Skull and Bones club

Skull and Bones club

Skull and Bones club - Bush and... Hitler?

Why would the President of the US belong to a secret
organisation out of Yale University -– a society inspired by the German
Brotherhood of Death group which included members like Adolf Hitler?

Some people say it's just a bit of harmless fun. I'm not
so sure about that. 'Bonesmen' swear to assist one another to advance in
their professional endeavours, and some commentators are suggesting that 'this
type of assistance' is the only reason Bush is the President of the USA today.

George Dubya is not the first Bush to belong to this 'powerful
order' -– and membership is for life. His father George Bush Snr was a member
as was grandfather Prescott Bush. Interestingly, Prescott was implicated in a
documented Nazi funding scandal (involving the Union Banking Corporation).

Prescott is also apparently well-known amongst 'Bonesmen'
for his involvement in a raid on the grave of Apache leader Geronimo - Geronimo's
skull was stolen.

International Express 18.02.03 "Dubya frequently says he's
just an ordinary guy from the South, a mediocre student who got where he is of
his own accord but he belongs to an elitist secret society, a dark club that
exists to put members into positions of power. It turns on its head the image
America propagates of itself as the ultimate meritocratic civilisation."

The 2004 Presidential elections will see George W Bush
standing against a fellow Bonesman, John Carrey in the Presidential elections.

Many people ask how a professing Christian like George Bush
can belong to a secret society. I am not able to make a judgement on behalf of
God, but I can say that I have witnessed on numerous occasions, members of such
organisations 'set free' from the deception which blinds them,
hindering them from seeing the Luciferian connections they are involved with. It
is deception which stops members from admitting involvement in the occult.

Scripture declares that we should let our "yea be yea and
our nay be nay" -– and not get involved in binding pledges and oaths beyond
this "for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil" Matthew 5:33-37.

He that doeth righteousness will walk in the light -– not
the darkness. Secrets and darkness go hand in hand, as do truth and light,
bringing transparency and freedom.

A report in the Iranian Conservative Daily is claiming
there are similarities between 'America and Nazi Germany'.

"There is a great resemblance between the behaviour of
today's Americans
and the behaviour of the Nazis...The language of the U.S. president resembles
the language of Hitler. This boasting of the strength of the Western powers has
become so embarrassing that the president of a country who brags of [his
support] for human rights and freedom talks with the people of the world in the
language of Hitler..."

"There is a great resemblance between the behaviour of
today's Americans and the behaviour of the Nazis then: terrorizing other
countries, seeking to rule over [them], intervening aerially [by bombing], and
making a mockery of all the international rules and treaties."

"The Nazis of that time talked of the need to change
Europe's political geography, of the need to topple some of the 'unnecessary'
regimes (Poland, Czechoslovakia) of terrorizing Europe with the Nazi movement,
and of shaping Europe in accordance with the caprices of the Germans."

"The same dangerous phenomenon appears today, fully,
under the heading of 'the new world order,' in the form of a unilateral American
struggle to topple a number of governments (Afghanistan, Iraq), to terrorize the
Middle East through the Zionist [movement], and to create conditions that will
secure American aspirations in the region..."

I do not believe such comparisons should or can be drawn
between America and the Nazi's. It's ridiculous as the situations are
completely different. Propaganda will flow freely over the coming months, and it
will be the role of the hearer to maintain a sense of balance and reality amidst
media reports.