Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Harry Potter and the
Magic of Hogwarts
Message: I can't help feeling that the above article reads like a
psychobabble endorsement of the Harry Potter books. Rob


Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Harry Potter and the
Magic of Hogwarts
Message: I can't help but agree with Rob. White, black, pink or
red witchcraft is witchcraft and God is opposed to all forms of
sorcery and the occult. To even hint that these books are
anything but witchcraft is hogwash. One must always remember
Jesus' words in Mark 9:42 "But whoever causes one of these little
ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if
a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into
the sea. The Holy Bible, New King James Version, (Nashville,
Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc.) 1982.

I am sure that anyone recommending
HP to children is in dire danger of this judgement. Graeme


Dear Ed

I was shocked to read the article
in the Omega Times titled ‘Harry Potter and the Magic of
Hogwarts’. It was basically endorsing Harry Potter, and it
was saying that it’s basically harmless, especially if it
is compared to Digimon and Pokemon. I remember reading an article
in the Omega Times a while back by Barry Smith condemning Harry
Potter, and now we have an article saying the total opposite. I
don’t think Barry Smith will be too happy about this. He
always stood for the truth, and he wasn’t a compromiser.
Harry Potter is very subtle and it tells kids (who are
vulnerable) that witchcraft is harmless. Andrew Pailate,


Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Harry Potter and the
Magic of Hogwarts
The HP article did uphold the HP Books! I would like to say, with
my deepest concern, that we must be very careful, some things
that appear good are evil, Satan himself can appear as an angel
of light, please be aware that Satan is a cunning, deceitful fox.
For the elects sake the days will be shortened just for this very
reason. The false Christ will look so close to the real. We must
examine all things by God's precious word, if it does not line
up, we better leave it alone.


Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Harry Potter and the
Magic of Hogwarts
Message: I have to say that I concur with the previous comments.
It is interesting to note that often those who take a strong
stand against HP are those who have delved into the occult prior
to embracing Christianity. A case in point is Ken Duncan (Aust
photographer) whose article recently appeared in a Christian
magazine. He has been persecuted for not reading the series to
his daughter. David


Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Harry Potter and the
Magic of Hogwarts I watched most of the first film on the plane
on the way back from a missionary trip from India on my 14 hour
flight to Europe. Rip-roaring, swashbuckling, children’s
entertainment. Tremendous stuff. Loved it....then I fell asleep;
totally exhausted. I awoke with  phrases from Holy Writ echoing
in my thoughts “Last days…take care that you are not
deceived...would deceive the Elect if that were possible". So I
switched it off and went back to The Case For Christ by Lee
Strobel (a book I HIGHLY recommend). I CAN see a point to the
film for Christian families; as a means of educating youngsters
to look for subtle influences on young minds. I would be wary of
showing it to people who are leery of the phrase "born again"
they usually aren't) because they often exhibit an almost
frightening degree of lack of discernment of the works of the
enemy in the world around us. Education is great but cannot hold
a candle to the Wisdom God gives to those who ask (James Chapter
1 verse 5).  To those whose discernment is undeveloped; I would
advise keeping away from such a film; to those who are more aware
of the spiritual dimension at work in the world about us (Jesus
Himself cast out devils; He clearly believed in them; who am I to
argue with that?) I would sugggest it is a useful teaching tool
for the sharpening of discernment. To those who see it as
"entertainment"...beware! Your faculties may be as blunt as mine
were after 36 hours awake on trains and busses and catching a
flight at 01.15 in the morning...! God bless you and may He
sharpen our awareness of the works of the enemy. Better to
overreact and demand "advance one and be recognised" to a friend
than to allow an enemy to sneak in! Bro Mike, Finland


Dear Harry Potter
(many letters could not be included in this
edition for lack of space).

Thanks for your comments. The
article by Nicola Hoggard Creegan (published in August OT) was
included following many letters to the editor around the topic,
and numerous cases of confusion. One letter (letters to Ed July
OT) signed ‘Worried’ made reference to the article
– and we included it in the August edition for your

This month we include a further
writing on the Potter phenomenon by Jeff Fountain, a Director of
Youth With A Mission based in Holland.

Like never before, we will
encounter more and more ‘occultist darkness’ wanting
to pervade our world. I believe it important to be filled with
the Spirit of God – not just in words, but in deed. The
idea is to be able to function for Christ in a dark world. This
means of course, not being caught up in the darkness – but
equally, being accessible to those who live in darkness and need
to be set free. One of my greatest issues with the evangelical
world is that we are so busy with our focus on being set apart,
that I believe we forget that our mission here is to bring light
into dark places. I appreciate the comment by J Oswald
Chambers “We need a conscious repentance (from those things
not pleasing to God Ed’s note) – and an
unconscious holiness (A robe of righteousness put on us by Jesus
Ed’s note).”

One or two letters to the Editor
have suggested that we fear losing subscriptions therefore we
fail to stand for absolutes, for what is right or true.

I do need to respond to such
comments by saying that if we were indeed worried about losing
subscriptions we would not have embarked on a mission to expose
spiritual deceit for what it is in the first place. The
fact is that the majority of us need to sharpen up in the area of
discernment – and bottle feeding will not do if we are
going to cope with the days ahead! To fool ourselves into
thinking we are impacting those in darkness by ignoring their
belief’s is short sighted.

The Omega Times newspaper is about
‘living – and dealing with issues relating to end
times events.’ I do not feel able to encourage people to be
absolved from personal discernment.

One further email has just arrived
which I will include…



Subject: Re: Harry Potter and the
Magic of Hogwarts

Message: The demonic phenomenon of
my very deep involvement in the new age took many months of
prayer, deliverance and earnest bible study to put those things
back to where they belong. And much owing to Barry's ministry as
well.  But perhaps the all too frightening demons of the new age
were just there for my amusement and merely a matter for polite
discourse to later 'improve' innocent young children's minds.

As for The Lord of the Rings
gleaned in the article I can only say as a result of my own
experiences, that whoever was involved in that production clearly
has a very profound and personal understanding of the occult and
the demons thereof as some of the themes and creatures depicted
in those films display characteristics unique to witchcraft and
the new age. I now caution anyone not to bother polluting their
minds by watching the alluring things of hell colourfully
represented in celluloid. I am looking forward to the next
article which promises to balance the present one.  Graeme

Dear Ed

Subject: Re: Phones, digital
photos and privacy?
Message: The article is very interesting but the last part is
already in place, i.e. our privacy being invaded. I telephoned
the traffic information from my mobile during a journey and was
promptly told my location, which was miles from my home.
Obviously new mobiles have GPS bundled in the price, without my
having to ask for it. How kind! Star

Dear Star

Yes, its interesting flying into
different countries and switching on my phone to find out exactly
where I am within a couple of seconds. The system we’ve
discussed for years is well and truly in place! Ed

Dear Ed (April 2003)

In response to Doreen
Langsford’s letter, we would like to point out a slight
misinterpretation with regard to the “very elect”
(Matthew 24:24 KJV).

Whilst we are avid readers of the
King James Version (Barry’s “remnant”), we
acknowledge that the English language has moved on since 1611 and
the 18th century revision and that certain words today
have a different meaning (eg ‘conversation’ =
conduct, today). ‘Very’ in this verse doesn’t
mean highly, extremely, etc. (it is not what linguists call an
intensifier). The Greek word it translates is kai, which
means ‘even’. The KJV use of ’very’ in
this sense does survive in today’s English in a few
expressions such as ‘in the very act’ i.e. in the act
itself, but would not be used in this context. Here Jesus is
saying ‘the chosen ones themselves’ or ‘even
the chosen ones’. Modern translations do, in fact, render
it that way (cf NIV ‘to deceive even the elect’).

So that means we cannot
legitimately draw a distinction between the elect and the
purported ‘very elect’ on the basis of this verse.
Jesus is referring to one and the same group. Whilst this may
appear to be a minor detail, it is important in that one of the
major deceptions that have led the elect astray in recent times
has been the “once saved always saved” heresy, which
such a misreading of scripture could be used to support. Indeed,
many heresies start that way.

The words ‘if that were
possible’ do definitely raise the possibility of the elect
being deceived. If it were not the case, why bother saying it at
all? Many of Paul, Peter and John’s letters contain
exhortations to the saints not to heed false doctrine, but to
test the spirits. If there was no danger of the elect (i.e. the
saved) being deceived, why would they waste their time writing
this? Conversely, the non-Christians (the non-elect) are already
deceived, so why would the devil waste his limited resources on
doing a job that’s already done? Who else but the elect can
be deceived?

Gilles & Margaret Kaboha New

Dear Gilles & Margaret

Thanks for your letter –
these are important issues for the days in which we live. Thanks
and blessings. Ed

Dear Ed


Recent events on the World stage
have prompted me to question how long it will be before we enter
into the Tribulation. There seems to be a concerted effort on
behalf of homosexuals both male and female to be more vocal and
more outrageous in their claims. Let us have a quick look at the
history of this movement in modern times;

  1. Homosexuality decriminalised.
  2. Homosexual marriages mooted
  3. Homosexual partners seek equal rights with married couples in relation to property rights.
  4. Homosexuals seek adoption rights
  5. Homosexuals infiltrate the Church
  6. In some countries it is already illegal to speak out against homosexuality.
  7. Is the next move to enforce this lifestyle on everyone??????

Last week the general synod of the
Uniting Church voted in favour of allowing practising homosexuals
into the clergy. This threatens to tear that church apart (at the
time of writing the Rev Fred Nile has just announced that he has
quit the Uniting Church on this issue.)

One homosexual commenting on this
move by the Uniting Church said that this was the only true
Christian church in Australia and that Jesus would have had the
same attitude.

This misguided soul has obviously
missed the point of Jesus' ministry who when He spoke to the
woman taken in adultery said in John 8.8-11 “8 And again he
stooped down, and wrote on the ground. 9And they which heard it,
being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one,
beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left
alone, and the woman standing in the midst. 10When Jesus had
lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her,
Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned
thee? 11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither
do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more
(Ed’s emphasis)

Unfortunately homosexuals seem to
think Jesus must have said ‘Neither do I condemn thee: go,
and sin.’

We all have to remember that
repentance is turning away from sin not repeating it however
homosexuals seem to think they are a law unto themselves and God
got it wrong. They are in for a shock.

If we are rapidly approaching the
Tribulation then we should protect the sanctity of the Church and
continue to speak out against this abomination .However I fear
that what has gradually crept up on us will not disappear but
will be one of the things that angers God and causes him to allow
the Antichrist to be unleashed on the world. Remember that the
world suffered a flood for such activity and Sodom was
destroyed for similar practices.

God is slow to anger and patient
to the extent that His desire is that none should perish.

Homosexuals can be saved provided
that like the rest of us when we are saved, it is our desire to
serve God and to sin no more. WE ALL SIN BUT WHEN WE CONFESS OUR
confession should be to commit that sin no more.


Dear writer of ‘Sodom and

I felt your writing was of benefit
to our readers so have included it in its entirety.

When I consider the biblical
precedents which assist us to discern the days in which we live
– “As it was in the days of Noah; as it was in the
days of Lot…So shall it be in the days of the coming of
the son of man”, I am reminded that the people of God have
stood strong through these seasons of great depravity. Obviously,
those blinded by sin will not see the depravity, and those who do
not understand will look for loopholes in Gods law, normally
founded upon misinterpretations of what is written very clearly.
Yes – Jesus words of forgiveness were “Go – and
sin no more.”

I maintain that we can speak a
very hard message with/in love. I watched my father do this for
many years. This is made possible because our message is based on
“It is written” – but our personal
judgements of people, and their sin is put aside.

Truly, there are far too many cultural likes and dislikes
masquerading for the ‘Word of God’ in this day and
age. This is no new thing.

On a most exciting note: Genesis 5:24
tells us that there were six generations of death –
and then God took Enoch alive into Heaven, the seventh
generation. I find this so exciting and encouraging…now we
have work to do. The context prior to the flood was similar, and
Enoch ‘walked with, and pleased God…’ Jude
14-15 gives us the message Enoch proclaimed “Behold the
Lord comes with ten thousand of His saints to execute judgement
upon all…”

Finally and ultimately, God being
the only wise judge - when He looks into the hearts of
men or women, people for whom He chose to give His life to
redeem; there is no pretence, no show, no illusions, no
excuses…His judgement will be made in total righteousness,
for He alone can make such a judgement. I must Praise Him for

How many strongly opinionated
people have I met – whose opinions and prejudices drive
their Christianity, rather than the Spirit of Christ.

It’s true in my experience
that ‘Gays’ or homosexuals would be the most openly
defiant anti-Christian-message people I have ever
encountered… true to Romans 1:28-32.

I have had a number of experiences
where ‘corrupted/distorted minds’ have mocked and
jeered the message of sin, righteousness and judgement I was
trying to offer. I used to get offended and angry. Now I plead
with the Lord for their souls…“forgive them, they
don’t know what they do…” Ed.