Microsoft have applied for and
received US Patent 6,754,472 to "copyright the methods and
apparatus of using the human body as a transmitter and conductor
of data and energy." This concept has been widely explored in
science fiction with Robocop and Six Million Dollar Man. Now
Microsoft has exclusive rights over the ability of the human body
to transmit digital information.


In April there was a mass murder
shooting spree during a Church service in a suburb of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, USA. Seven people, including the Pastor and his 16
year old son, were instantly killed, and others wounded as the
gunman pumped out 24 rounds in 60 seconds.

The killer then turned the gun on
himself and died alongside his victims. The gunman had no prior
record of mental illness. He, in fact, was a member of the
Church. It was noted by his friends immediately after the
killings, the dark look on his face changed and he looked normal
again. His face changed as if someone had flipped a switch.

There appeared to be no known
motive for the mass killing, so the Brookfield police are
investigating the Church, and made a major issue out of the
Church’s doctrine. The Church is being criticized for
preaching "doomsday" end times doctrines and majoring on Bible
prophecy about the end of the world.

This is the very message that
Jesus Christ and all the Apostles taught, but the authorities are
inferring that when you teach and preach that message, you will
have tragic killings. When considering the results of an
Illuminati induced event, you can always find its planned
purpose. There is litttle doubt that this killer was programmed
and under a mind control project. Remember the Manchurian


The United Nations has now
announced another project – the registry of every baby
born! UNICEF has a new programme called "Write me Down, Make me
Real." The programme is being promoted by South African
Archbishop Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Speaking for the
U.N., Tutu said, "It is, in a very real sense, a matter of life
and death. The unregistered child is a non-entity. The
unregistered child does not exist. How can we live with the
knowledge that we could have made a difference."

In co-operation with this U.N.
plan, the aid agency, Plan USA released a report entitled
"Universal Birth Registration – a Universal Responsibility.
For the first time ever we are seeing One World birth
certificates for world citizens!


The U.S Army has announced they
are facing a prolonged recruiting slump, which is causing them to
fall far below their quotas for new military personnel. More and
more young people are refusing to join the military, and the
reason they are giving is that they do not want to fight in a war
they do not believe in.


It has been reported that 30% of
the soldiers coming back from Iraq are suffering "flashbacks" and
recurring nightmares. This is why the Drug and Food
Administration is making the illegal drug ecstasy legal for
military use. The active ingredient of ecstasy is MDMA, which
melts the emotions and gives a sense of closeness and well-being.
It is said to induce an intense feeling of peace and safety. This
drug is also being given to victims of rape, sexual abuse, and
post-traumatic stress disorder.


U.S. Newswire reports the U.S
Senate passed a bill known as the "Real ID bill." This
legislation opens the door for a forthcoming ID card and the end
of privacy in America.


On March 16, 2005 a press release
from the Council on Foreign Relations (read Illuminati) spoke of
plans to unify Canada, Mexico and the United States economically.
President Bush has been calling for meetings involving President
Vincente Fox of Mexico and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada.
This is more evidence of the objective of a faceless minority to
create one North American unit in a future one-world


The sixth volume in the Harry
Potter series, The Half-Blood Prince, was released at midnight on
July 16th, 2005. This is the 18th day (6+6+6) before the witches
high sabat of Lammas, which is the cross-quarter sabat of the
harvest of souls.


Playboy Corporation is soon to
make its porn available to 170 million cell phone users. These
pornography marketers intend to make full use of the image
display technology now available in cell phones. Talk show host
Paul McGuire of Los Angeles, said of the Playboy effort –
"…soon cell phones will open a tsunami of porn images
… it will be hard to keep this perversion from young


Hundreds of university students
painted the city of Tel Aviv orange last night - in support of
the residents of Katif and Shomron whom the government wishes to
expel in favor of the Palestinian Authority. The students, mostly
not religious, gathered late last night in Rabin Square in Tel
Aviv for the mission. Each of them received dozens of orange
ribbons and pamphlets explaining their cause, and at midnight,
the signal was given to begin. Setting off in different
directions, they began tying ribbons of opposition to the
expulsion/withdrawal plan on car antennas. Together with the
ribbon, they left a note inviting the car owner to visit the
Orange Cell Mobile Tent that is being launched today.


Reuters News Service reports on
the European Union's new multi-billion-Euro Galileo satellite
navigation and global positioning system. This eye-in-the-sky spy
system can pinpoint your location no matter where you are.
Goodbye privacy!


Move over Dr Mengeles! Oxford
academic and ethicist, Julian Savulescu, says we should use
genetics to create "better humans. " Not only is it morally OK he
said, but society actually has an obligation to implement such


Many are warning what the
unilateral retreat/expulsion from Gaza/northern Shomron will
create for Israel. Former Justice Minister Yossi Beilin says, "It
is liable to bring a renewal of violence that is liable to bring
down the moderate Palestinian leadership. There is a concrete
danger that following the disengagement, the violence will
greatly increase in Judea and Samaria in order to achieve the
same withdrawal as was achieved in Gaza. A retreat from Gaza with
nothing in return and with no agreement will strengthen

Former Foreign Minister Shlomo
Ben-Ami of the left-wing of the Labor Party says, "A unilateral
retreat perpetuates Israel's image as a country that runs away
under pressure. In Fatah and Hamas, they will assume that they
must prepare for their third intifada - this time in Judea and
Samaria. If we continue these unilateral steps, we will find
ourselves establishing an enemy Palestinian state."

Former General Security Service
chief Ami Ayalon says, " Retreat without getting anything in
return is liable to be interpreted by some of the Palestinians as