From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor

Andrew Smith

Dear Friends

Thomas Huxley referred to
Darwinian Evolution as ‘The revivified thought of ancient
Greece.’ It can be shown that such pagan theories were in
circulation way back in the times of the Egyptian empire. Truth
be known, the seeds of evolution began back with Adam and Eve,
and it is clear that philosophical evolution – straying
from the God of Creation by becoming ‘vain in our
thoughts’ certainly predates Darwin. For ‘Ages’
people have sought to discount the concept of God, and
accountability to Him. And now, we live in the days where the
debate of origin will come to a head – the Alpha is also
the Omega, and every knee will bow to Him whether willingly in
awe and worship or otherwise. Isaiah 2:17 says “And the
loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men
shall be made low; and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that

Now let me ascribe greatness to
our God – He is the rock! Early in the morning I listen to
the birds singing. Why they sing and the meaning of the words
they express I don’t know for sure – but they really
sound happy! For years I have enjoyed reading scientific
commentaries around birds, and how incredibly they manage to
navigate ‘their world.’ I sit and watch our little
winged friends perform their precise manoeuvres, whether landing,
flying in gusty conditions or carrying relatively heavy loads to
the construction site of their nests, and I marvel. Their brain
would seem too small to manage… but they do.

So much remains a mystery to us -
our best minds ‘guesstimate’ as to how these birds
navigate the path of their annual migrations, meanwhile the birds
go out and do it all again, year in and year out. They use air
currents to preserve vital energy and form v-formations to assist
their journeys… amazing!

Some believe that the bird’s
brain is intelligent enough to orientate their direction via the
sun or stars depending on whether it is day or night. It is
thought that the ‘bird-brain’ can sense magnetic
north. However they do it – It’s wonderful.

We gain insights into
God’s domain as we marvel at His creation. How
absolutely absurd for man, made of the 14 elements of the dust to
pronounce “There is no God.”

He holds all things together by
the power of His Word – and in His prophetic Word He tells
us that earth has a limited time span. Romans 8 talks about the
whole of the creation ‘groaning’ – to be
delivered from this perishable state. It will be delivered

I can’t help but think that
the environmental groups would help themselves out immensely by
aligning themselves to God’s Word. But, unfortunately the
Scriptural news of the end is not a pretty picture
environmentally. The guardians and custodians of the creation
have failed.

But then there is ‘A new
heaven’ and a ‘New earth’ - the same Maker, but
this time the creation can never be destroyed or polluted.

We’re living in August 2003,
and so much information is flooding into our office we cannot
keep up with it all. Thank you to all those who faithfully
support us by sending information and encouragement, it is
greatly appreciated. One thing I should mention is that there are
so many schools of thought around aspects of life and Scripture,
it is impossible to try to cover all views. Whilst we at Omega
Times do not necessarily agree with all of the views printed in
this newspaper, neither do we wish to present only our hobby
horse ideas. Scripture should interpret Scripture, and we are
pleased to be able to present a monthly collection of thoughts
and idea’s, intended to glorify the living God, and assist
readers to navigate the days in which we live.

This month we bring you the
article referred to in the July 2003 letters to the editor about
Harry Potter – you can decide for yourself. Next month we
will print a further perspective for your consideration. We have
received so many letters to the editor around this issue we deem
it appropriate to include these writings for your perusal.

Finally, the response to the
‘evangelism special’ set of four Barry Smith videos
has been fantastic. Videos are non-threatening and relatively
easy for people to watch quietly in the privacy of their homes.
Barry (Dad) was gifted in capturing people’s attention and
leading them to the cross, and to see his ministry still bearing
fruit through the video’s and books is a true blessing.

Christian greetings

Andrew Smith