From the editor

From the editor

From the editor

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

Dear Friends

One of my favourite sayings is ‘the sun
will come out to shine again’. Sometimes it gets a little
dark and gloomy, but the sun will come out to shine again because
God is with us, and we know that all things work together for
good, to those who love Him, and are called by Him.

May 10th is my father’s birthday. He
would have turned 70 years of age this year (three score years
and ten) if he was still here, but instead he rejoices with his
creator and friend. I am so thrilled for him.

Growing up dad often spoke from
Psalm 90:10-12, and encouraged us to ‘number our days’.
It’s something we have done automatically, its not gloomy
– it’s exciting. We have a lot to do with the short
space of time remaining. May we ‘redeem the time’
wisely as the Scriptures say.

Talking about time – from May, the Omega
Times will be published the first week of each month to allow our
growing number of ‘international subscribers’ to
receive their editions during the current month.