Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


I wish to bring to your attention a geographical error on page
172 of Barry’s book, "The Devil’s Jigsaw." Recent
archaeological explorations have now established that the Red Sea
crossing took place in the Gulf of Akabah between the so-called
Sinai Peninsula and Arabia. An undersea causeway littered with
coral-encrusted chariot wheels links the two coasts. The mountain
we know as Sinai was given that name by the early pilgrims from
Europe who founded the monastery nearby. The locals had never
called it Sinai. Galatians 4:24-25 records that Sinai is in
Arabia. Midian is on the Arabian side of the crossing site. As
Moses had spent 40 years in that region, logically, he would have
led the Children of Israel to an area he was familiar with.
Several verses state that Moses had led the people "out of
Egypt." If the crossing had been made where Barry indicated, they
would not have been out of Egypt as the actual boundary was east
of that location. The discoveries are documented on two recently
released videos. God bless you richly. (abridged)

Colin Peace

Some points to consider! Exodus 13:4 records Moses telling
Israel they were going out in the month Abib. They were still
celebrating the 7 days prescribed for Passover, and Abib is the
1st month when Passover is celebrated. It is physically
impossible for 3 million people and flocks to be at the Gulf of
Aqaba (Akabah) in that space of time, having crossed hundreds of
miles of moonscape desert. I personally have crossed the Sinai
– it is barren and unforgiving. Rameses, Succoth, Migdol,
Etham and Baal Zephon can all be identified west of the Red Sea
and Sinai, with Etham being described in 13.20 as "the edge of
the wilderness." Moses, logically, did not lead them to Midian.
The Bible says in the very next verse "the Lord led them by fire
and cloud." No place east of the Gulf of Aqaba has been
identified as the stopping places of Marah & Elim by
archaeologists or anyone else, yet Wadi Feiran in the western
Sinai, on the eastern side of the Red Sea, exists today and fits
the biblical description. Archaeology is a wonderful thing but
there is still more understanding required to reach compatibility
with the biblical account. Ed


I wish to bring a response to a misinterpretation with regard
to the "very elect" in a previous letter. "Very" in this verse in
Matthew 24:24 KJV doesn’t mean highly or extremely. The
Greek word is kai which means "even." Here Jesus is saying "the
chosen ones themselves" or "even the chosen ones"

So this means we cannot legitimately draw a distinction
between the "elect" and the purported "very elect" on the basis
of this verse. Jesus is referring to one and the same group.
Whilst this may appear to be a minor detail, it is important in
that one of the major deceptions that have led the elect astray
in recent times has been the "once saved, always saved" heresy,
which such a misreading of Scripture could be used to support.
Indeed many heresies start this way.

The words "if that were possible" do definitely raise the
possibility of the elect being deceived. If it were not the case,
why bother saying it at all? If there were no danger to the elect
(the saved) being deceived, why would the writers waste their
time writing all of this? Conversely, the non-Christians are
already deceived, so why would the devil waste his limited
resources on doing a job that’s already done? Who else but
the elect can be deceived?

We look forward to a study on deception in The Omega Times and
take this opportunity once again to say thank you for a wonderful

Gilles & Margaret
New Caledonia


The Omega Times is mainly concerned with End Times. Many of
the events, if your forecasts are right, concern the growth of
the European super state. My question is should those of us who
are opposed to the growth of this undemocratic and unchristian
power, fight against it, or should we just sit back and let God
do the work in His time? Should we try to stop the inevitable?
Thank you for a great publication.

R Pitcher

1 Peter 2:13-14 says, "Therefore submit yourselves to
every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the
king as supreme, or to governors, as to those who are sent by him
for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who
do good." That does not mean Christians cannot be pro-active in
shaping the laws of the land and working toward being in
positions of authority. After all, every ‘First
World’ nation has a Christian heritage. This didn’t
happen by accident. It was Godly men and women who shaped them.
These nations stand as proof to idolatrous nations that God
blesses those that honour Him. In fact Jesus taught in the model
prayer, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
God’s will achieved on earth requires effort and prayer as
Jesus himself said in Mark 11:1- "Is it not written, ‘My
house shall be called a house of prayer for all


Just a line for an idea for the Omega Times. Whatever you do
to the Omega times, you should leave a single or double page
every month explaining the New World Order. Just leave the same
article in every month. It would be interesting to new readers
each month and a fitting tribute to Barry. All the best. The Lord
bless you.

Mick Taylor

There is so much new information to share which is a
result of the activities of the NWO that must first take
priority. However, we won’t forget our need to explain NWO
to new readers .


Thank you for publishing Omega Times, especially the NWO
Trojan Horse article. I am especially interested in section D re
building of modern day Concentration camps in USA. Is this
article able to be updated? I read with great interest that Barry
Smith had documented evidence the USA was building these camps.
If you have that evidence could you photocopy this at all, as I
don’t have access to a computer. Thank you.

New Plymouth

You will not need the photocopy as there is an article on
this subject, including a photograph, which appears in this edition
entitled "American Gulag".


I have a dear mum who has been in a nursing home 4 years with
dementia and is 85 years of age. She is confined to a chair,
cannot make herself understood, and is wasting away, and
it’s heartbreaking to see a loved one in this condition.
She has always loved the Lord and has shown me how to love God. I
feel that her soul and spirit are in bondage in a sick body. Is
it wrong to ask the Lord to free her from this bondage by taking
her home to be with him?


Our heart goes out to you. We really feel for you in this
situation. We need to remember that God has such compassion and
love for His creation that He sent His only Son to die that we
might be released from the result of the fall. While there is no
obvious Biblical precedent, it seems to us that to pray for the
Lord to take your mum home in these circumstances is a great act
of love on your part, as there is no quality of life for her
right now. There will be mixed emotions when Jesus answers your
prayer. On one hand, relief that mum is no longer suffering, but
on the other, natural grief and sorrow that she has gone. It is
proper to grieve, but in time that will be soon be replaced by
the great delight that will be birthed in your heart that the
Lord has made her whole again, and on a day to come, there will
be a joyous reunion for you both that will never suffer
separation again. I hope these few words may be a comfort to you
and give you the confidence to ask the Lord, if it be His will,
that He gather your mum to Himself. In doing so, you have placed
her in His hands, which is the very best and correct thing to do.