United States of Europe built on the “Treaty of Rome”

United States of Europe built on the "Treaty of Rome"

United States of Europe built on the "Treaty of Rome"

Signing of the Treaty of Rome establishing the EEC
25 March 1957 - Signing of the Treaty of Rome establishing the EEC - Paul-Henri Spaak, Jean-Charles Snoy et d'Oppuers, Christian Pineau, Maurice Faure, Konrad Adenauer, Walter Hallstein, Antonio Segni, Gaetano Martino, Joseph Bech, Joseph Luns, Johannes Linthorst Homan

Europe, US, Britain – Must unite,
but can’t!

Europe and the United States should work as
“one polar power” to tackle the world’s
problems rather than bickering as they did over Iraq, says
British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Terms such as a “Multi-polar
world” and “One polar power” are being bandied
around, and simply veil the cold hard fact that the USA plays
second fiddle to no-one, and that attitude, that
is not conducive to a Global ‘balance of
power’, controlled by Europe, and influenced by Rome.

‘How’ it all pans out to fit the
Bible picture of the Final World Order is open to speculation
– the point is, it will pan out, because ‘It is
written.’ Furthermore – there is no Scriptural
indication of ‘democracy’ when the ‘New World
Leader’ or antichrist takes control. Total Globalist,
anti-god control will have nothing whatsoever to do with
‘giving power to the people’.

As we have discussed in previous editions,
Prime Minister Blair’s position represents a paradox,
insisting on supporting the Bush-led US war with Iraq, but also
championing the importance of the European Union to British
concerns. There is nothing new under the sun – this
situation has been played out several times historically.

Bob Mitchell in his insightful book
“Rome, Babylon the Great and Europe” outlines some
key dates concisely:

“The ancient Senators, and the Caesars
of Rome, believed a United Europe would help bring to an end wars
and disputes between different ethnic groups. It has ever been
their desire, since the fall of Rome in 476 a.d., to return all
of Europe to one central European Government and one leader. It
has been the desire of kings, emperors, dictators and the Popes
of Rome…A simple study will show how the Vatican, in the
hope of becoming the religion of Europe, has always been at the
side of those wishing to return to the days of Roman-style,
anti-democratic, dominion.”

“In St Peters, Rome, on Christmas day
800 a.d. when most of Europe was under the rule of Charlemagne
the Great, the Pope anointed him and crowned him “emperor
of the non- Romans.” Charlemagne was the first emperor of
non-Roman origins and the first emperor of the Middle

Look at what followed:

962ad - Otto the great of Germany began
“The Holy Roman Empire”

1262ad - German family of Habsburg took
leadership of “The Holy Roman Empire”

1806ad - Napoleon 1 declares himself emperor of
what he called “The United States of Europe”.
Meanwhile Francis 11 (Habsurg family) dissolved the empire in an
attempt to halt Napoleons conquest.

1870ad - Count von Bismark established the
second Reich or ‘empire’. He regarded the
‘empire’ set up by Otto the Great as the first Reich.
William 1st of Germany was appointed emperor of the
Reich and given the title “Kaiser” which is German
for Caesar.

Of further interest – in 1930, Sir
Winston Churchill published an article for an American magazine
– he chose an interesting title for his article? “The
United States of Europe”.

Mussolini in Italy believed it was
Rome’s destiny to be the centre of Western Europe.

Adolf Hitler dreamt of Uniting Europe under
the 3rd Reich – Hitler identified with the
continuity of the “Holy Roman Empire” with the first
Reich (962-1806), the second Reich (1870-1918) and his own Reich

There is ample evidence in existence to show
that the Vatican provided significant support (including
financial) to the 3rd Reich – the “United
States of Europe” has always been on the Vatican

Britain was often ‘off to the
side’ or should I say ‘off-side’ with the
unification process – even fiercely independent. Perhaps
the same spirit of individualism and defiance is manifested in
the USA today.

The history of the European States is a
history of territorial expansion – with religion sitting in
behind, bolstering and empowering political agenda’s. It
has been said that the America’s were conquered and settled
by the many European invaders ‘In the Name of God’.
Certainly religious campaigners (or crusaders) played a vital
role in the early conquests – and religion features
strongly in the end times as well. I should mention at this point
that God has continued to work through good spirited Christian
folk throughout all tumultuous periods of history. His work is
never halted by the activities of mankind.

Everyone wanted America: her natural
resources, gold and fisheries, access to sparsely-populated lands
(especially after European diseases wiped out up to 90% of the
Indian populations, who carried no natural immunity) provided a
‘Mecca for the invading settlors’ – slave
trading flourished. The Portuguese fought over America as did the
Spaniards, the British and the French…European territorial
expansion at its most obvious – look at the original names
given to the territories controlled: New England, New Netherland
(now known as New York – with all of her historical
capitalist overtones intact today)…New France…New

Conflict, ever increasing power and territory
was the way of Europe, WAR was the name of the game – a
tool used by Political leaders and ‘the universal
church’ alike.

In time, the balance of power in the US swung
in favour of England, she had the most ‘defendable home
territory’ (being an Island State), had a most powerful
Naval force and was able transport the most people quickly -
manpower and skill, to the ‘new frontier’ where this
‘New World Order’ was to be constructed.

Interestingly, Britain still sits ‘off
to the side’ in European affairs even though she plays a
powerful hand. Traditionally more sceptical about the drive
towards European unity than her neighbours – recent polls
show that most Britons regard France as their least reliable
ally, and 73 % of those polled considered the US to be their most
reliable ally.

Road Map to Peace?

The joint US/British
‘Road Map’ concept is flawed in two fairly major ways

1. It does not agree with God’s Word
(with regard to boundaries)

2. Even if it did, the Palestinian Liberation
Organisation are not actually wanting peace, they want the city
of Jerusalem, and the annihilation of the Jews – it is
written in their official documentation and they make no
apologies for it, nor do they hide their agenda. Keep in mind,
The EU, the Arab League and the US contribute significant levels
of financial support to the PLO annually.

Economies struggle

Meanwhile the US economy is
undergoing interesting challenges – huge tax cuts in the
face of record deficits are a strange scenario. What’s
going on? The money has to come from somewhere to fund the cuts,
and taking money out of the newly established homeland security
fund would appear to be robbing Peter to pay Paul. Experts say
the only other way of ‘balancing the books’ without
reversing the tax breaks would be by reducing the Governments
budgets for Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security - which in
turn penalises the very people the tax cuts were ‘supposed
to benefit’.

The tax cuts coupled with the continuing U.S.
occupation of Iraq, will push the federal budget deficit to
nearly $500 billion next year. Alarm bells are ringing for some
– while the Bush Administration continue to ‘go about
their business’. The US dollar has lost almost a third of
its value against the Euro in the past twelve months.

The United States occupation and
reconstruction of Iraq rolls on in the background. The
reconstruction contracts will apparently be financed by the
American taxpayer.

Finally a hint of truth emerges though senior
Administration officials: Iraqi oil revenue will also be used
to rebuild the country.
Perhaps Iraqi oil revenue will be
used to save the US economy as well. “We’re going to
use the assets of the people of Iraq, especially their oil assets
to benefit their people,” said Secretary of State Colin

In Europe, EURO-users have been experiencing
problems of a different kind. The Euro has suddenly become too
strong. The dramatic unexpected rise in the value of the Euro is
threatening to strangle Europe's economy, their exports are too
expensive for the American market. The bigger countries have been
hit hardest – Germany and France, while Germany, Italy and
Netherlands could be forced into recession.

United Nations – being destroyed by Globalisation

Absolutely! And it will not be
stopped. Globalisation is like no other phenomenon known to
Politics, religion or individuals. We are talking about the
formation of a New World Order based in heathenistic philosophies
and objectives. Many who do not understand the satanic nature of
this new order feel that ‘people will be bettered through
the opportunities created in a global village’. No!!
– the people just lose their face, their free-will and
sovereignty. Culture and National Identity and values go out the

Truth be known. Globalisation takes us right
back to the way it should have been, prior to mankind
walking away from God, and seeking alternative forms of

The difference now is that the new system
(NWO) is an anti-God system! Globalisation is the antithesis of
God reigning on earth over creation.

The Prince of this world will sit in rulership
through the One World Leader, and his leadership will be
oppressive and manipulative. Once in power, it will not take long
for this leader to show his true colours – he’s not
‘for the people’. The thief comes to kill, steal and
destroy… The wonderful news is – his Kingdom is
destined to last ‘a short space’, and what follows is
an everlasting Kingdom which shall never be destroyed!