Illuminism Destroyed by Divine Revelation

Illuminism Destroyed by Divine Revelation

Illuminism Destroyed by Divine Revelation

"Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have
heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many
antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time."
I John 2:18

There are so many signs every day from Almighty God, and yet
the people of the world are wandering continually deeper into the
darkness of deception, apathy, and indifference. We are made to
wonder what it will take to wake up those who spiritually slumber
under the influence of the Illuminati conspiracy. We live in a
land of madness that is filled with people who are entertained by
violence, abstract sexual activities, rank blasphemy, and
grotesque misbehavior. Conditions are exactly as the Scripture
said they would be in II Timothy 3:13 which says, "But evil men
and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being

The Scripture verses at the top of this page tell us clearly that
we know it is the last time by the many antichrists that are at
work. We are also told that the activities of these
conspiratorial antichrists that are hatched in the chambers of
darkness will be shouted from the housetops, and that is one of
the primary purposes of this newsletter. In addition to that, we
also see from the third segment of Scripture above that the
antichrist is not discovered or figured out but rather is
revealed! This is a vitally important point for us to understand.
Truth is never discovered by sinful man; truth is only revealed
from above! Thus, sinful man will never catch on nor understand
what is truly happening. Sinful man will never regard the
antichrist as evil. Truth comes to the heart of man only by
revelation from above. The sequence is simple. If people hear the
call of God and truly repent and obey the Gospel, they will rise
to walk in newness of life and will fight the powers of darkness.
If they fight the powers of darkness spiritually, they will be
given a special gift from the very throne of God called
discernment. This is the gift of spiritual sight to those who
were spiritually blind. When this happens to people, they begin
to see a world full of things that they had never seen before,
even though those things were always there. Thus, the gift of
discernment is given only to those people who will fight Satan!
If churches and the people in them stop fighting the devil, they
quickly lose the gift of discernment and find themselves thrust
into the outer darkness of idolatry and continuous deception.

What is truly sad is that they do not even realize it! If they
do not receive a love of the truth, it is God who will send them
the strong delusion, and they will believe the lies of the
antichrist and will be caught up in a religious and patriotic
frenzy that is not of God! We remember the story of one Samson,
who was seduced by a woman to reveal the conditions that secured
his supernatural strength. When he told this deceiving and
false-hearted woman what she wanted to know, she enfeebled him,
and he was unable to fight the enemy but soon became a blind and
captive servant of that enemy. The saddest of words regarding
Samson are found in Judges 16:20 as follows; "And he wist not
that the Lord was departed from him." This is the very condition
of so many churches in these last days. Thankfully, there is
always going to be at least a small remnant of the Lord Jesus

As we see all of these things happening, we are also seeing
signs of impending judgment. In California, the massive fires
were devastating. Then there came the floods and mudslides on the
scorched earth. (29) Then, a powerful lightning storm followed
with five inches of hail. (30) In other areas such as Yellowstone
National Park, areas near the bulging lake dome are closed to the
public as seismic activity increases. Scientists are describing
the area as "plumes of steam and gurgling belching cauldrons of
hot water." (31) Scientists are also saying that the entire area
is like an expanding pie crust, and that the explosion will be as
powerful as TNT. (32)

Reading the reports of what is happening to the earth is like
reading Matthew, chapter 24. The earthquakes are increasing in
intensity and frequency all over the world. On December 1st,
2003, Red China suffered a killer earthquake with a magnitude of
6.1. (33) At nearly the same time, a 6.6 magnitude quake shook
the Philippines, and quakes also hit Japan, Taiwan, Sumatra,
Iran, Greece, and Mexico. (34) In the United States, the state of
Virginia was shaken by the largest quake since the 1880’s.
(35) We also know that there have been 11 massive explosions on
the sun since October 19th, 2003. Each one of the 11 explosions
sent a cloud of charged or ionized particles exactly 13 times the
size of the earth. (36) The sun is rapidly changing and
scientists are predicting many more explosions on its surface.
These signs and many others are the very signs that Jesus told us
to watch for and to pray about. His coming is at the very

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