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In this age of instant communication, it doesn't take much
to discover a world of varied perspectives and opinions with regard to 'Global

So that you, the reader may be better informed, we will
report the views of others, around topics central to the message of bible

The Arab Times - April 04, 2003 - M. Kahil
The Arab Times - April 04, 2003 - M. Kahil

As the world sits glued to its T.V over the war in Iraq you
will be aware that we see and hear through the eyes of the Coalition Forces
(Britain and the USA). The Washington Post 10/4/2003 printed the following
opinions expressed by Arabs outside of Iraq.

  • "What Americans see as a man beating Saddam's picture
    with his shoe is an image that means something very different to us, said Hani
    Shukrallah, managing editor of Al Ahram Weekly in Cairo. "We see
    people who are mad at their own leaders who have brought us to this. They may
    want Saddam out. But in a few weeks they will be doing the same to a picture
    of George Bush."
  • "I hate it, said Ahmed Samir, the manager of a trading
    company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as he watched the scenes of Iraqi's shaking
    the hands of American soldiers in Baghdad. It can only mean they hate Saddam
    more than they hate the Americans."
  • "No, no, no," yelled Shaaban Mohamad, watching
    television at a Cairo bookstore. "If the U.S really wanted democracy, they
    would have taken out just about every Arab leader we have. This is very
    suspect. The U.S just wants to protect Israel and wants the riches in the

What does the World Press think about the UN?

  • War with Iraq threatens to deal UN, Nato a fatal
    The New Zealand Herald 12/02/2003 "But even before it has
    started, war with Iraq threatens to do huge collateral damage of another kind
    -– to the international diplomatic and security structures of the modern

The Arab Times - April 09, 2003 - M. Kahil
The Arab Times - April 09, 2003 - M. Kahil

The Iraqi crisis is poisoning transatlantic relations and
relations within Europe. The United Nations and the North Atlantic Alliance
(NATO), not to mention what passes for a common European Union foreign policy:
all could see their credibility undermined, perhaps fatally, if the present
divisions exist."