Omega Times to change direction

Omega Times to change direction

Omega Times to change direction

Over the past six months we have
been seeking the Lord for the direction He would have us take
with regard to the ongoing work of the Omega Times. We
acknowledge that “Except the Lord build the house, they
labour in vain that build it…” Psalm 127:1. The
response to the Omega Times questionnaire sent out with the
September edition was very strong with over 20% of our readers
replying. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and has
assisted us to determine some important changes for the

Personally, coming to a decision
regarding necessary changes to the future of the Omega Times has
been a most difficult experience given my relationship with Barry
(Dad), my siblings and the many people (internationally) who
appreciated Barry and followed his bible teaching. Most
definitely we are seeking to continue to proclaim the ‘good
news’ in the context of current world events, through a
medium which is sustainable. It is now apparent that the time has
come to make some dramatic changes in accordance with this new

The Omega Times as a
ministry will continue, but the monthly publication of the Omega
Times newspaper will cease by the end of 2003. The ministry will
publish a quarterly prophetic update, which will not be
subscription based, but will operate by donation

Since Barry passed away (June 27,
2002) I have done my best to continue the work of this ministry,
whilst continuing with a very demanding role as a training
facilitator in several organisations around New Zealand
(primarily within The Department of Corrections). I believe this
work, outside of religious institutions, is a definite part of my
calling from God, bringing light into dark places, and presenting
Kingdom principles to people who do not know God. This
necessitates a great deal of travel, and increasingly I am away
from home mid-week, meaning weekends are currently juggled
between vital family time and work related to the Omega Times.
The demands on time have been significant, and as many readers
may or may not be aware, the Omega Times has no full time staff,
and has been compiled by myself and recently special friend
Andrew Watson on a voluntary basis. We have appreciated the
support of many writers over the years whose contributions have
been warmly received.

Compounding the current situation,
our traditional ratio of NZ to International subscribers has
shifted in favour of international subscriptions, and with the
continued strength of the NZ dollar – and unfavourable
exchange rates, we are no longer able to sustain international
postage costs, at this time causing us to operate at a loss.

So, we must respond accordingly
and feel the most appropriate action is as follows:

1. Effective 17 October 2003 we
have ceased to process re-subscription and new subscriptions to
the Omega Times. Any new subscriptions received after this date
will not be processed, and payment will be returned.

2. A ‘Subscription Response
Form’ has been designed to enable us to administer
remaining subscription account balances.

3. Upon receiving your completed
‘Subscription Response Form’ we will act on your

4. Unless you state otherwise, you
will automatically receive the Omega Times Quarterly Update. This
publication will be free of charge, operating by donation

5. Omega Times online subscribers
will be notified in December 2003 as to the future of the online

The final edition of the Omega
Times (monthly) will be November 2003.

I appreciate that for many, the
news of these dramatic changes will represent a significant sense
of loss. Certainly the response from our recent questionnaire has
made this decision very difficult – with overwhelming
support of this ministry. We too feel a sense of finality. Having
said this, the ministry of the Omega Times will continue, but not
based on a business model. We acknowledge that the days in which
we live are indeed extraordinary, and that the work of publishing
the good news is very important. This will continue under the new
format of the Omega Times quarterly update. Our call is to
continue to publish the good news in as many mediums as we can

In discussing these changes with
friend and co-worker Steve Avery, of International Support
Ministries UK, we agreed that Barry had an extraordinary (God
given) energy which enabled him to continue to proclaim a
difficult message, even in an environment which was largely
hostile toward the message. Incredibly, this hostility was most
often generated from within Christian circles. Barry’s
energy emanated from God’s call on his life. Wonderfully,
thousands of people came to know Christ through Barry’s
ministry, and seemed to be able to take ‘the good
news’ from the overall message and act on it. Even now I
can hear a “Praise the Lord everybody.”

May Smith (Mum) is currently
spending some time with my sister Rebecca Capell and her family
on board the Doulos Missions Ship in Turkey. May joins with us in
acknowledging that the Lord’s work will continue, despite
the fears and difficulties we face around change - “They
that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and
they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and
ever” Daniel 12:3. Maranatha.