The Vatican, politics and war

The Vatican, politics and war

The Vatican, politics and war

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

It comes as a great surprise to
many when they discover the Roman Catholic Church is not simply a
religious entity, but it also has political ambitions. The Pope
is not merely the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
He is also the head of a very carefully constructed and
politically motivated organism.

In the early years of the Roman
Church, she ruled supreme. When the Pope spoke it was law. Having
taken over virtually as the Roman Empire crumbled (in 610 A.D.
emperor Phocas actually declared Pope Boniface IV to be an
emperor) the statements and decrees issuing from the papal throne
outweighed the decrees of emperors and kings alike. Rulers lived
in fear of displeasing the Pope. To do so meant risking
excommunication from Mother Church and being consigned to Hell.
Many Popes were formidable military leaders who would send armies
to subdue any nation or ruler daring to question the supremacy of
the Church. Such rebellion would immediately invite the fiery
wrath of Rome upon one’s head. The Lord Jesus said,
My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36).
Apparently, the Pope of Rome believes otherwise.

Whenever a new Pope is enthroned,
as the crown is placed upon his head these words are spoken:
“(You are) Father of princes and kings. Ruler of the world.
Vicar on earth our Lord Jesus Christ”. Also, the Pope is
crowned with a helmet shaped covering used originally by the
defied kings of Persia (Babylon). This last fact, we shall
discover, is highly relevant to our present study.

 During the reign of Pope
Alexander III (1159 – 1181), Frederick I, king of Germany,
Italy and Holy Roman emperor, was excommunicated by the Pope.

Frederick was furious and gathered
his army, as did the Pontiff. In the ensuing battle,
Frederick’s army was soundly defeated.

 In penitence and humiliation, the
defeated emperor travelled to Venice to beg the forgiveness of
Alexander III. After making the emperor wait outside in the snow
for 3 days, the Pope emerged from his palace to receive
Frederick’s grovelling apology. When they met, Frederick
removed his imperial mantle and knelt with his face and chest to
the ground as the victorious Pope stepped forward and placed his
foot on the emperor’s neck.

 Today the power of the Vatican is
nothing like it was in past ages. Kings no longer tremble at the
pronouncements of the Pontiff. But many Vatican insiders believe
the Pope should have the authority to rule the world in the place
of Christ. Over the centuries the Vatican and particularly the
Jesuits have been working quietly, stealthily, to regain
Rome’s lost authority in the hope of establishing the Roman
Catholic Church at the centre of the European and world

 Those who believe the Vatican has
no growing political or religious influence today should
seriously study the facts of recent history and present day
events in Europe and elsewhere around the globe.

 The cover blurb to the insightful
biography of Pope John Paul II, “His Holiness”, calls
him “the man who changed our century”. “(T)he
foremost political figure of our time”. In it the authors
reveal that in the 1980’s the Vatican and especially John
Paul II had a special relationship with the then director of the
C.I.A William Casey and the Reagan administration. Casey, a
devout Roman Catholic whose home was “full of statues of
the Virgin Mary”, visited the Vatican at least 6 times
supplying the new Pontiff with political information from around
the world to which very few people were privy.

 This very day Vatican Ambassadors
(nuncios) sit in residence in the capital cities of the world.
And the world sends Ambassadors to Vatican City. What other
religion has Ambassadors? Rome has because she is far more than
simply a religious institution. She has enormous political
ambition and influence. Evidently, Vatican Ambassadors take
precedence over all other Ambassadors. These men are incredibly
influential when speaking to the world’s political heads of
state. Rome boasts a following of 1 billion people. Therefore,
when the representative of 1 billion people speaks in your ear,
you listen. Make no mistake about it; the Vatican plan is to
return to the influence and power she once held before the

 We shall be looking at
Rome’s actions in the past when before and after the
Reformation she attempted to overthrow biblical Christianity with
the use of force and bloodshed. Today she is using a silk glove,
and soothing words to woo her “separated brethren”
back into the fold. But any form of unity must be on Rome’s
terms and Rome’s terms alone. The plan is to return all of
Europe, including Great Britain, back under the yoke of Rome.
Predominantly Protestant England is known in Catholic circles as
“Mary’s dowry”. Without a doubt the plan is to
make the religion of Rome the religion of every man woman and
child from the Atlantic to the Urals and beyond. This plan
includes Great Britain and the United States.

 Historical events within Europe,
when closely scrutinised, will at some point, usually reveal the
hand of the Vatican. From the time of the Caesars onward men have
looked forward to reviving Rome. Since the fall of the Roman
Empire and the subsequent emergence of the Roman Catholic Church,
the Vatican has longed for, and made plans for, a revived empire
with herself at the head. The present E.U. is her vehicle to
achieve that end. Included in the Vatican plan for a revived
empire, of course, is the plan for all Europe and beyond to be
united under one religion. The Roman Catholic religion.

 In 1588, the Spanish Armada set
sail, to bring Protestant England back under the dominion of the
Pope of Rome. As they sailed they carried with them the
Pope’s promise of complete forgiveness to the man who would
assassinate the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I. God saved England
with the intervention of Sir Francis Drake’s fleet of
warships, plus severe storms which left much of the Spanish fleet
at the bottom of the English Channel and at various other
locations as far north as Scotland. Less than half the ships that
set sail managed to limp back into the safety of Spanish

 In the 19th century,
under the blessing of the Vatican, Napoleon attempted to invade
England and bring her under his (French) Roman Empire. Just as
William the Conqueror had, with the Papal blessing, brought
England under the heel of Rome after the battle of Hastings in
1066. Being unable to invade England, Napoleon turned his
attention to Russia and suffered terrible defeat.

 Likewise, Hitler also attempted
to make Great Britain a part of the empire of the Third Reich.
His plan to invade England was named “Operation Sea
Lion.” Faced with certain defeat King George VI called the
British people to a day of prayer. Britain was hopelessly
outnumbered and ill-prepared to meet the German war machine.
Manufacturers hurriedly churned out the necessary weaponry. In
the air the German Luftwaffe reigned supreme. Yet after that day
of prayer and the subsequent Battle of Britain, the Air Force,
out numbered 3 to 1, somehow managed by the sacrifice of her
young pilots, some barley out of school, to defeat the might of
the hitherto undefeated Luftwaffe. One wonders how we would fare
today were such a threat upon our doorstep.

 As a direct result of God’s
answer to the nation’s prayers Hitler, imitating Napoleon,
turned his wrath against Russia and God rescued England from the
threat of a Nazi jackboot. And, of course, with the entry of the
United States into the war in 1941, Hitler was eventually
defeated. In all, King George VI called the nation to prayer 5
times during the Second World War and God answered every

 Since 1066 and William the
Conqueror’s Norman invasion of England, all attempts to
conquer the British people have failed by the providence of God.
Yet what these would-be emperors, dictators and vassals of Rome
could not do, we in these closing days of history have foolishly
achieved in their stead. We have given away our own freedom, our
right to govern ourselves. We, in Great Britain, are now at the
mercy of the rising Roman Empire. And whom do we see, behind the
scenes, quietly preparing to mount and steer this beast of an
empire? The Roman Catholic Church.

 The First and Second World Wars,
when closely viewed, reveal the involvement of the Vatican.
Before the outbreak of the First World War, it was plain to see
what was coming. Serbia, comprised of Orthodox Christians was
looked upon by Roman Catholicism as “…a consuming
disease”. A threat to Russia and the newly birthed Roman
Catholic state of Croatia. And, some supposed, a thorn in the
side of the Roman Catholic, Habsburg family. Serbia must be

 The Vatican Secretary of State,
speaking explicitly on behalf of Pope Pius X, stated in 1914,
shortly before the outbreak of the war “(The Pope) deplores
the fact that Austria has not before this, inflicted upon the
Serbs the punishment they deserve”. This and other
statements issuing from the Vatican seem to have encouraged an
attack upon Orthodox Serbia. This was park of the catalyst, the
spark, which ignited all Europe into a war costing millions of
lives and resulting in the re-shaping of the European

The Vatican plan was then, and is
now, to rid Europe of the memory of the Protestant Reformation,
as well as Orthodox believers, and return the populace to Roman
Catholic hegemony. The Austria-Germany coalition was defeated in
1918 and the Reich (empire) under Kaiser Willhelm vanished. But
at that precise time, a little Austrian corporal named Adolph
Hitler began a transformation that would shake the world. In
years to come he would become the leader of Germany and the Third
Reich, friend of the Vatican and author of untold suffering of
millions upon millions of human beings. The reason for their
suffering? To fulfil his dream of a pure Aryan race. He would
“cleanse” Europe of “lesser beings” and
unite it under the Reich (empire). But what, you may ask, was the
name Hitler gave to his dream of a united Europe?

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