Iron & Clay?

Iron & Clay?

Iron & Clay?
History was made in Rome on
October 29, 2004 as the prime ministers of 25 European nations
signed a common constitution, committing themselves (and the
people of their respective countries) to the same standards of
human rights and democratic values.

I can hear the voice of Barry Smith "Keep an eye on them
everybody! The prophet Daniel spoke about this... The feet of the
image made of iron and clay, coming from the legs of brass - the
Roman Empire. This is the final world empire, made up of strong
and weak nations".

The beauty of prophesy is that the Lord shows us the end of
these apparent ‘advances’ before we get there.
"Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret
unto His servants the prophets."(i) The formation of the final
world empire is indeed ‘supernatural’ by definition.
Meanwhile, without the aid of prophetic insight, many
commentators like Guardian journalist Robin Cook can only praise
the virtues of the latest EU developments.

"Pause a while to contemplate the remarkable transformation of
European politics... Most of the countries sitting together in
the same council chamber have been at war with each other in
living memory, and repeatedly in the century that preceded it. A
third of the states affirming the new charter of fundamental
rights were satellites of the Soviet Union within the past
generation, and denied both individual rights and national
self-determination. Another two were victims of the last fascist
dictatorships in Europe, and a third was ruled by a military
junta. The evolution of our continent into a partnership of
nations which guarantees human rights and banishes war is an
extraordinary achievement, which previous generations would have
regarded with envy."(ii)

Cook criticises resisters of the new European Constitution
following warnings from some newspapers that all may not be as
rosy as some may think. The Mail dubbed the signing of the EU
constitution "the greatest threat to confront us for a thousand
years." Cook responds "But their appeal to a past millennium
betrays what drives their resistance to European integration - a
misplaced nostalgia for the outdated world of
freestanding nations. It is an era that has vanished. We are all
interdependent now.
The Eurosceptics bitterly complain
that membership of the European Union requires us to compromise
with others and to give up going our own way, but those are
necessary conditions of life in an interdependent world. In truth
it is not the rules of the EU that the Eurosceptics dislike, but
the reality of that modern world" (editors emphasis added).

Students of bible prophecy have been scanning the world scene
for some time, looking for the suitable candidate for the top job
world leader otherwise known as the
antichrist. We are not the only ones looking for this
person: "The biggest innovation to the institutions of Europe
will be a full-time president of the council of ministers based
in Brussels, in place of the rotation of the presidency every six
months between prime ministers based in the distant capital of
their country."

The growing negative European perspective of US international
domination is also gaining momentum across the ‘new super
state’ "The lesson of the recent past is that when Europe
is divided its views can be ignored and its values can be
undermined. The left, more than anyone else, should support a
constitution for a strong Europe that can offer a multilateral
partnership in place of Bush's unilateralism, and our social
model as an alternative to his version of feral capitalism." With
this in mind, watch Rome and Islam as their relationship
blossoms. Understand please that whilst this satanic plan for a
New World Order is becoming more evident all the time, God is
also at work with His agenda – and His plans for a new
Heaven and a new earth will come to fruition.

"And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall
consume with the spirit of His mouth"(iii)

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven
and the first earth were passed away...."(iv)

i) Amos 3:7
ii)Robyn Cook "A strong Europe – or Bush’s feral US
capitalism" from The Guardian October 29, 2004.
iii) 2 Thessalonians 2:8
iv) Revelation 21:1