“We know where you live”

"We know where you live"

"We know where you live"

Middle East Map

Israeli authorities have released
a map pinpointing the addresses of Palestinian militant leaders
in Damascus – on the same day that Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon said Israel will attack its enemies in “any place,
any way” in order to defend her citizens. The ‘Terror
Network Map’ includes the homes of: Mousa Abu Marzook,
Khaled Mashal and Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shallah amongst
many others, along with key political, military and media

One Palestinian official commented
“Do they think this will scare a group of people willing to
die?… I am dead since 1948.” I don’t think
‘scaring’ is the strategy.

Along with the focus on Damascus,
the IDF also know where other nests of terrorists are, and are
seeking to flush them out and deal with them. Hizbollah
terrorists in Lebanon, where border fighting has broken out for
the first time since 2000 continue to bomb Israeli, as Syria
responds to the recent Israeli airforce bombing of an Islamic
Jihad training camp, deep inside Syrian territory (a camp that
Syrian officials refuse to acknowledge). Israel is still
technically at war with Syria.

Simply, the supply and
communication lines within the terrorist network need to be cut,
and these lines of support run into Israel (to Palestinian
terrorists) from every surrounding hostile Nation.

Star of David

Once again – from the media
in the West, the condemnation of Ariel Sharon continues - for
picking on people who have nothing to do with terrorist activity,
and for threatening to ‘remove’ Yasser Arafat. The
situation becomes more complex with every human life lost, it is
a violent reality; but I state once again – the terrorists
are not struggling for peace with Israel, they are struggling to
annihilate the Jews forever! From this fundamental platform the
Israeli question must be discussed! The cat and mouse, eye for an
eye reporting is smokescreen, red herring folly and can lead to
no desirable outcome. We are talking about the immutable God of
Israel and the Jewish people, under attack from extremist
followers of the Quran.

Meanwhile, America continues to
eye Syria and Iran – key nations in the ‘Axis of
evil’ terror network. Syria has been repeatedly warned by
the US that they are on the “wrong side of the war with
terror” and must stop harbouring terrorists.

I have received criticism in
recent days with regard to my apparent ‘anti-American
stance.’ May I state once again, I am not anti-American in
the slightest. I appreciate the good America has done in
championing many just and right causes. In particular, America
has at crucial times in history stood with and offered support to
the Jewish people. But America, like every Nation of humans in
the world – will come under the judgement of God when she
walks away from God, and does that which is right in her own
eyes! Republican OR Democrat, God’s law must prevail over
and above National or International policy – and clearly,
there are some big problems. My country of NZ will also answer to
God for many discrepancies of judgement and the establishment of
anti Christ policies which carry with them negative consequences.
Let me state this very clearly, as patriotic as I am (I love NZ)
– if I continue to have my affections caught up in this
decaying system, I will pass away with it! It is clearly time
believers in Christ Jesus ensured our citizenship to the Kingdom
of God is valid and kept current.

Contrary to several schools of
thought about America’s future being bright, I believe the
opposite. I believe the current war against terror and continuing
Middle East unrest will culminate in a war in Israel – a
big war. This will happen after America is nullified. I also
believe that God will look after His millions of people in
America and abroad, He does not forsake His own. He never has -
and never will.

Many reports coming out of the USA
indicate National vulnerability to an organised terrorist
offensive. One such report in the Dominion Post 08.10.03 states
that US nuclear facilities are vulnerable to attacks. Mr
Levernier of the US Department of energy has said that ‘In
more than 50 per cent of our tests at the Los Alamos facility, we
got in, captured the plutonium, got out again, and in some cases
didn’t fire a shot, because we didn’t encounter any
guards.” Interestingly, Mr Levernier was stripped of his
security clearance following his faxing of an unclassified
document to the New York Times. Some believe that the black outs
experienced on the East Coast of America recently were a test
case for emergency services, ‘response to extraordinary

Around the globe today lie the
fragmented remains of evil regimes and dark forces of days gone
by. These groups were/are anti-Semitic, anti-Christ, anti-USA,
anti-Christian – anti-Life. Incredibly, there is a stirring
in these graveyards once again. Communism, Nazism, Occultism and
Paganism are coming to life, and with the aid of a One World
Church whore system which embraces Islam, will be empowered to
wreck havoc the world over.

Our God is the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob – that is His Name for all generations.
Here is a prophecy for believers “…All the ends of
the earth have seen the salvation of our God.” In a day to
come – our interpretations and speculations will cease as
we see firsthand ‘the salvation of our God’.