What’s in a name?

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

1 Samuel 25:25 For as his name
is, so is he

This week's comment is in
reference to two of Israel's most serious 'thorns in the side' -
Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These
two groups have been, and still are responsible for most of the
terror attacks and murders perpetrated against Israel over the
last several decades. The US administration surely must monitor
and be very aware of the evil murderous nature of both of these
groups and have finally announced that the US will be taking
strong measures against them. I even caught the end of a news
item earlier this week in which the US were considering sending
military personel to wipe out Hamas. But in Europe it is very
different. For some reason which escapes my understanding, the
majority of Europe's political leaders support both of these
terror organisations. This fact should really come as no surprise
because these same European leaders love the world's No1
terrorist - Arafat. They still refuse to comply with Israel's
requests not to meet with him and they run to kiss and hug this
dispicible, disgusting excuse for a human being. What is wrong
with these people? Wake up Europe!!!

Europe is even refusing to label
Hamas as a terror organisation. European leaders justify their
decision by claiming that Hamas is involved in other activities
apart from terrorism. And it is true in a way. Hamas gives a lot
of humanitarian aid in the PA administered areas, in an attempt
to offset the millions that Arafat has stolen from his people and
filled his own bank accounts with, making himself the 6th richest
man in the world (may be the 4th). Hamas gives food, clothing,
other materials and even money to the desperately poor Arabs
living under PA domination. Hamas also sponsors children's summer
camps and other projects to assist older youth.

However I should mention here that
these summer camps are really training camps for future
terrorists. TV footage has been shown of 5 - 8 year old children
being marched around the camps wearing fake suicide bomb belts,
chanting "death to the Jews - death to Israel.
And of course the older ones are already involved in
the terror war against Israel. They start when they are younger
by throwing rocks & stones, and end a few years later by
blowing themselves and their innocent victims to pieces on an
Israeli bus or in a restaurant.  And a lot of European tax payers
money supports and sponsors it!

Many of today’s leaders are
exactly like what the Bible says they would be like in the last
days. Professing to be wise they became foolish
(Romans 1:25).
They do not glorify God and thus they
don't understand really anything that is taking place in the word
today, or the calamity that is about to hit this planet. They
don't understand the laws of the spiritual universe. They
don’t understand that 1 Samuel 25:25 For as his
name is so is he.
I believethat to mean that
whatever a man's or group's name is, that is what the man or
people will become. This is connected to the other spiritual law
that says the power of life and death is in the tongue. When we
speak we are really prophesying and when we utter a name we are
prophesying that name and its meaning over the person or group we
are naming. This is why it is important to be very careful when
we name our children.   Every time we call their name we are
speaking its meaning into their lives. Every time Samuel's mother
called him, she was speaking over him"

Samuel = You will hear God "and as
we all know, Samuel did hear God. All the Biblical names are like
this - they all have an important prophetic meaning.

Most names mean something in any
language. According to 1 Samuel 25, as is the name so is the
person. Many people who got carried away with the demonic
Excorcist movies called their sons Damien which
means demon - God help them!

Now that we understand this, it is
clear that most politicians don't have any understanding that
there can be no hope for a peaceful future with groups like Hamas
and Islamic Jihad in the picture.  As is the name so is the
group!   Hamas means violence or terror. How can
you have a peaceful group whose name describes them as violent
and terror?  And jihad means
war.  How can you make peace with a group whose
very name means Islamic War? Are they likely to
change their names? I doubt it, and if they don't change their
names, they won’t change their activities.  Its
IMPOSSIBLE - their names describes their
nature – it’s a spiritual law. That is why in the
Bible many people had their names changed after they had an
encounter with God. eg  Jacob (to wrestle)  became Israel (the
praiser of God)

So come on President Bush &
Colin Powell, UN, EU, Russia and Tony Blair too - take the
pressure off Israel and apply it to the groups that ought to have
the pressure put on them. European leaders - you are being very
foolish and naive. Even an apple with just a small worm in it is
still a rotten apple. Hamas has a big worm - it is rotten!  Wash
your hands of the Jewish blood your terrorist friends have spilt
before it’s too late.  Your nations will be judged by how
you treat Israel (Joel 3).  You need to repent before you have to
stand before the God of Israel and give an account of your
actions. Choose this day who you will align yourself with. The
friends of Satan or the friends of God.

Don’t forget what the Bible
tells us in 1 Samuel 25:25 For as his name is, so is

God’s name is YHVH which
means I am what I am.