Xmas is approaching…

Xmas is approaching...

Xmas is approaching...

I was amused listening to the
radio the other day, Christmas is approaching and there were
numerous complaints over the issue of The Warehouse (Editors
note: NZ retail outlet) starting to ‘Xmas’ everything
in October. I smiled over that, as there is a theory that Jesus
was born in October rather than in December... but, that’s
another story.

I never ceased to be amazed how
many believers totally disregard the ‘end times’ as
conjecture. As the above paragraphs suggests, many Christians
have more interest in Xmas, a ritual built on conjecture, than
the return of Jesus.

The analogy is meeting a nice
girl, becoming engaged, planning a wedding then forgetting about
her, citing “Oh, one day we’ll get

In Matthew 24 the disciples asked
Jesus about the signs of his return. Jesus did not tell them
‘not to worry about it and go about your business’.
Jesus twice pointed out the fig tree parable, (Mathew & Luke)
and urges them and us to “learn” from it. To learn
means to study, grasp – as opposed to forgetting about

Derek Prince gave a wonderful
lesson on the fig tree and reasoned that 15 May 1948, the birth
of Israel was our start point. He further expounded on The
parable of the fig tree, the feast of tabernacles and the year of

I have become more and more
convinced that many of those alive and well in 2003 will see the
return of Jesus.

The book of Revelation as the
title states, is a revealing of things to come. This includes the
Church, the great tribulation, the Antichrist, the Armageddon
battle and the New Jerusalem. A blessing is promised to those who
read (Revelation) and those who hear, i.e. a double blessing. I
want to be part of that!

In I Thessalonians 4, the Apostle
Paul outlines details of Jesus’ return. In chapter 4:18 he
talks about Jesus’ appearance, and exhorts us to encourage
each other with this. Considering some of the insanity of
today’s world, I am greatly encouraged with the thought of
meeting Jesus above the earth, leaving politics to try to sort
out the mess.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Paul is
talking abut those who are vigilant and those who are not,
exhorting us to be vigilant. This is the opposite of the attitude
that says “Don’t worry, it may never happen in our

In Mathew 24 Jesus is speaking to
His disciples - urging us to watch, v 43, the house is to watch,
v 46, the householder is to give food. I believe this is
allegorical, speaking to those who study the Scriptures, being
alert and aware. The Groom will very soon return for His

I reiterate, I shed a tear when I
think about the majority of Christians who push this aside, and
yet celebrate a Catholic ritual called the Mass of Christ, which
is not even mentioned in the Bible.

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