From the editor

From the editor

From the Editor

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

Dear Friends

This month has brought changes to the Omega Times and the
Barry Smith Family Evangelism Trust, inevitable changes following Barry's
death ten months ago.

I would like to convey my deep appreciation to Keith and
Angela Jones who have faithfully served my parents, Barry & May with the
running of our ministry office for over thirteen years. We pray the blessing of
God be with you both as you continue your work for the Kingdom.

I have been asked numerous times where my mother May lives
and what she is doing. She lives next to us and spends a lot of time with her
grandchildren, and in her garden. After so many years of ministry life on the
road, she is enjoying her plants and numerous pets, including a dog, cat,
chickens, birds and a goldfish. Obviously, learning to live without Barry (a
wonderful husband of 40 years) has been a difficult challenge, and we have
appreciated so much, the prayers and words of comfort conveyed by so many people
from all over the world. The work continues, people are still being challenged
to get to know God through the Barry Smith books and video's, and of course
the work of the Omega Times.

It is a real joy for me to have Andrew Watson assisting me
with the editing of the Omega Times paper (starting this month). It has been
quite a task putting the paper together in the short time available each month,
so Andrew's input is really appreciated.

Paul Jones continues with the layout of the paper, and
servicing our online edition -– many thanks Paul for allowing your incredible
gifts to be used in this way.

Remember Jesus words "It is the spirit that quickeneth; the
words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life." John 6:63

"Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

The Lord bless you this month!

Andrew E Smith

PS. In this edition of the Omega Times, Mike Story's
article on the impossibility of evolution (page 10) is mind blowing.
Please take your time, get out a highlighter and notepad, and digest the
material. God is wonderful!