Roadmap to peace as flawed as Oslo Agreement

Roadmap to peace as flawed as Oslo Agreement

Roadmap to peace as flawed as Oslo Agreement

Leading up to next years US
elections, President George Bush will need to tread very
carefully around the so-called ‘Roadmap for peace’

Christian Zionists and
Conservative Christians in America are a lobby group to be
reckoned with. Only bible-believers have a reference to draw from
other than the Media and popular opinion.

“Christian Zionists were
infuriated in April last year when in a speech after a suicide
bombing in Israel, the President seemed to equate Palestinian
terrorism with the Israeli Army’s actions on the West Bank.
Not only did he not call for the ouster of Yasser Arafat (a goal
of hard-liners for years), Bush sent Secretary of State Colin
Powell to the region to meet the Palestinian leader. “That
was more than those of us who support Israel could take”,
said Gary Bauer, a leading Christian Zionist.

Engineered by Bauer, Falwell, Pat
Robertson and others, several hundred thousand messages the
Administration, urging it to lay off Sharon and jettison
Arafat” Herald 27/5. “American Jews who see
Israel’s survival as a paramount issue are looking for
support. Coming to meet them are the evangelicals, who tend to
believe that the “Covenant of Abraham” promised the
Jews their entire ancient homeland – including the West
Bank – forever.”

As with the Oslo Agreement, the
Roadmap to peace is fundamentally flawed in that the PLO most
definitely does not want peace! The PLO will not stop their
struggle in Israel until every last Jew is destroyed; and we in
the West struggle to believe the truth of this statement because
we do not understand the Arab mindset nor can we fathom the
indoctrination of hatred. For Arab children the indoctrination
starts at home – and continues at school where textbooks
blatantly encourage anti-Jew sentiment. A former Syrian Minister
of Education wrote “The hatred which we indoctrinate into
the minds of our children from their birth is sacred.”

Daniel Pipes in an article in the
Jerusalem Post 23.07.03 refers to the Palestinians, al-Qaida and
Saddam Hussein all sharing the same inadvertent support from the
West. “Al-Qaida destroys airplanes and buildings that it
itself could not possibly build. The Palestinian Authority has
failed in every field of endeavour except killing Israelis.
Saddam Hussein's Iraq grew dangerous thanks to money showered on
it by the West to purchase petroleum Iraqis themselves had
neither located nor extracted. HOW, DESPITE their general
incompetence, has this trio managed to guide the course of events
as if they were powers in the traditional sense? The cause of
this anomaly, Harris replies, is that the West plays by a strict
set of rules while permitting al-Qaida, the Palestinians, and
Saddam Hussein to play without rules. We restrain ourselves
according to the standards of civilized conduct as refined over
the centuries; they engage in maximal

To the extent that any
‘agreement, accord or treaty’ agrees with the Word of
God, we can agree with it. This means first and foremost we need
to become versed in what God says!