Germany – part of final battle

Germany - part of final battle

Germany - part of final battle

Omega Times December 1990

In the Middle East, the end result
is what really counts and as we have mentioned already, we await
a non-religious Jewish man called Antichrist to arise and bring
in a seven year Peace Treaty in the Middle East.

In the mean time, a number of
interesting things are taking place in that area.

We arrived at Tel Aviv airport on
the 10th October 1990. I did not show any of our tour
party the news headline in the paper as we awaited our departure.
In very large letters it read: “TARGET TEL AVIV.” It
told of a missile which Saddam has access to, and translated into
English it means “The Stone.” He boasted,
“There are plenty of stones in Iraq.” It is clear
that his ultimate aim is to unite with Iran, his former foe,
against the common enemy, Israel.

Students of European history will
be interested in the part Germany plays in all this drama.

The Jerusalem Post reported that
about 207 companies in 22 countries have supplied Iraq with
chemical and other weapons – The report singled out Germany
as leading the list of suppliers, 86 firms to be exact. The Jews
know, and have already admitted it, that when Germany was united,
there would be a feeling of unease that would come as part of the
package deal.

There is a lot of dispute in
Israel at present. Their Holocaust Museum is a constant reminder
of the evil spirit that dominated that nation during the reign of
Hitler, and some feel that the same spirit might still be

The prophet mentions the names of
the nations who will accompany the Soviets during their future
invasion of Israel, and one outstanding name appears on the list
– i.e. Gomer. “Son of man, set your face against Gog,
the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshach and Tubal, and
prophesy against him.” (Ezekiel 38:2). Now notice verse
six. Gomer, and all his bands. Gomer in Hebrew stands for

It is also of interest, that
although we believe the future Antichrist will be a non-religious
Jew; (“I am come in my Father’s name and you received
me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will
receive.” (John 5:43), “He shall not regard the gods
of his fathers, or him to whom women desire to give birth, or any
other god, for he shall magnify himself above all.” (Daniel 11:37)),
it is this author’s belief that he could possibly
also be of German decent.

The little Old Testament book of
Habakkuk tells us, three important things regarding the last

1. A World Condition, 2. a Nation,
3. a Man - Antichrist qualifications.