Full mind and body control

Full mind and body control

Full mind and body control

Through clever marketing the computer
corporations almost intravenously drip feed their hardware and
software out to the markets, maximising profits. In reality what
is being written, designed and developed behind closed doors is
streets ahead of the latest technology sitting on our computer
desk at home.

  With that in mind would it surprise you to
learn that a number of British (E.U) Government Agencies
including Intelligence and security have purportedly carried out
mind stimulation and control tests on unadvised and unwilling
subjects. Information to hand suggests that these combined
Government Agencies used an advanced technology capable of
detecting and deciphering reasoning activities in the human
central nervous system. Thus providing information on the
subjects consciousness to those monitoring.

  While also using white noise (defined as a
"heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a wide
frequency range") more commonly referred to as background noise
as an agent, the subjects behaviour and perceptions were
influenced in such a way that they were delivered auditory
hallucinations, subliminal whispers opening them to suggestion to
experience particular emotions including sexual arousal or
absence of sexual feelings. Another technique was also apparently
used to induce feelings of "the Holy", ‘being watched by
God or haunted by Ghosts.’

  The purpose of these experiments was
"supposedly" to discover a treatment, thereby prevention for
paedophiles. It is interesting that the agencies concerned have
chosen members from this group, because the reality is generally
speaking ‘who would really care or protest about
experiments carried out on alleged paedophiles’, despite
human rights abuses should the matter ever get public

  That aside, I find the entire
matter extremely sinister should reports prove to be accurate.
Big brother gains a whole new meaning in this day and age, with
capabilities in existence which the general public is not aware
of.  If this treatment is in fact being perpetrated on
‘unwilling subjects’, albeit alleged paedophiles,
what sort of abuses do you see ahead with this type of technology
to achieve nefarious purposes?

  The man known as the Anti-Christ will have
no scruples in using everything within his power to overcome the
minds and gain the obedience and adoration of those who would
resist him.

  This technology is frightening stuff people.
We need to ensure that our minds are soaked in God’s Word
(Matthew 7:24-27) that we might withstand the delusion
(2 Thessalonians 2:1-17) God will send when the enemy of our
souls reveals himself to the world. If you are not a born again
Christian and you wish to know how you and your family may be
safe in Jesus in these uncertain times, please click here.