Living in dangerous times

Living in dangerous times

Living in dangerous times

We live in dangerous times, with a darkening world situation
and the increasing likelihood of a war against Iraq led by the US and Britain,
that most people don't want.

  The fact is that we can only see some of the possible
outcomes of a war, and there are many unknown things that could happen if there
was war. There may be an increase of terrorism as a result, rather than a
reduction if the extreme Moslem groups feel that it is the Moslem religion that
is being attacked. Some Middle East and Moslem nations could become unstable. A
war may destroy a lot of the oil field production of Iraq, and lead to at least
short term economic problems in a world that is dependent on oil. The world
economy could go into a downward spin, especially as it has been vulnerable

  How can we live as Christians in times such as this?
Are our hearts going to be filled with fear for what the world is facing? No! We
have to trust God that the work of his Spirit in us is greater than the work of

  The Bible says that we should expect troubles in the
world. But Jesus cautions us to not get tied up with enjoying the things of the
world, or being worried about our life. He says, "Be on watch and pray
always that you will have the strength to go safely through all those things
that will happen, and to stand before the Son of God."
[Luke 21:36]

  Even in dangerous times, we need to do what God has
called us to do. The dangers around us reinforce the truth that we are not here
to follow the ways of the world, but to follow Jesus Christ, and do God's will
in everything. The world seems intent on doing what is evil. Our task as
Christians is to not get diverted from God's will, but to be even more intent
on doing what is right, believing what is true, and treating other people with

  We are called to be peacemakers. "Happy are those
who work for peace: God will call them his children"
, Jesus told us. To be
a peacemaker is to understand those on each side of a conflict, and to work to
maintain or restore relationships. Real restoration of relationships has to
include being at peace with God--which includes overcoming what is evil and
promoting what is good.

  We are called to love--even our enemies. Love has to
be our motivation when we relate to the Moslem community in NZ. We have an
opportunity to talk to Moslem people and express how God loves them also, and
that we love them and are not opposed to them, even if we disagree with their
teaching. We can talk with them about their beliefs in a non-judgmental way.

  We are also called to pray. We can pray for the
situation in Iraq. We can pray for wisdom for President George Bush, and for
Prime Minister Tony Blair, and other leaders involved. We can pray that there
will be a way of avoiding a war that would obviously kill or harm many innocent
Iraqi's. We can pray against terrorism.

Brian Brandon is the editor of Vision Net