Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed

An important point that Jesus made, and authors in the New
Testament emphasised, was to beware of deception.

How do we determine the truth? According to the Word of God
-– "Thy Word is truth" John 17:17. The Bible is its own best interpreter
-– various verses explain others and light is shed on difficult passages. It is
important to look at different interpretations of prophecy and compare them to
God's word -– only then will the truth shine brightly and errors will soon be
exposed. One important point needs to be made with reference to Israel. In God's
Word, there are two Israel's.

1. There is an Israel according to the flesh (Romans 9:3)

2. There is an Israel according to the Spirit - composed of
both Jews and Gentiles who have personal faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 9:8)

A certain group of Jews spoke to Jesus saying, "Abraham is
our father", Jesus responded that they were not "Israelites" (of the
Spirit) "If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham"
John 8:39. Jesus was talking to people who claimed to be Israelites, the
children of Abraham. Yet they were only the Israel of the flesh. They were not
really Abraham's children at all because they had no faith and were following
lies, so their lineage went back to Satan the father of lies. John 8:41-47

Murray Hamilton, Morrinsville


Dear Murray

I appreciate what you're saying up to your summation of
Romans 9:8, and then your comment around the John 8 passage "They (the
Israelites Jesus was talking to -– Ed's note) were not really Abrahams
children at all because they had no faith...". In John 8:37, Jesus states "I
know that ye are Abrahams seed, but you seek to kill me because my word has no
place in you." He then challenges them "If ye were Abraham's children, ye
would do the works of Abraham...". He does not say -– "You are not Abraham's
children" because He would be contradicting His Word and many subsequent

What you appear to me to be saying, is very much along the
lines of 2nd/3rd Century replacement theology as taught in
many seminaries today. I totally disagree with the teaching that the 'CHURCH'
has replaced 'ISRAEL' spiritually speaking. God cannot contradict Himself
and He has made too many promises to His chosen people Israel, who He has a
special plan for in the last days.

Derek Prince has some good teaching on this topic. In a
little sermon booklet "Israel in the headlines" he says, "I have gone
through all the places in the New Testament where the word 'Israel' or 'Israelite'
is used. I have gone through each one individually and I can show you that out
of 76 places, there are only two where it could possibly be understood that
Israel means the church.... Take a look at the places where the Bible says 'God
gave His Oath'. He not merely spoke, but He gave His oath that He would give
the land of Israel to the people of Israel for an everlasting possession by an
everlasting covenant. How many places do you think there are in the Bible where
it says that? There are 46 places in the Bible where it says God gave His oath
to give that land. Not only that, it always specifies exactly what the land is,
to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for an everlasting possession by
an everlasting covenant."

Replacement theology is not only anti-Semitic at its very
root, it stands in opposition to God's promises to His chosen people. I cannot
sit in silence on this topic. Ed

Dear Ed

Your story on "Skull and Bones Club". Why would the
President of the United States belong to a secret organisation? Do you have
evidence that he still does? I've been following President Bush for about 4
years and can say that he is a born again Christian. So you shouldn't be
bringing up his past before he got saved, unless you have evidence that he is
still in that organisation. Also the first letter to the editor in the March
edition is very anti America, and I disagree with it, sounds like it was written
by a Communist or a Green. If it wasn't for America, New Zealand and Australia
would have been invaded by Japan during the War. As a Christian I am Pro-America
and Pro the Bush administration. America is a great nation and the world seems
to be turning against her, as it's against Israel.

John Smallholme, Blenheim


Dear John

I agree with your comment that 'The world seems to be
turning against America'. It most certainly seems that way from NZ at least.
In my opinion, sensationalism and negative commentaries around the concept of
'a capitalist crusade' into other countries, is being under girded by
jealousy and greed. It is a very different context however, to the decades-old
international hostile treatment of Israel, and the two issues should be kept
separate. In both cases the media are playing the manipulation propaganda game:
although the US rejection of UN restrictions has incensed many. As usual, there
are plenty of opinions, but if one questions any deeper, it becomes evident that
most opinions, around George Bush and America, are only 'media surface deep.'

The ill feeling toward Israel is 'hatred without a cause'.
It is spiritual.

With regard to George Jnr being a member of the Skull and
Bones Club, there is no question around this. As to whether or not he has
renounced his membership since his 'conversion', I have not seen any
evidence supporting this. As with any other person, 'by their fruit you will
know them'. Matthew 12:33-35. Tony Blair is also a 'Christian' -–
regardless of the fact that his stance on abortion is anti-Bible, he supports
legislation promoting homosexuality and practises new age activities. I
personally pray for both leaders -– that they may know God, and follow wisdom
from above. Ed

Dear Ed

About two years ago I purchased a book "Ark of the Covenant"
by Jonathan Gray. After reading nearly 600 pages, finding that it was based on
'theory and supposition' and to my dismay, no positive proof was provided.
This sort of theory has been going on to centuries, lies and misrepresentation
of what the scriptures are saying. This is what I discovered reading from the
Living Bible, Jeremiah 3-16 "Then when your land is once more filled with
people, says the Lord, you will no longer wish for the 'good old days of long
ago' when you possessed the Ark of God's Covenant. Those days will not be missed
or even thought about, and the Ark will not be reconstructed" King James
"And it will come to pass when ye be multiplied and increased in the land. In
those days, said the Lord; They shall say no more, the Ark of the Covenant of
the Lord, neither shall it come to mind, neither shall they remember it, neither
shall they visit it, neither shall that be done anymore."

My point being, if Gray had read and understood what he read,
he would not have searched all over the Middle East for that which does not

I am shocked by statements of Christian believers from
the sects. It is difficult to get any of the above into a deeper study of what
the Bible really says. We recently met some Jewish Christians from Israel, when
questioned Re/. Ark of the Covenant, they agreed with the Bible. They, the Jews,
do not bother about it. They preferred the New American Version.

5th March 2003 when watching the news a leading
Catholic Bishop made this statement, "we are talking and working to a closer
relationship with Islam", New World Church. How close??

I now know why the 144,000 of Israel will preach the final
message. It will be a consistent message. No variations. Fred Andrews
Perth W.A.


Dear Fred

Very interesting passage! I've heard all sorts of theories
around the ark of the covenant. The ark represented the presence of God -– and
was central to the children of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness. The
presence of God is central to the believers sojourn in the wilderness of life
today, through the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. Symbolic representations
are not required when the reality is present.

The Universal Church is described as a harlot church in
Scripture, for obvious reasons. More about this soon. Ed

The following two letters to the editor addressed the same

Dear Ed

In answer to a statement in a letter written by Gillies and
Margaret Kaboha (Omega Times, March 2003), in which there was an
incorrect quotation of a scripture. Quote: If Jesus took the trouble to say that
even the elect would be deceived etc. and the deception at issue here is not
easy to spot, since even the elect get sucked in, End quote. No, they don't.
The scriptures here are in Matthew 24:22-24, where Jesus was speaking of
the end times. "And except those days should be shortened, there should no
flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days SHALL be shortened. :23 Then
if any man (anyone) say to you Lo, here is Christ or there (is Christ) believe
it not. :24 For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall
show great signs and wonders: insomuch that IF it WERE possible they shall
deceive the very elect". IF is the key word here. Jesus was saying, IF it WERE
possible but, it is NOT possible for the VERY ELECT. So, WHO are the very elect?
The Greek word for elect here is the same as the word, chosen, in the scripture
in Matthew 20:16 "Many are called but few are chosen". EKLEKTOS meaning:
laid out, choice or chosen. Oxford dictionary definition: Chosen, choose 1;
select out of a greater number. 2; The right of choosing. 3; A variety from
which to choose. 4; A person or thing chosen.

Who does the choosing of the elect? The Lord of course! There
is an elect that will never be deceived. The VERY elect? What's the difference
between elect and VERY elect? I see Christians everywhere being drawn into
strange teaching, the next of which, will probably be, I'm alright, I'm one
of the very elect! Oh dear!! Doreen Langsford, Warkworth

Dear Ed

...they spoke on the "Kingdom Dominion" heresy, and
toward the end of their letter said, "If Jesus took the trouble to say that
even the elect would be deceived...." I just wanted to point out that Jesus
didn't say that. This is what he said, "For there shall arise false
Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch
if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."
(Matthew 24:24)

Our doctrine and theology is wrong when we put words in Jesus'
mouth or take them out. And the flavour of our brethren's letter suggested to
me, they were confused on the Sovereignty of God, election of the Saints, and
the Holy Spirit's work in a believer's heart, (born again Christians). We
are saved by Grace, through Faith, not by works, so no man can boast. The
analogy that we are drowning and Jesus throws us a Lifeline (that we can choose
to use) is wrong doctrine. The correct analogy is that we were dead, drowned,
lying on the bottom of the ocean with no hope, and God, in His great Love and
Mercy, came and dragged us up from the depths and breathed life into us. Saved
us. All His work, we did not help or choose. Jesus said, "if it were possible"
to fool the elect The Holy Spirit knows the truth, and God the Holy Spirit
cannot be deceived. Yes, men can be fooled, but not God. And God in the believer's
heart will never leave nor forsake us. We are His, and He won't let us go. The
elect won't be deceived by the lying signs and wonders.

By God's grace alone, your brother in Christ Jesus, Leon F.
Sinsabaugh Cuddebackville, NY


Dear Doreen and Leon

Thanks for your letters and comments around the Matthew 24
passage. The word of God is such an encouragement... truly the Lord is not
willing that any should perish. One of my favourite passages is John 10:27-30
"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me. And I give unto
them eternal life and they shall never perish neither shall any man pluck them
out of my hand. My Father which gave them me is greater than all; and no man is
able to pluck them out of my Fathers hand. I and my Father are one."
Beautiful. We will be looking at the nature of deception in due course. Satan
masquerades as an angel of light - and has quite a success rate. Ed

Dear Ed

...As a Pentecostal spirit filled Christian, I am always
looking for clues of that ALL IMPORTANT Peace Treaty between Israel and all
the Arab nations. I heard your father speak numerous times at Northside
Christian church. I was watching TV documentaries late one Saturday night on ABC
on 8 June 2001. The two shows were "The Mystery of Queen Nephritis Tomb" and
"Quest for the Lost Civilisation". This last show claims the Mayans
understood constellations, but what struck a cord with me was the statement
based on astronomical calculations from the pyramids world wide that they had
mathematically calculated the end of the age. THEY CITED END OF AGE AS BEING 23
December 2012...

End of age 23 December 2012 -– years of tribulation (7
years) 23.12.2005

Possible signing of peace treaty 23 December 2005 + 3½ years

Rapture of the Church 25.06.2009

Coming of Christ for 1000 year reign of peace upon the earth

We will have to wait and watch... Ann Smith QLD Australia


Dear Ann

Thanks -– fascinating days to be watching and listening.
Whilst the Scriptures are our only authority, we certainly gain interesting
as you say, from keeping and eye on what's going on around us. I
have numerous bits of information, which come to similar conclusions to the
programmes you mention. We will continue to watch and pray. Ed

Dear Ed

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Barry
personally, I do want you to know that his message has changed many lives here
in Hartlepool, England.

In January 1999 I was handed a book called "Warning" and
one or two others. At this time I suppose you could say I was in spiritual
slumber and had been for several years.

Also watching Barry preach I have been inspired to spend much
more time with my family, especially my 9 year old son Matthew. The TV gets
turned off now and Matthew enjoys reading to me from the Bible each night, much
to his delight, I have to say. Martyn UK


Dear Martyn

If at the end of the day our theology (even around the end
times) is not revealing Jesus to us, we've missed the boat. One of the
strengths of my father's ministry was his 'real-ness'. Dad believed in
being a Christian, not just talking like one... especially evident in one's
family life. God's richest blessings as you continue to lead your family in
His ways. Ed

Dear Ed

I have appreciated "The Omega Times" news and views for
many years and am grateful to all who continue to bring Christian news and views
to those who believe in Our Father God and look forward to the soon return of
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

God bless all who carry on the "good work". Ruth Perry,


Dear Ruth

We appreciate your blessing. Ed

Dear Ed

Re/. your article on the Raelians: from my understanding the
Raelians wanted to clone a baby so they can eventually be able to clone
themselves to be able to live forever. I found that interesting because it shows
the truth that God has placed eternity in the heats of men. Unfortunately one of
the Raelians said that people like Buddha and Jesus were fore-runners for their
belief. (At least that was my understanding of what they said). My observation
is that they honestly don't know what Jesus taught. If they did, they wouldn't
be Raelians, they would be followers of Jesus Christ. The One who gives eternal

Sonya Dawson, Levin


Dear Sonya

The difference between Christianity and the messages of so
many cults is the 'narrow way' into the Kingdom -– through Jesus. There's
not many ways, or a combination of ways -– only Jesus. This is a real
stumbling-block to so many people. Many modern-age religious persuasions combine
the teachings of their 'great prophets and leaders'. Not so with true
Christianity. There is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we
must be saved. Acts 4:12. The other point you raise is also true -– we are 'eternal
creatures', by God's design. The raelians need to find the security of
Christ in their lives, then they won't need to fear death! Ed