Unifying or destroying European culture

Unifying or destroying European culture

Unifying or destroying European culture

I watch the thin end of the wedge
being applied to European Countries, with direct implications to
societal values, and marking an end to some very delightful
cultures. Soon, what will remain will be one European
‘Culture’ – singular. By the time the general
populous of these Nations begin to see the snare, it
will already be too late.

The term culture has been
variously described “idea’s, customs…” I
see it very much in terms of what is considered normal behaviour
within people groups. Any time a people group accept a
‘band-width average’ view of what normal behaviour is
– we have a culture.
Be it in a family situation, or
at work, or at church – it’s a culture. An
interesting aspect to the concept of culture is that it shares
its root with another word ‘cultivate’, the thought
being that at any given time, a people group can be cultivated
(grown) in a certain direction – be it positive or

Much debate goes on in Christian
circles as to whether culture is a Godly concept or not,
that’s another topic…what I am saying today is that
cultures do exist, and soon we will witness dramatic shifts in
Europe, as common European laws replace the sovereign laws of

“He will seek to
change times and laws…” Daniel

The thousands of laws, bylaws,
protocols, restrictions and controls which have come out of
Brussels in recent years will actually ‘change the very
cultures of Member Nations.’ These laws and articles are
gaining momentum and ‘empowerment’ even as we write,
throughout all of the Member States. Ultimately, not only will
National Sovereignty be completely a thing of the past, so will
National identity and culture. Many individual and intricate
components - ‘accepted cultural norms’, including
some unique and special differences, will be gone.

We often focus on the bigger
apocalyptic issues – money crashes and wars, but I believe
prophetically, whole societies will one day lose their sense of
identity and security. The changes will be subtle at first,
starting in the ‘little areas’, but ultimately
leading to great confusion and insecurity, a very real
de-stabilising influence.

These ‘Little things’
include controls on fishing quota, changes to traditional
agricultural laws and the introduction of EU road signage. At the
moment in Britain we see changes around ‘obtaining a
drivers licence.’ New tests will replace the old system as
Britain seeks to ‘harmonise’ with driving standards
shared across Europe.

National identity protocols will
indeed be harmonised in an attempt to change times and laws,
taking us back to pre-Babel times…

What a wonderful time to be
reminded of 1 John 2:17 that says “The world is passing
away…” This includes fads, styles, fashions and
cultures! But the person that lives and abides in the will of
God, we will live forever.