Setting the stage for Antichrist

Setting the stage for Antichrist

Setting the stage for Antichrist

"We are not going to achieve
a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in
words and money." Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., in Foreign Affairs
(July/August 1995)

"No one will enter the New World Order unless
he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will
enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN
Initiation." David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United

I believe that as we enter the last of the last days before
the physical return of the Lord Jesus to planet earth the plans
and aspirations of the New World Order elite will become ever
more obvious to those watching through spiritually discerning

As I noted in my last article "Deceiving and being deceived"
the New World Order minions are now entrenched in the Middle
East. The very portion of the globe the bible says will witness
the final war between Antichrist and the Lord Jesus as the latter
returns to set up His earthly kingdom. Much has to transpire
before that glorious day dawns, but even today we can detect the
stage being set for the final act. At present the New World Order
have become embroiled in a war that will possibly have no end
until the triumphant arrival of Israel’s true Messiah. If
the coalition troops leave the country completely, which I doubt,
who will give democracy any hope of survival under an Islamic
government. Any puppet leaders placed there by the West will
surely not be there long before a car bomb or an assassin’s
bullet finds them.

So what is the prognosis? Not good for the immediate future.
Since initially discovering proof of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib
Prison and even worse following, I believe we have entered an
even more dangerous period than that which preceded or followed
the attacks of September 11th. Today militant Islam
hates the West even more than ever. It seems the two opposing
sides are on a collision course with each other. Cries of "Jihad"
are being heard all over the planet as spiritually blinded Muslim
men, women and even children are encouraged to strike a deathblow
for Allah against America, Britain, Israel and any one who
supports them. Allah and his followers have been insulted by
non-believers and must be avenged. Those who witnessed the murder
of Nick Berg the Jewish American who had been kidnapped by
Islamic forces also witnessed an exhibition of such demonic
depravity that anyone who possesses at least a grain of reasoning
must quake at the thought of what the evil spirit of Islam may be
planning for us in the coming days. To hear these people shout in
Arabic "Allah is greatest" drowning out the screams of this young
American as they cut off his head with a knife was perhaps the
most undiluted image of the demonic I have ever seen in my life.
This young man had been in Iraq supposedly attempting to rebuild
the nation’s infrastructure. He was on his way out of the
country when coalition troops arrested him and reportedly held
him for 10 days before releasing him. Evidently he was then
captured by the group that eventually murdered him.

Now we have to face some peculiarities in this case.

1.When he was murdered why was Nick Berg still wearing the
orange jump suit worn by prisoners of coalition forces? Was he
still in coalition custody?

2.How is it that he shared the same e-mail as one of the
suspected highjackers of September 11th infamy?

3. Is there more to this than at first meets the eye?

I confess I have no answer merely nagging questions in the
back of my mind.

Also, I have the nagging suspicion the problems of the Middle
East are going to get worse until Antichrist steps in with his
pseudo peace formula. And I have the uneasy feeling that the
powers that took us into the Middle East planned it that way.
Does any reader wonder how the tormentors and abusers of the
Iraqi prisoners could be so lacking in foresight that they stood
there taking photographs of their crimes? It seems foolish in the
extreme. Unless someone in the shadowy recesses of government
helped it happen in order to anger the Islamic population and
make the world more dangerous. Then increase security, erode
personal freedom even further and perhaps even allow another
September 11th or worse to prove your point. Let
fundamentalist Islam play into your hands for your plans.
It’s the old Hegelian dialectic. Arm two opposing sides
(the Arabs and the West) then get them to fight it out. When it
is all but over you move in and get the result you want. A firmer
foothold in that area. All this to bring about the desired
result. More control, more security, a dramatic decrease in
personal freedom, a world government and a larger foothold in the
Middle East’s lucrative oil fields. Aren’t we clever?
The world has forgotten the words of Thomas Jefferson "When the
government fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear
the government there is tyranny." Friends that is what this is
all about, world control by the few over the many. What does the
above have to do with bible prophecy? Everything. I believe these
are more pieces in the "devil’s jigsaw" to take the title
from Barry Smith’s excellent book. The pieces are beginning
to fall into place at a faster rate than ever before. Soon the
question of Israel and Jerusalem will be looked upon as the major
stumbling blocks to peace in the Middle East. According to Daniel
9 the Antichrist will arise and make peace between Israel and her
enemies. What better carrot for the Arabs than to offer peace in
the Middle East in exchange for a continued presence of
"peaceful" Western forces protecting (read controlling) the
status quo of Saudi Arabia and other despotic nations. Russia is
watching this scenario taking shape and may soon realise she
could lose a major opportunity to gain a foothold in the region.
It will be then that we shall witness the fulfilment of Ezekiel
38 and 39 when the northern army pours into the Middle East only
to be annihilated on the mountains of Israel when God stands up
in her defence.

As for the present situation in Iraq, we have seen the
startling suggestion by the quartet, USA, UN, EU and Russia that
the UN headquarters be moved from New York to Iraq!

It is very interesting to study the prophecies of Isaiah 13
and Jeremiah 51 concerning the destruction of the city of
Babylon. The prophecy for the conquest of Babylon occurred under
Cyrus the Persian and his vassal Darius the Mede. However this
was a conquest and was not the destruction we read of in the
above passages. Note also that the language is mirrored in
Revelation 17 and 18.

Notice also verses 4,5,6 of Isaiah 13. The nations are coming
from very far away.

The Persians were next door neighbours to Babylonia so surely
this cannot refer to them. Note also the time this is said to
occur. Isaiah 13:6,9 "The day of the Lord." We are all agreed
this is a period when God judges the kingdom of Antichrist and
the world in general. This period has not yet been reached. But
it is close.

Isaiah 13:11, 13 concerning the failure of the sun and stars
to shine are similar to the later words of the Lord Jesus when in
Matthew 24:29-30, He states that immediately prior to His return at
Armageddon, the sun, moon and stars will not give their light.
The events of Isaiah 13:21 have come to pass to a degree but
verse 19 likening Babylon’s destruction to that of Sodom
and Gomorrah is obviously pointing to a future day.

The city of Babylon has never suffered destruction anything
like that of Sodom and Gomorrah. These cities were destroyed in a
day. They have never, to any ones complete satisfaction, been
discovered. After the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus, Darius and
others Babylon was simply left to decay. The population moved
away to more modern more popular cities.

Unlike the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah the ruins of Babylon
have been discovered. So surely we must be looking to a future
destruction of a future city of Babylon.

Also Jeremiah 51:5-6 states that the city will be like a burnt
mountain and her stones will not be used for building work.
Babylon was never destroyed in such a manner.

It has never resembled a burnt mountain. Also its stones have
been used for building other cities. In fact some of the stones
from Babylon were used to build parts of Baghdad. So although
much of Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s prophecies have come
true they have not come to pass completely.

We must be looking to a future day. A day when the city of
Babylon is rebuilt to the extent that it becomes a trading centre
for the world.

A day when nations from far away attack and burn her to the
point where her destruction will resemble the destruction of
Sodom and Gomorrah. Even her stones will be useless for building.
A Time the scriptures describe as the day of the Lord.

Today the city of Babylon is rebuilt. Coalition troops are
actually based there.

US Marines salute Polish
Military Officers as they receive the responsibility of oversight
over central Iraq from coalition forces.

Multinational Troops fill the seating in the
ancient Amphitheatre in the city of Babylon watching the headline
making ceremony.

A colourful display of flags representing the
various countries that have troops that will be maintaining and
establishing order in central Iraq.

Above is a map displaying where this historic changing of the
guard took place - the historic and prophetic city of

As we consider these things certain other questions rise in
my head. Will America continue as a Superpower? Or will she
suddenly go into decline leaving the way open for the continual
rise in power of the E.U. and the burgeoning Revived Roman Empire
of Antichrist we see forming in our midst? Will we also witness
the rise of commercial Babylon before we are taken to be with our
dear Lord Jesus? How the prophets would have loved to have lived
today. I think they would have been standing on the street
corners warning a sinful world of coming judgement. How good it
is to know the Lord in these eventful times.

May we reach out to others with the gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ and Calvary before it is too late.

Friends we do live in unprecedented days. Let us be sober and
look up for the king is surely coming. MARANATHA!

Bob Mitchell travels around Great Britain speaking on end
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