A wonderful ministry

A wonderful ministry

A wonderful ministry

The other day while chatting to my
cousin he pointed me in the direction of a truly remarkable
ministry, that of www.e-sword.net . I visited the site and
could hardly believe what I found. I have to share it with

Obviously this ministry will only
be of benefit to you if you own a computer, use the internet and
are interested in studying and searching the Scriptures.

Rick Meyers a lay minister and
computer programmer has established this site, where you can
access for free many different versions of the Bible, some
complete with concordances, numerous different Bible commentaries
by people like John Wesley, C.H. Spurgeon, dictionaries, Greek
and Hebrew definitions and many extra’s such as John Foxes
book of Martyrs or the Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius

Upon discovering this delight I
set about over several days on my 56k modem downloading
everything that I thought would be useful. My downloads totalled
about 200 mega bytes (that’s a whole lot of information) -
if you are fortunate enough to be on broadband you will download
in no time at all.

There is an initial setup download
of about 16 mega bytes which is compatible with Windows 95
through to XP. Once you have installed the setup you revisit the
site and download any additional translations, dictionaries,
graphics or commentaries that you think will be useful,
installing each individually.

You are entitled to copy and pass
this material on. However there is one condition in using this
material. As you have received freely you are to freely give
without charging for the programmes (which aren’t yours
anyway) or costs of duplication. Fair enough and too right I

One consideration I would ask of
you is that if you decide to take advantage of this ministry that
you also consider supporting it by making a secure online
donation. This ministry exists by the support of its users and
interestingly enough according to information posted on the site,
99.5% of people who have used its resources have not supported

This is not the normal forum for
sharing this type of information however I believe e-sword to be
a truly marvellous tool and well worth sharing.

God is good - happy studying!