Like a ``murderer who is trying to change his
fingerprints,'' according to researchers, the SARS virus is
mutating into two strains, complicating efforts to combat the
disease. Experts say the coronavirus family is known to mutate,
making it difficult to treat with vaccines which very quickly
become ineffective.

Airborne infectious diseases have plagued
mankind for centuries – especially in the ‘treatment
areas’ - hospitals and theatres. I remember reading a
statement from Scottish obstetrician James Simpson (1800’s)
who wrote ‘A man laid on the operating table in one of our
surgical hospitals is exposed to more chances of death than the
English soldier on the field at Waterloo.’ It was a Quaker,
surgeon Joseph Lister who provided a breakthrough in the late
1850’s – the use of chemicals to prevent infection
(primarily surgically related). One hundred and fifty years
later, we are experiencing a virus phenomena which proves we are
not in control of the micro-organisms which exist all around us
– once again, especially in our treatment centres.

To date, the SARS outbreak has affected more
from the medical profession than anywhere else.

Diseases can be formed from either bacteria,
or the smaller ‘virus’. The difficulty with viruses
is that their pathogens consist of nothing more than protein and
nucleic acid, but yet somehow, with the presence of a host cell,
they are able to grow and reproduce – and even rearrange a
cells internal chemistry.

A confidential Government Department document
was sent to me recently updating the known information on the
SARS epidemic. It confirms the following: SARS is not a terrorist
made agent – it is a new coronavirus, unlike any other in
the coronavirus family – it has an incubation period of
less than ten days – it can only be spread through contact
with an infected persons respiratory secretions or body fluids
– The World Health Organisation say that there are 4000
reported cases world wide (90% get better) mostly from within the
hospital fraternity, a result of providing care to the sick -
with 220 known fatalities (mostly in over 40 yr olds)…

WORST AFFECTED areas are: China, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Taiwan, Toronto and Hanoi City.

The suddenness and severity of the outbreak
certainly raise questions. Whilse some blame the Chinese medical
authorities for failing to act soon enough, there is speculation
of deliberate population control, and a more sinister conspiracy.
Certainly, the timing of the outbreak with the backdrop of the
war against terror is interesting.


The 1918-1919 flu pandemic killed
approximately a third of the 60 million afflicted.

Other forms of pneumonia kill more than 40,000
North Americans yearly. Each year millions of North Americans
alone contract the flu.

Malaria kills up to 2.7 million people yearly.
Another, tuberculosis, kills perhaps three million more.

Leonard Horowitz, known for his research on
the AIDS virus believes that the SARS outbreak is an orchestrated
global scam, “something akin to a social experiment.” detail.aspx?ID=4)

“With SARS, people were being frightened
beyond reason, I realized. The classic definition of phobia was
being manifested on a social, if not global, scale. Surely the
SARS death rate, approximately 3%, was insufficient cause for
such widespread panic. The media successfully whipped the
Canadian population into a trembling mass of masked and
quarantined "sheeple." Officials were forced to direct the
closing of hospitals, restaurants, schools, and workplaces with
only two deaths reported at the onset of the media onslaught.
Within a few days, more than a thousand healthcare workers
volunteered for home quarantine because of SARS. Otherwise, they
faced legal arrest and incarceration as advised by the World
Health Organization. You will find many of these reports from
Canada's daily newspapers, documenting these facts, as well as
incoming American press reports, in the archive files of this

“I have dedicated this website to
examining the social and political implications, as well as the
correlates (i.e. things related to) and antecedents (i.e.,
factors or events that predated or precipitated) this new SARS

“Most intelligent persons will conclude
from the following information that this new microbial attack was
premeditated and precedent-setting. In other words, SARS is a
well orchestrated social experiment.”

“Who is behind this SARS madness? I
accept the risk of triggering your "conspiracy theory" buttons by
identifying the widely recognized "global
military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel" as the only
suspect that can wield the powers necessary to effect these
frightening outcomes…”

“Clearly, what you are witnessing is a
well organized terror campaign carried out by mostly
well-meaning, yet grossly ignorant, "authorities"-medically
indoctrinated and virtually hypnotized "Manchurian candidates" if
you will allow me to postulate…”

“Alternatively, I propose that Severe
Acute Respiratory Syndrome, may be best diagnosed by SARS's
telltale dependence on the propaganda used to herald its
presence, prompt hysteria, and broadly engage social and economic
resources. In military intelligence circles this is called
standard "psychological operations" (PSYOPs).”

“I further suggest this fright's
likeliest purpose is in facilitating evolving economic and
political agendas that ultimately include targeting approximately
half the world's current population for elimination.”

05.05.03 Update – 6500 people have now
been affected, around 4000 in China. Worldwide fatalities stand
at 436. Many patients are in a serious condition. Australian
authorities are contacting 341 passengers and 19 crew from a
Qantas flight from Singapore to Sydney after a flight attendant
fell ill with the virus. Fear is rampant in Asia and abroad!

This author believes in the authority of God
over every illness and disease known to humanity. Whether a
natural phenomenon or a man-made killer virus, truly our times
are in God’s hands and we are therefore able to be free
from the anxiety and fear so many experience, ‘because they
have no hope.’ Put your faith in God today and know His

Further signs:

Killer tornadoes have claimed more than twenty
lives across Kansas and Southern Missouri, USA . On the Missouri
side of the State line over 115 homes had been damaged and 15
completely destroyed.

A devastating earthquake has hit
Southwest Turkey, where it is feared around 150 people have died,
including many children in a collapsed school..

AIDS continues to ravage Africa.
Zambia’s Central Statistical Office has announced a life
expectancy rate (from birth) as 33 years (it stood at 44 a decade
ago). Of a population of 9.8 million, one in five adults has HIV
or is living with AIDS.