The Roadmap to Armageddon

The Roadmap to Armageddon

The Roadmap to Armageddon


The "Quartet" of Bush, Putin, UN, and EU is determined,
through a division of land, to bring a "just and lasting peace"
into the Middle East between Israel and her neighbors. Assuming
they are sincere and not just working for their own interests,
their mental state must be on a par with those who gave the Nobel
Peace Prize to Yasser Arafat, a mass murderer, habitual liar, and
the world’s leading terrorist, who has done more than
anyone to destroy world peace. How thankful the West should be
that Al Gore (who repeatedly, as vice president, warmly received
Arafat into the White House) is not there now as president!

In fact, Muhammad, whose word cannot be changed, imposed upon
every Muslim in every age the duty of exterminating all Jews.
Only then can the "Last Day" (the climax of Islam) arrive. That
fact makes "peace" between Israel and Muslims
impossible—ever. Any apparent "peace" agreements signed by
Muslim leaders are not worth the ink in their signatures! In the
ten years prior to the signing of the Oslo Accords, 211 Israelis
were killed by terrorists; in the ten years since, about 1,200
have been killed and 5,000 wounded.

No Arab/Muslim political or religious leader can contradict
Islam’s founding prophet. Thus to continue to pursue a
negotiated "peace" in the Middle East is the height of folly! Yet
Western political and religious leaders continue to hold out that
vain hope and to force concessions upon Israel that pave the road
to her destruction!

Modern Israel occupies a relatively small piece of land. Arabs
possess 700 times as much, with vast amounts of oil and minerals.
Why are they determined to possess tiny Israel too?
Islam says it belongs to them!

A sovereign Jewish state proves that Muhammad was a false
prophet, and that Allah is not God. Muslims must destroy

Both the Bible and Qur’an agree that 4,000 years ago God
gave the Promised Land to Abraham and his Israeli descendants.
Yet, the Arabs claim ownership through Ishmael, Abraham’s
first son. But God declared that not Ishmael, but Isaac, who
would be born to Sarah, was the son and heir He had promised (Gen 17:15-21).

Like his father, Isaac also had two sons, Esau and Jacob; and
again the Lord rejected the firstborn and gave the inheritance to
the second—so the inheritance flows from Abraham to Isaac
and on to Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel. Twelve times
Yahweh calls Himself "the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and
the God of Jacob," declaring, "this is my name for ever, and this
is my memorial to all generations" (Ex 3:15). More than 200
times, from Exodus 5:1 to Luke 1:68, Yahweh is called "the God of

Muslims claim that the Bible was corrupted by later revisions.
However, the Bible’s thousands of manuscripts, historical
and prophetic accuracy, and the intricate integration of themes
from Genesis to Revelation (none of which the Qur’an can
boast!) reduce such a claim to nonsense. Furthermore, the
Qur’an itself supports what the Bible says
concerning Israel’s claim to the Promised Land:

"We made a covenant of old with the Children of Israel" (Surah
5,70); "We brought the children of Israel across the [Red] sea,
and Pharaoh with his hosts pursued them..." (10,91).
"…[B]ut we drowned him and those with him all together.
And we said unto the Children of Israel...dwell in the land [and]
hereafter...we shall bring you...out of various nations" (17,103-104);
"[W]e delivered the children of Israel... from
Pharaoh....We chose them, purposely, above all creatures"
(44,30-32); "favored them above all peoples" (45,16); "Remember
Allah’s favor to you...He...gave you what he gave no other
of his creatures. O my people, go into the Holy Land which Allah
hath ordained for you" (95,20-21); etc.

The territory God gave to Abram (later renamed Abraham by God)
and to his descend-ants was not "Palestine," but Canaan: "Into
the land of Canaan they came" (Gen 12:5, 6). There were no
"Palestinians" from whom those who take that name today claim to
be descended: "the Canaanite and Perizzite dwelled then in the
land" (Gen 13:7).

Abram remained there the rest of his life: "...Abram dwelled
in the land of Canaan" (Gen 13:12). God told him, "For all the thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever" (Gen 13:15);
"...all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession" (Gen 17:8).

Abram settled in Hebron in Canaan and "built there an altar to
the LORD [Yahweh]" (Gen 13:18)—not to Allah. Ten years later,
Ishmael (the product of Abraham’s and Sarah’s
unbelief) was born to him through Sarah’s maid, Hagar.
Fourteen years later, when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah
90, Isaac was born in Hebron to Abraham by his wife Sarah,
exactly as God had promised.

Thirty-seven years later, at the age of 127, Sarah died.
Abraham was still living in Hebron, having been there more than
70 years. To bury Sarah, he bought the cave of Machpelah from
Ephron the Hittite (Gen 23:1-20).

Thirty-eight years later, at the age of 175, Abraham died.
Isaac and Ishmael buried him in Machpelah next to Sarah. Isaac
lived in Hebron 110 more years. Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Leah
were also buried in the cave of Machpelah.

Abraham had entered Canaan 400 years after the flood and 300
years after the Tower of Babel. It was sparsely settled, the land
was his for the taking, and he, Isaac, Jacob, and their families,
lived there more than 300 years before temporarily moving to
Egypt to escape a famine. There, for 400 years they were slaves,
just as God had said, until the Canaanites became so wicked that
He was forced to destroy them. God used Israel for that task,
giving them Canaan as an everlasting heritage (Gen 15:13-16), as
He had promised.

God referred to Isaac as Abraham’s "only son" (Gen 22:2).
Thus Ishmael was not buried in Machpelah, but where he had
set-tled far away, having "died in the pres-ence of all his
brethren" (Gen 25:17, 18). No Arab or Muslim was ever buried in

Arabs can't claim a pure descent from Ishmael. Ishmaelites
intermarried with Midianites (Judges 8:5,12,22,24), Edomites (Gen 28:9),
and Hittites (Gen 26:34; Gen 36:1-4). In contrast, during 400
years as slaves in Egypt, the Israelites became an identifiable
ethnic people who were led en masse into Canaan. We know
who they are today.

Denying Israel’s God-given heritage, Yitzak Rabin, who
had secretly promised Clinton he would give up the Golan,
declared, "The Bible is not a geography book." Shortly
thereafter, he was assassinated, preventing him from giving to
Syria the most strategically vital part of Israel.

It was not Arabs but Hebrews who settled in ancient Hebron and
all of Canaan, creating Israel, whose kings ruled from Jerusalem
over an empire stretching from the Sinai to the Euphrates. Around
600 B.C. they were conquered by the Babylonians and scattered to
many nations.

Chased out of their land under God’s judgment in the
Babylonian dispersion, and later twice by the Romans, numbers of
Jews always returned. This despised people continued living in
Israel under the oppressive heel of various occupying foreign
invaders for another 2,500 years. On May 14, 1948, Israel
declared itself an independent nation once again. The Jews once
again possessed their own land, as God had promised—but
only that small fraction of it that had been allotted by the UN
partition on November 29, 1947.

In contrast, the Arabs never lived in Canaan, but
settled in the Arabian Peninsula. Not until the seventh century
A.D., through the Islamic invasions, did Arabs come in any
significant numbers into the land of Israel, which, in A.D. 135,
the Romans had angrily renamed Syria-Palestina, after
Israel’s chief enemy, the Philistines.

The so-called Palestinians of today are Arabs whose ancestors
came from Arabia. They are a Semitic people, with no relationship
either to the Canaanites or the Philistines, who were not
Semites. It is a blatant lie that today’s "Palestinians"
(who at the same time claim descent from Ishmael) are descended
from the original inhabitants of the land of Canaan, which God
promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their heirs.

David was first crowned king in Hebron and ruled there seven
years before moving his throne to Jerusalem. This ancient city
has no significance to Arabs/Muslims. Yet they have built a
mosque at Machpelah, have forbidden access to Jews, and, at
various times in history, have massacred Jews living there. Today
Muslims are attempting to force out the few remaining Jews. They
claim all of "Palestine" and state that Israelis are occupying
land that belongs to them! And this fraud is the foundation for a
so-called road map to peace!

President Bush, as a Christian, ought to tremble at
God’s solemn warning that He will destroy all who
divide His land (Joel 3:2). Yes, His land: "the
land shall not be sold [or traded] for ever: for the land is
mine" (Levi 25:23)! Quartet, take heed: you are defying the God of
Israel and will not escape unpunished!

Those who make "peace" by taking land from Israel, which God
gave her, will be destroyed: "[A]ll that burden themselves with
it [Jerusalem] shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of
the earth be gathered together against it" (Zec 12:3).

On September 13, 1993, under the triumphant gaze of a smiling
President Clinton, Arafat signed, with Yitzak Rabin, the Oslo
Accords on the White House lawn. The ink was scarcely dry when
Arafat began publicly apologizing in Arabic to Muslims around the
world. In fear for his life (remember Anwar Sadat’s murder
by fellow Muslims for making "peace" with Israel), Arafat pleaded
that he was only following the example of Muhammad and the
Islamic law he established.

In A.D. 628, Muhammad led a few of his followers (recent
converts to the new religion of Islam) from Medina back to Mecca,
hoping to join thousands of pagan Arabs in the hajj.
This annual pilgrimage to the Ka’aba (Islam, incredibly,
claims it was built by Abraham and Ishmael!), with its elaborate
ceremonies, had been practiced by pagan Arab tribes for centuries
before Muhammad was born. He was turned back by the Meccans, but
both parties signed a 10-year ceasefire known as the Treaty of
Hubaybiya, as part of which Muhammad relinquished his claim to
being "the prophet of Allah."

This treaty allowed Muhammad the next year (A.D. 629) to lead
a group of Muslims in the hajj. They joined thousands of
"infidel" Arabs in the same pagan ceremonies that their ancestors
had practiced for centuries (See TBC Q&A July '03
for the rituals).

In 630, Muhammad broke the ceasefire on a pretext and took
over Mecca. At first, he allowed pagan Arabs to continue in the
hajj, mingling with the new Muslims in the ancient
rituals. Then he gave the pagans four months in which to convert
to Islam or be killed. Thereafter, no non-Muslims were allowed
into Mecca, as is true today.

So it is with Ramadan, which President Bush (like previous
U.S. presidents) and other western leaders naively honor as a
"holy Muslim holiday." Beginning with the first sighting of the
new moon in the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar, Ramadan
was celebrated by pagan Arabs in honor of Allah, the moon god,
for centuries before Islam. To the hajj and Ramadan,
Muhammad added the horror of jihad and commanded Muslims
to take over the world. That belief has cost millions of innocent
lives and drives terrorism today.

Those promoting the Road Map to Peace are following a history
of good intentions on the part of Israel and the West, which
invariably have been betrayed by the Arabs/Muslims and have
steadily made Israel’s position more untenable. American
presidents, one after another, have cajoled Israel into
compromise after compromise with Arab/Muslim leaders that could
only have been uproarious jokes as far as the latter were
concerned. Always, the good intentions of Israel and the West
have led only to their further humiliation.

Pursuing their impossible peace initiatives, world leaders
defy the God of Israel and of the Bible. As the "heathen rage,
and the people imagine a vain thing [and] the kings of the earth
set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the
LORD, and against his anointed" (Ps 2:1-2), those with "ears to
hear" (Deut 29:4; Ezekiel 12:2; Matt 11:15; Matt 13:9, etc.) detect the
terrifying sound of laughter: "He that sitteth in the heavens
shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision" (Ps 2:4).

We are in the late stages of the awesome fulfillment of Bible
prophecy, behind which lies the omnipotent hand of God himself:
"I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the
people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against
Judah and against Jerusalem..." (Zec 12:2-3).

That remarkable prophesy is being fulfilled today. Never
before in history
have all those surrounding Israel
been united to destroy her. This significant development in
history and Bible prophecy has come about through the rise of

Bush wants a "democratic, viable" Palestinian state living in
peace with Israel, but no democracy exists, or can
, in a Muslim society. Israel is the only democracy in
the Middle East. Bush is trying to create democracy in
Afghanistan and Iraq. If that could happen, it would shake the
entire Muslim world. Islam cannot survive in freedom. No wonder
there is such fanatical opposition from Muslims worldwide, even
for the capture of that sadistic mass torturer and murderer,
Saddam Hussein. Muslims hold 80 percent of the world’s
political prisoners.

America’s precipitous withdrawal from Lebanon 20 years
ago, fleeing from known Syrian/Iranian-sponsored terrorists
instead of pursuing them, encouraged the terrorism rampant today
worldwide. Can Bush really, with terrorist partners, stand up
against the evil of terrorism? When will he admit that it is
endemic to Islam? Will the strategic (politically correct?) time
ever come for telling the truth? It remains to be seen whether
the U.S.can eliminate terrorism, when our State Department
secretly opposes Israel and favors Arabs.

The Bible foretells a false peace, by which Antichrist will
"destroy many" (Dan 8:24,25). Tragically, Israel will be deceived,
tear down the security wall now being built, and drop its guard,
opening the door to "the time of Jacob’s trouble" (Jer 30:7)
and Armageddon (Ezekiel 38:11,12,14,16). Two-thirds of all Jews
worldwide will be killed (Zec 13:8,9). Those who survive will
believe in Christ and be saved when He rescues them and they
recognize the crucified, resurrected Lord as their Messiah and
God (Zec 12:10; Matt 24:13; Rom 11:25,26).

We must not abandon Afghanistan or Iraq. I receive letters
from missionaries there who say, "The minute the American and
British troops pull out, we are dead!" It is time for Christians
to pray as never before—and to do all they can to bring the
gospel of Jesus Christ to both Muslims and Jews.

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