goes -– 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12).

One of the many things we loved so much about Barry was that
he was definitely a 'pilgrim'. He's arrived at the destination of his
pilgrimage. May we all, like him, fight to the end and overcome. Gilles &
Margaret Kaboha Dumbea, New Caledonia


Dear Gilles & Margaret

Thank you for your letter - I appreciate you writing. The web
addresses are most helpful in gaining an insight into the false teaching of
Dominionists and other 'winds of doctrine'. I, like yourselves believe that
the whole kingdom-now dominion teaching is based on a faulty foundation, and
will continue to deceive many...Gnosticism being the chief or most dangerous of
heresies. I also agree that many 'Kings and Priest' people have no idea they
are being mislead, such is the nature of deception.

We will begin looking into deceptions as 'signs of Jesus
return' in the near future. Ed.

Dear Ed

Re: The sanctity of life is a flip-flop on both wings. How
apalling that in America one has to go to jail to get a good place to sleep, 3
meals a day and the best medical care.  Sadly, things are heading that way
in the U.K. also, especially the latter point. Peggy


Dear Peggy

Interesting isn't it. Garth George states in his article
that this is an issue which is occuring everywhere ('left versus the right -–
who are at odds wherever they are').

NZ is experiencing the same dynamics mentioned,
disproportionate representation of the 'have nots' in our Correction
facilities. I have heard a number of inmates say that they do not want to leave
prison -– because its the best life they've had. This is not to say that
prison is a nice place to be, it most certainly is not in this country. Many
people in our society have no idea whatsoever what they are talking about
when they make comments about jailbirds having a good life inside. The
prevailing Western attitude is to 'lock them up -– out of sight, don't let
me hear anything more about them, and increase the sentences if you can.' In
short -– they are an offensive subject in our societies and so it is
better to create images like 'They love it in there -– suits their natures...'
than face social responsibility. I believe Christians need to find the
heart of God on this matter. Many believers seem to have forgotten the example
of our master, who championed the poor and oppressed. He called them to
repentance, challenged their sin, did not shift accountability -– but he showed
mercy and love, and taught them 'a new way of living'. Rehabilitation
largely does not exist in our corrections systems, and we wonder why people don't

Yes, it is appalling to think that some people have to go to
jail to find a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and ironically -– some
security...all of the things they should have received at home. This is not a
cop-out statement, it is a reality which needs to be acknowledged and addressed.
Everyday fresh inmates are being created in our society -– people who are no
different from you and I.

Matthew 25:31-46 reveals God's heart on this matter.