There’s gold in them there barrels

There's gold in them there barrels

There's gold in them there barrels

Oil Well

“By controlling energy, we control
Nations. By controlling food, we control people.”

America is the largest importer of
oil…up until now ‘a dependant’.

It has been said that the world economy floats
on oil, but what have the super rich Arab oil-producing Nations
been doing with their surplus wealth??? The spending list
includes extraordinarily lavish lifestyles for National leaders
– massive domestic development programmes, and still, there
remained huge amounts of surplus money. Investment was next on
the agenda – and where do you think the majority of surplus
Arab oil money been invested? Billions and billions of dollars

Answer: The West - and primarily, wait for it
- the USA.

Certain incongruent public statements made by
President George Bush make a little more sense now, statements
like: "When we think of Islam, we think of a faith that brings
comfort to a billion people around the world."

All of a sudden there is a shift in US
attitude toward Israel, US pressure is being put on Ariel Sharon
to cooperate with the ‘Roadmap’… We’ll
look further at this topic in a later edition but remember this
– oil money is critical for the future of the US economy,
worth sacrificing for.

The eleven members of OPEC, The Organization
of Petroleum Exporting Countries are Algeria, Indonesia, Iran,
Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (largest oil
producer), the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. Each of these
Nations relies on oil revenues as their main source of income. It
may interest our readers to know that

Iraq – the second biggest oil producing
Nation in the world, and former member of OPEC, was expelled
following its invasion and occupation of Kuwait in 1990.

The rich oil fields of Iraq (11% of the worlds
confirmed reserves) are now in the hands of the USA. Some of you
will recall President Bush’s speech directed to the people
of Iraq on day one of ‘Shock and Awe’ where he warned
“Do not blow up the oil wells…they belong to the
people of Iraq”. Well the war is apparently over, the
majority of wells are intact – and America controls

The Saudis (and other onlookers) believe/fear
that the United States may well seek to destroy the power base of
OPEC through the control of Iraqi fields

The Middle East Media Research Institute
(MEMRI reports that “There are 2,000 oil
producing wells in the southern, eastern, and northern parts of
Iraq which produce 2.5 million barrels per day (b/d) of oil. The
real production capacity of these wells is estimated at 8.2
million b/d. Iraq also owns 12 oil refineries with a refining
capacity of 677,000 b/d.”

The fear is that if the Americans use
technology and specialist expertise to raise Iraqi oil production
levels, and then force down OPEC prices – crash go the
economies reliant on oil revenues.

”The decline in revenues would cause
"financial, economic, and social problems... The Kingdom [of
Saudi Arabia], Iran, the Gulf countries, and also Venezuela and
Russia, will be [the main] countries harmed." Egypt is equally
concerned that Iraq could become a major exporter of natural gas,
which would be in direct competition with Egyptian exports to
such markets as Jordan, Syria, and Turkey.”

Pan-Arab alliance

This war will serve as a uniting focus for all
Arab Nations…and the focus will soon be directed past the
USA, to Israel.

Diplomatic activity between Damascus and Cairo
has been frantic since Saddam Hussein’s evil regime lost
control over Iraq. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad have met in Damascus to discuss
developments in Iraq, agreeing on the importance of somehow
safeguarding Iraq's independence, sovereignty, and the need for a
joint Arab vision for the region.

Speaking at a press conference last week in
Cairo, the Syrian foreign minister said that the region is
passing through a dangerous transformation, including the
"occupation" of an Arab state - Iraq. Therefore, a-Shara said "We
have to be more consolidated and we have to shoulder our
responsibilities with a high pan-Arab sense.”

“Oil $$” speaks many languages

Allan Franklin (author of EU Final World
Empire) sent us through some very interesting articles from The
Daily Telegraph, exposing German and Russian activity behind the
scenes in Iraq, leading up to the war.

“Germany's intelligence services
attempted to build closer links to Saddam's secret service during
the build-up to war last year, documents from the bombed Iraqi
intelligence HQ in Baghdad obtained by The Telegraph reveal. They
show that an agent named as Johannes William Hoffner, described
as a "new German representative in Iraq" who had entered the
country under diplomatic cover, attended a meeting with Lt Gen
Taher Jalil Haboosh, the director of Iraq's intelligence

During the meeting, on January 29, 2002, Lt
Gen Haboosh says that the Iraqis are keen to have a relationship
with Germany's intelligence agency "under diplomatic cover",
adding that he hopes to develop that relationship through Mr

In return, the Iraqis offered to give
lucrative contracts to German companies if the Berlin government
helped prevent an American invasion of the country. Clearly,
there is a service delivery issue. The revelations come a week
after The Telegraph reported that Russia had spied for the
Iraqis, passing them intelligence about a meeting between Tony
Blair and Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister. Both the
British and Italian governments have launched investigations.
“The meeting between the Iraqi and German agents took place
some six months before Chancellor Schröder's Social
Democrat-led government began its policy of direct opposition to
the idea of an American/British-led war against Iraq.”

What a fascinating game being played. We see
and hear only what we are ‘fed’ via our media

The big question now: as far as global
politics goes, where to from here? Tony Blair is sitting in a
precarious position trying to talk ‘The rest of the
world” into embracing a ‘unipolar’ strategic
partnership with the US. Meanwhile, Russia and China (who signed
a “multipolar world agreement in 2001) are no surprisingly
anti- US subservient, as are the majority of EU member States.
Domination has generally never worked well between
‘partner’ Nations.

UPDATE: “Mrs Anthrax” has been
captured by the US military. Microbiologist Huda Salish Mahdi
Ammash, the only women on the US military’s most wanted
list (“5 of hearts”), is a senior member of
Saddam’s chemical weapons team. Meanwhile, reports of
‘large amounts of radioactive material’ being stolen
from Iraq’s nuclear facilities are alarming officials. The
material (including uranium) is apparently unstable for use with
atomic weapons, but more than adequate for use in dirty bombs
(Terrorist use: made by attaching radioactive material to a
conventional explosive like dynamite to disperse it over a wide

One final thought – the quickest growing
religion in the West is Islam. Where do you think the
‘expansion money has come from?’