Origin, transition and DNA

Origin, transition and DNA

Origin, transition and DNA

Over the months we have spent
together looking at the Bible, science, people’s opinions
and misconceptions there has been a consistent thread weaving
itself into the text.

The Bible is true … You can
trust it.

The Bible is reliable; where
popular understanding disagrees with the Bible; we have to
question popular understanding!

The Bible tells us clearly that
The Earth is young; it tells us clearly that everything was
created in less than a week and that God took a day off after He
finished the work of creating.

That’s rather a difficult
thing to swallow; isn’t it? “The Earth is young;
everything was created in less than a week and that God took a
day off after He finished the work of creating”?

Just because it’s difficult
to believe … and just because most people think it
isn’t true… doesn’t mean it
isn’t true!

Did you ever believe in Father
Christmas? Did you trust the people who told you about him? Did
they tell you the truth? Of course you trusted them; of course
they told you the truth most of the time and you had no
reason to distrust them. Now you know better;
you’ve grown up.

That is how we get sold a pig in a
poke. People we choose to trust tell us
something … and we choose to believe
. Abraham Lincoln said of this tendency,
“You can fool all of the people some of the time and some
of the people all of the time but you cannot fool all of the
people all of the time”

What has happened to the theory of
evolution is that a lot of people, especially scientists
have understood recently that the theory has no
explanation for the origin of life, no explanation for the origin
of complexity and no explanation for the sudden appearance of
species in the fossil record which are almost identical to those
alive today.

True; many species have died out
since creation, but most of the animals and plants we find in the
fossil record are very similar to plants and animals alive today.
Many are far larger than they are today… but there’s
a perfectly simple explanation for that. The world was very

The Bible confirms this; there was
no rain before The Flood (Genesis 2:5), there was some kind of a
“firmament” between the waters “to divide the
waters from the waters” (Genesis 1:6-10) and that the
waters upon the Earth God called seas so there was water above
the “firmament”.

What’s a firmament? The
Bible tells us that it is something the sun and moon shine in
(Genesis 1:14-17) and where the stars are. The Hebrew word for
this is raquia, which means “expanse” or
“a thinness spread out” The firmament is also a place
where the birds fly (Genesis 1:20) so it means in Modern English
both “space” and

Any water above the firmament
would need to be transparent so that the sun, moon and stars
could be seen; they were put there “for signs and
seasons” so the water certainly wasn’t there as
clouds! Water vapour is transparent, you can see through
it; stars, sun and moon visible... no problem!

That is why the world was
a very different place where bigger animals and plants lived for

A layer of water vapour above the
atmosphere would do several things.

  1. It would trap heat and make an
    enormous greenhouse effect.
  2. The temperature all over the
    globe would be pretty similar; tropical and without seasons as we
    know them today. The existence of tropical plant fossils in
    Spitzbergen and the Antarctic confirms that they were once warm
  3. There would be a higher
    concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere because there would be
    greater plant growth in the warm climate. The bubbles in amber
    confirm this. The atmosphere trapped in the bubbles has more than
    a third more oxygen than the oxygen in the atmosphere
    today. (Many leaves in the fossil record are smaller than today;
    even though the plants themselves are bigger) and more oxygen in
    the atmosphere would explain this. Less oxygen; bigger leaves are
    needed. More oxygen; smaller leaves.
  4. The water vapour would screen
    out far more of the dangerous radiation than the atmosphere does
    today so plants and animals would be less exposed to dangerous

If you take laboratory animals and
put them in an atmosphere where the temperature is steady at
about +28 Celsius, screen out radiation and increase
oxygen… guess what happens? They live between seven
and fourteen times longer

Interesting that; the age of the
patriarchs before the flood (when “the waters above the
firmament” fell to earth and we lost the protection) is
approximately seven to fourteen times the average age today.
Interesting, isn’t it? Science confirms the Biblical
account once again!

There is not one example of a
transitionary species; (a species half way between two different

Bats are bats and mice are mice
there is no fossil of a mouse growing wings. There is no fossil
of a fish becoming a frog and no fossils which can shed
any light on the origin of flight in birds, bats, fish,
insects, pterosaurs (flying dinosaurs) or squirrels. All the
fossils we find are of fully developed flyers.

Come to think of it an animal with
“evolving” wings which couldn’t fly would have
a hard time getting away from its enemies so it would be
eliminated before it had the chance to reproduce…
well… wouldn’t it ?

Okay; I admit that there are
fossils found in China of things that look like flying
dinosaurs but there are articles in scientific journals which
explain that each and every one is a fake made by gluing together
fossils of birds and dinosaurs; hardly surprising when market
economics creates a demand and an enterprising Chinese
fossil-hunter realizes he can get a million dollars for a
dino-bird fossil when he can get a few hundred for a fossil of a
bird or for a dinosaur.

There’s a whole book about
the famous fossil Archaeopteryx, which claims that it has
feathers which are found on only one side of the stone sheet it
was cut from (implying that they were added later) and explains
how the fake was done by using reconstituted stone from the
fossil; ground down into powder and applied with a mould.

I do find it odd that
there are so few transitional fossils when, in reality
everything ought to be in transition from being
something which is gradually “evolving” into being
something else!

There’s a huge part of the
problem. Even Darwinists are disagreeing with each other!

One lot maintain that everything
is evolving so slowly that there is no evidence whilst the other
lot (Neo-Darwininsts) have a new system. They tell us
that things did evolve but that it happened in isolated
pockets and so fast that it didn’t leave a record
in the fossils.

Funny that… One lot says it
happened so slowly that it left no record and the other
lot says it happened so fast that it left no record. I
hope you don’t think me unkind if I point out that both
theories are trying to explain why there’s no

The fact is…
there’s no record

I have a better
explanation…. There’s no record… because
evolution never happened

Which is interesting; because the
Bible tells us that evolution never happened!

According to The Bible everything
was created “as is” and our own observation shows us
that it was created with a capability for adaptation so
that each plant or animal can be better at living where it

Red Fox

Foxes that live in the Arctic have
thick fur and smaller ears (ears lose heat). Those that live in
deserts have thinner coats and big ears to help dissipate

God designed them to be

The Book of Genesis tells us that
everything has offspring “according to its kind”
… Which means that grass produces grass, monkeys produce
monkeys and people produce people. Monkeys don’t produce
people. Apes don’t produce anything which is turning into a
person either. They produce apes, full stop.

There is no information on ape DNA
to make a person!

An ape looks similar to a
person (especially a few I was at school with!) but the
differences are formidable; the brain of the gorilla,
for example, is three times smaller than the brain of a person.
It is also wired completely differently and works in a different

Martin Lubenow; author of a superb
book “ Bones of Contention” (Baker Book House 1992)
tells us that if you could enlarge the brain of a
gorilla to be the same size as the brain of a person it would
still be as dumb as it was before!

Remember? Different wiring;
different function, different design!

Another thing; whilst we are on
the subject of apes and monkeys “becoming”

The organ of balance in the human
ear is unique. It is designed for walking on two legs. It is
similar to the organ of balance in an ostrich (any evolutionists
out there claiming we are descended from ostriches this week?)
but very different from that in an ape or a monkey who
is designed to walk on his knuckles or to swing from branch to

Knuckle walkers have a leg at each
corner so they are far more stable than you or me. They
don’t need a sophisticated organ of balance.

I once saw a chimp that had eaten
several pounds of very alcoholic black bananas who was
sloshed out of his tiny mind. Watching him walking on all fours
was very funny… but it wasn’t anything like as
pathetic as watching people staggering home on a Friday night
after a skinful. The interesting thing was that he didn’t
even try to walk on his back legs… whereas the
humans occasionally have to resort to crawling home on all fours
because their organs of balance don’t function properly
when they’re “pizzicato”.

How else do we know that we
aren’t “descended” from apes?

There is an incredibly complicated
system of checks and balances in our genetic system which makes
sure that there are very few copying errors. I read
recently that it is so effective that in the equivalent of 63
Bibles-worth of information there might be ONE copying
error… In fact the system is so accurate that
human beings can’t make a system this good (remember; the
experts will try to get you to believe that it’s supposed
to happen by accident!

I have to admit that I am
constantly amazed at the apparently intelligent people who
can’t see past such childish foolishness. If it takes
thousands of man-hours and intelligence to design a computer
system… how on earth can a better system be an

We were discussing copying errors.
There is this system for preventing them!

DNA is a copy of the
previous DNA… so where does the new information for
evolution come from
… eh?

Why can’t you

Your Mum’s DNA has no
information for wings or feathers; your Dad’s DNA has no
information for wings or feathers ...so you cannot
evolve into a bird… can you?

Dinosaur DNA has no information
for wings or feathers either (or they’d have them,
wouldn’t they?)

So how did a dinosaur evolve
into a bird... Magic

Until the proponents (that’s
a fancy university word for supporters) of evolution can explain
how a dinosaur “got hold of” the information for
feathers, wings, hollow lightweight bones, birds’ lungs and
navigation… forget it… it never happened; it cannot
happen… we were created roughly as we are… with the
ability to adapt to our environment… just like all the
animals and plants we find in the fossil record.

The Bible is true. You can trust

The Bible is reliable; where
popular understanding disagrees with the Bible; we have to
question popular understanding!

The God who created you
and me: wants to get to know you better. He wants
you to have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you
want to know more about it, look at the box on page 11 and do as
it says !

God bless you! Bro

If you’re interested in this
month’s subjects and want to read further; here are some
books to look for:

The Genesis Record by
Henry Morris PhD. Baker Book House 1976. A verse-by-verse study
of Genesis in the light of science in the late 1970s. I wish
he’d do an updated one!

The Defender’s
Ed Henry Morris; 1998. Authorised (KJV) Version Bible
with creation-based commentary throughout. Very

The Signature of God by
Grant R. Jefferey. Frontier Research Publications 1997. A deep
look at the reliability of the Bible; every Christian should read
this at least once. From the introduction “it is of utmost
importance that each of us determine for ourselves whether the
Bible is truly the Word of God…”

The Evidence for Truth
by Dr E.K.Victor Pearce. Published by Inter
Publishing Services in the UK and by Operation Mobilization in

  1. Science
  2. Archaeology
  3. Prophecy
  4. Miracles and Angels
  5. The Origin and Destiny of Life

The Young Earth by Dr
John Morris; Master Books 1994

It’s a Young World After
by Paul D Ackerman ; Baker Book House 1986

In Six Days (why 50 PhD
scientists choose to believe in Creation) Ed. John Ashton PhD.
New Holland Publishers 1999.